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  1. If you knew my secret video game hot takes you would be DISGUSTED by me.
  2. I went through a CVS drivethrough and haven't been anywhere since. Home iced coffee is never as good as Dunkins...even if it's Dunkins K-Cups.
  3. Yep. I looked on my phone for a day, didn't notice. When you pull it up on the Switch, it shows. Odd. I've got it downloading now. Looking forward to giving it a go.
  4. God damn dude that sounds horrible. I would absolutely get tested. I've actually wanted to get tested for my peace of mind but didn't want to take a test away from someone that actually needed it. Hoping all goes well, I have to self quarantine until at least 7/9 if it's negative and 7/22 if it's positive. Hoping the world does me a favor and lets me out on my birthday, corona free.
  5. I remember looking at the DLC as well but, maybe it's because I'm in a browser and not the Switch Eshop, I don't see the listings for the collector's edition. Last time the base game was on sale I think the CE was still the same price.
  6. Whoops. I'm sure this has passed. Wish I could help more but I'm sure I played on easy and barely changed my team up. I've been considering it since it launched but the reviews I saw didn't sell me too much on it. It's $10 on the Eshop so it wouldn't be my worst purchase if I ended up not liking it. I absolutely love Stardew Valley, though. I got my PS4 copy signed by the developer. I beat EarthBound tonight and the game continues to be amazing. I can now put my full attention on Dragon Quest 7 as my JRPG.
  7. Well my sister in law tested positive for the ol' 'rona so my wife and I got tested today as a precaution. We both feel fine (other than my wife being pregnant and dealing with that) and my wife only saw her a couple days before she started feeling symptoms but ya know... I'm supposed to go back to my office for work on the 13th this month but that sure as #$*! isn't happening if I get a positive.
  8. I kept watching just in case they announced something at the end but when they started the gameplay demo and the time was almost up I lost hope.
  9. Are you interested in getting a vinyl player? They can be gotten pretty cheap and there's a good amount of video game soundtracks on vinyl out there. I initially got a Star Wars 40th anniversary Crosley but my Dad got me a nice stereo setup with a vinyl player that I use now.
  10. I'm up the the Pink Cloud dungeon in my file. EarthBound always reminds me of summer because when I first beat it in 2015 it was during the summer months. I'm glad I'm playing it on the original cart but if they release it on the Switch SNES app I'll absolutely play it again. I'm leaning more on the Starmen.net guide now instead of the Fangamer book since it's getting into the branching part of the game. I could honestly read the book as if it were a normal book but I'm using it mostly for maps now. I've said it before but, it used to be my favorite game but it's been put down a few notches on my list over the years. I think after this playthrough it's going to shoot right back up. The ending is what does it for me. It's one of my favorite end credit sequences.
  11. Love that game so much. It's the only one I ever started over right after the credits rolled and I haven't done that with a game since. Plus, the developers are great people.
  12. The Direct got me in the mood to get the expansion. I was only around 25 Pokémon from completing my Pokedex so with all the new ones coming in it just got that much harder.
  13. My problem with Golf Story is there's no tracking on what you're doing or need to do. I feel like if you take any long-ish break from it, it's impossible to get back into.
  14. Huh. I didn't know it released on stuff other than Switch. I might pick it up on PS4. My biggest problem with Paper Mario games are the battles are repetitive and predictable. You know how each battle, and even turn, is going to play out. You'll know exactly how much each attack will do each time and how much your opponents will do. Is there any variety like a normal RPG in it? Like variable amounts of damage instead of "you did the mini game right so you do 5 damage instead of 3 this time"?
  15. I've been having a really great time playing EarthBound. I was thinking about it all day today during work. I'm at one of the "grinding" parts but I don't really need to, I just feel like fighting for $3 and $6 items to sell so I can accumulate almost $700 but at least I'm getting some xp on the side. It's all worth it. It was actually a comic in the 90s. Physical copies are crazy expensive but the series is available digitally on Comixology.
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