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  1. This may be new information but I think XI is the best Dragon Quest game but III is my favorite. I don't think I've ever told anyone that. Of course I know you're joking lol.
  2. I've been playing DQ III as well. I've got 4 of the 6 orbs. In my GBC file I was able to make my mage a sage almost right away when getting to Dharma Temple. My mage hasn't even hit 20 yet and I'm still going to wait until the get Increase before I switch her over. I'm going back and forth between III and XI and I still stand by XI being the best but III being my favorite. It's like Yangus said, the game is just fun which is why I love it so much...it might be creeping into my #1 favorite game spot but don't let Ni no Kuni hear me saying that. Speaking of Ni no Kuni I played that a bit and finally got the spell to let me fast travel to past locations. The pace should really be picking up now. I think it's funny that I'm playing all three of my favorite games at the same time, really kind of pitting them against each other and mixing my their rankings in my favorite list.
  3. Welcome! I like III the most in the original trilogy. There's plenty of resources on this site so if you get stuck and need help I'm sure the answer is on here somewhere.
  4. My thing is in another thread someone mentioned there was a new recruitable party member. I was assuming the name you used was that new member cause it would make sense. Regardless, I'm over it. I played a bit over the weekend. Did the horse race and still hate Faris. Ready to get my fabulous boi Sylvando in the party and start progressing. Once I finish up III on Switch I'll be able to commit more time to it. Yep that's the part I was waiting for you to get to. There's another part I'm looking forward to people getting to after that. All these people thinking the game is cheery, fun, and lighthearted. You fools!
  5. God damn it why did I open that spoiler tag. Time to play XI-S so I stop getting the new stuff spoiled.
  6. Oh...I was unaware old bosses return...woulda put a spoiler tag on that but whatever.
  7. What's the name of the song in the personality quiz at the beginning of DQ3? That's my favorite DQ song and hearing the symphonic version of it in Tickington was great. Edit: Ah! It's "Distant Memories", I love that and the Prologue song. Thanks to this awesome site called woodus.com I'm able to listen to all my favorite Dragon Warrior 3 songs. Y 'all should check out that site it's pretty cool.
  8. Yes, in fact one is in beta right now. Dragon Quest of the Stars. It's coming west in 2020. https://gematsu.com/2019/09/dragon-quest-of-the-stars-coming-west-in-early-2020 I agree with @eal though, we don't need more gacha games.
  9. More information available to people is always better!
  10. Well you got us all the tockle locations why couldn't you have been doing this as well!?!? /s
  11. Makes sense. The GBC sprites are more nostalgic to me which is why I asked. If you would consider making an extra SFC Erdrick for me I would totally pay, but of course, only if you're willing.
  12. If it gets released over here they better release the Ni no Kuni movie as well.
  13. If you have an iPhone the new OS allows for PS4 and Xbox controllers to be synced to your phone via Bluetooth. No idea if it'll work with things other than the Apple Arcade.
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