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  1. From what I've seen it can get a little sketchy. You basically bend the metal holding it down back and electric tape the new one in. If you're any good with a sawdering iron you can use that instead of tape.
  2. I put Dragon Quest VII on hold after I got back into III after the podcast. I'm at Zoma's castle so I can put it down now and grind whenever so I'll likely get back to VII now.
  3. Nice! Now I can look at all the medals I'll never collect.
  4. Love the inclusion of all our pictures. Thanks so much!
  5. Physical. I did look at some old Game FAQ threads and people mentioned digital copies being a bit sluggish. I'm on a New 3DS XL and my problems are the menus are laggy and there's a bit of slowdown in battles when actually performing attacks. Nothing game breaking it just brings an already slow paced game to an even slower pace.
  6. Dragon Quest VII runs like *Angry Video Game Nerd voice* aaaaassssssss on the 3DS. I finished the first island and am heading to it in current day. I really don't know how long I'm going to stick with this one.
  7. Ibuprofin and Dunkin Donuts is always my go to when I need to get rid of The Zings.
  8. I just have to type "Ni" and my phone already knows the next thing type is "no Kuni is the greatest game ever made". It also has the f-bomb ready to go after most things.
  9. I feel like it would be easier to type out the whole title instead of trying to remember that abbreviation.
  10. Yeah I tend to play the NES and SNES games in handheld so I don't really have a need for them. You can use them to play the Switch versions of the Dragon Quest games though...
  11. I only got to 99 in XI so I could get the platinum. I'll usually level to what I need to get to where I need to beat a boss.
  12. For those with a NSO account the NES controllers are on sale for $30 (were $60). The SNES ones won't be back in stock until 2020 and I have a feeling after the stock of the NES ones dry up they won't be selling them again. https://store.nintendo.com/nintendo-entertainment-system-controllers.html
  13. It's actually about the same price digitally but I'd really prefer a physical copy. Digital stuff spooks me, man.
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