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  1. As long as we're discussing randomizers, I found one online by TheCowness. It's fully functional and has multiple options. (In order for the %-based 'scaling' options to work, 'shuffle encounters' must be on and possibly 'redistribute monster growths' as well - I haven't tested them separately.) Comes highly recommended. From my own playthroughs: The author does have fixed ArmyAnt, MadGopher, and "Squiz" as a Water-family monster with LureDance. Kid's Class did not work for me on either BGB or VBA-M if I used "shuffle encounters". While there is a workaround with loading sa
  2. "Dark Dream" is a better translation, but it's listed as "Darkdrium" in DWM 1 & 2. *** I've done a couple of main-story runs and I've figured out a moderate-speed route through the main story. (6:25 IGT with the Turbo button held down, 1:50 real-time; no idea what it would be if you didn't use Turbo at all.) Areas for improvement: This run brought to you by Metaly Lake Resort and Metabble Cave, without which it certainly wouldn't be possible to level Grizzly enough to play in the big leagues and raise up a HealUsAll monster quite so quickly. (The bliss of their loca
  3. That sounds amazing. *** I voted for Monsters 4. More of a story like DWM2, but with the postgame Demon Lord boss gates like DWM1. I didn't like hunting for keys when it was time to complete the library. I didn't play Caravan Hearts, so I envision more of a direct sequel to DWM1+2. Perhaps it could be set in DeadTree, with a plot about helping the inhabitants escaping their dying home for a new land (call it NewSprout), and the its -bou spirit could be Kagebou. I don't really like Joker-style skill trees, but after several replays I have to admit that the single-skill varietie
  4. I saw that you were looking into replacing sprites, but had issues with the animations for the unique overworld large sprites... Would it be possible to cannibalize sprites from DWM1? All of the Boss family monsters had large animated sprites there, except for Darkdrium (but Durran, who is essentially a recolor, has a sprite). Now that I look at it, DWM2's Mudou sprite might actually be a recolor of DWM1's. A few others also had large versions. Full List: Dragon, FaceTree, BattleRex, KingSlime, Orochi, Jamirus, Akubar, DracoLord, Zoma, Hargon, Sidoh, Pizzaro, Esterk, Baramos, Mudou,
  5. Really? That's very interesting - it means they're not just a commonly-picked address, it means that the game just defaults to calling illegal moves HighJump. So the randomizer must randomize both families and moves through some sort of naive 'pick a number from 0 to F'/'pick a number from 00 to FF' change and the author didn't bother checking that those values corresponded to valid families/moves. *** I can't contribute because I'm basically ROMhack-illiterate. I second all comments about rarity being the way to go - it's the closest thing the game has to a ranking system. Pokemon
  6. There are several major bugs in this one. The most prominent are the invalid-family monsters, some of which can cause the game to lock up just by viewing any screen on which their family is stated. Sometimes they can be bred (and give monsters totally not corresponding to any breeding recipe with their base species - I remember something along the lines of a Putrepup giving a Catapila) and sometimes it just makes the emulator hard-lock with an interesting screech. (Also, bred monsters retain their original families. Only wild monsters get their families randomized.) Another is t
  7. Hi, So I just signed up for this forum to thank you for this hack. It's amazing. (Especially the ability to have a full Lamia/Kagebou/Dimensaur team without cheating. ) Various disorganized thoughts on a full (Library 100%, all storyline keys finished) playthrough: One thing that I'm not sure worked right: Only Brawn did for me (3 Kagebou). Baffle didn't. --- Thank you so much for this incredible hack! I thought no one would EVER produce a significant romhack of this game. Seeing this posted, and as a complete hack with so many features overhauled, was beyon
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