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  1. Thanks for all of the responses. I am about 2/3 through dq2 and am finding it quite enjoyable. Will probably give qw3 a whirl having played and really liked on the NES. I hear that there's a new thief class added look forward to trying it out.
  2. I be played a few clone games, and yeah the controls take some time to adjust. I was more curious about gameplay itself. Are they similar to the originals or more like rereleses. Especially wonder about II with it's misbalanced prince character (imo). I haven't played the GB color version but from walkthrough I have seen he's at least got better weapons and armor options
  3. So I've played all warrior/quest games from I through viii, and am looking for ways to replay them on a variert of platforms. I still own the original NES versions of I, III and IV, as well as the DS rerelease of VI which I enjoy emensely. So my question is this: what are opinions of the Android/ moble versions o these or any other DQ title and/ or those availyon the Nintendo store to download onto a 2DS? Thanks for any and all input!
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