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  1. Pokemon Go was the only way I was able to complete my Let's Go Pokedex.
  2. Still available? Mine are at 82 after going below 30 but I don't think I'll get as high as what you have. Edit: I was Mike that showed up. Thank you!
  3. I gotta find the places where people are buying Nook Mile tickets for 200k. I don't even know how a trade setting works.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. Hope the furlough is as short as possible! Thanks dude, me too.
  5. Bought at 90. 38 yesterday, 30 today. I have not been having good luck. I did check last week after I sold and it ended up going over 100 so maybe I just have to hang on.
  6. Good to see they're so quick to ask for feedback. Good point on not judging prior games on a new demo.
  7. I got furloughed today. Other than feeling sick to my stomach I think I'll be okay. I already signed up for unemployment and my wife and I have good savings. I guess I'll have plenty of time to play games now.
  8. I started playing the original Final Fantasy on GBA last night. I'm not sure if I want to stick with it but battles are quick and level ups come at a good rate. I wanted something simple and short so this seemed like a good option from the ones I was considering. Seeing the mixed impressions about Bravely Default 2's demo made me not want to dive back into the first game even though I was only an hour or so in...I'd be restarting. I'm kind of chipping away at Hollow Knight as well but it's going to get to the point where I'll want to choose between it and Final Fantasy with what to give my attention to and I'm not 100% in on either of them right now.
  9. Wait...WHAT?!?! You're talking about selling them to other players right? I spent all my Nook Miles on bell vouchers yesterday that sell for 3k to Nook's Cranny.
  10. Don't you need to beat him in a certain amount of turns to get a wish fulfilled? That's the worst part for me. Let me take my time to kill an end game boss. I didn't like that in XI with the trial bosses as well.
  11. I'd love to beat him one day to say I got the full DQ3 experience but from what I've seen it takes a level 60+ team. I tend to finish the game with a low 40 team so I'm not in the mood to grind in areas without metal slimes.
  12. I beat Fire Emblem Three Houses last night, or early morning if you want to get specific. It went on a little longer than I would've liked but it was a good game. I'll likely look up plot details for the other routes. Not sure what I want to play next. I might give Bravely Default another go since the demo for 2 is out. Although they aren't RPGs I'm playing Doom 2016 and Mafia 3 right now.
  13. She also got a villager named after her in New Horizons!
  14. New Hampshire just put out a "stay at home" order. I've been working at home for 2 weeks anyways. Can you believe breweries are considered essential businesses lol?
  15. Part of me wants to as well but I'm not gonna get to Zoma if he keeps falling asleep during battle and hitting for diddly squat when he makes contact.
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