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  1. Thanks for you reply HyDEKI, you make a very good point. Thinking back it was around a year ago that I last successfully played DQX and at the time we lived in a different house, it had WiFi but I know I didn’t use my laptop as a hotspot through the VPN, I’m absolutely sure I only used IPVanish on my iPhone. What’s changed since last year? I’m with a different mobile network provider, not sure if that’s the cause though. Thinking about it, it’s not just DQX, I can no-longer access the Japanese App Store which I had no problem with before. I haven’t had any spare time recently but will have a t
  2. Please could you start a new thread if you have a problem? I don’t use discord.....
  3. Thanks very much for the replies, I am currently living in Thailand and just moved into a new place, until I know if I’m going to stay I am using mobile Internet (very fast 4G), not ready to commit to fibre here (just) yet. My iPhone is my access point and I have the IPVanish app installed, it worked fine with DQX for me previously, just not working now since I reinstalled the game. Are there any settings in the Switch’s network settings I need to be aware of? I am usually in the Europe region but I assume I did the right thing changing the Switch region setting to Japan? I will also try the o
  4. Hello, thanks in advance for reading this. So I downloaded DQX a few months ago in the eShop sale and played the game briefly using the VPN IPVanish. Have been busy over the last few months so not a lot of time for gaming but I reinstalled DQX yesterday (after a painful 12.1gb update on my 4G network) and tried to play but even with my Switch region set to Japan and IPVanish connected to a Tokyo server, I keep getting the dreaded error 100-106 (Outside Japan Login). I also tried U.S servers as I read that the U.S is now permitted to play but still getting error 100-106. My subscription has run
  5. Good morning. I just wanted to say hi, I’m new to Dragons Den, Dragon Quest X (Switch) and would like to know if there are any English Speaking Guilds/Unions that you guys know of please? Totally loving the game so-far and any help would be hugely appreciated.
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