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  1. Absolutely agree. Once you get past Summers the game gets more manageable but the area after Twoson and the desert send shivers down my spine.
  2. It's one of my favorite games but hot damn is it flawed. I have a copy of the strategy guide now but the Starman.net walkthrough was what I used on my first playthrough. Fangamer also has an amazing, in world, guide you can buy.
  3. I'm thinking about starting Final Fantasy VI while playing Kakarot. With my PS4 being up in my room I'm thinking I could play it a bit before dinner and then the rest of the night play FF on GBA downstairs with my wife. It'd be kind of like coming home to watch an episode or two on Cartoon Network since I'd like play it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  4. Is that the video game guy? If so I'd say you're probably right.
  5. I'll give it a try but don't see myself sticking around for too long. Never been into live service mobile games, or that kind of game to begin with.
  6. I felt like garbage yesterday so instead of sitting up in my room playing Kakarot I laid on the couch and played Stardew Valley. I'm making some really good progress and with it being summer in the game I'm starting to get a constant revenue stream. Edit: Bandai announced there's an update coming to Kakarot allowing you to go back to chapters to complete side quests you missed or didn't do the first time. This is really good news for me so I can just focus on the main story and not waste time with uninspired side quests. I'll still try to do them as they pop up but if one gets too annoying I'll get back to it later.
  7. I'm kind of bored with Persona combat. Towards the end of 5 it just got stale. I say that loving the extremely simple Dragon Quest combat, simple is better for me.
  8. People mention the combat being great but what makes it special, different, or good?
  9. I'm hoping they put the Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES app. I tried playing Tropical Freeze with my wife on the WiiU and it did not work out. I think I could get into it solo on Switch.
  10. You got me. When they put it on Switch online I'll play one of my favorite games over again.
  11. Kakarot is pretty fun! I'm getting the hang of combat now and look forward to the next major fight all the time. I'm in an intermission before I go to the next msjor story beat so I have some time to explore. Exploring the world is alright, not the best, not the worst.
  12. I watched the Ni no Kuni movie last night and it was pretty cool. There was one character and part that got me really happy but the rest was just a cool anime movie.
  13. Alright who is "A Pinkie" lmao. @Democrobot? It was pretty funny having it be right next to Twinkie. Added all of you lads.
  14. Up here we'd give that kid a swift kid in the ass and tell him to smahten up (New England accent implied). That might just be me though, I don't think my wife who is a teacher is allowed to do that.
  15. Don't you have a Dragon Ball game to play? It's looking that way. I wrote this while the Smash reveal was going on so my brain was set to Fire Emblem mode. Then I checked Metacritic, saw the 81 and read the text previews of the reviews and impressions and decided Kakarot is the one I want to play. One of these days I'll be able to make a decision and stick to it...maybe.
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