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  1. Not really proud of this one. It was Hermood (don't remember his name in other language) from Dragon Quest Heroes
  2. Awwn Thank you! Not a problem Another draw! Dhoulmagus from Dragon Quest VIII
  3. Awww I understand x_x I'll try to post somes draws so... Thank you for your cheers ! Sooo here, Hades Nelgel from Dragon Quest X
  4. Terry and his legendary sympathy. xDDD
  5. Awwwn thank you <3! But I don't know if people here was interested xD you're the first reaction even if you already know my draws (and I'm too shy for flood x///D) ! Thank you again for your kind comment !
  6. Heeey~~ !! Long time no see ! Yes! XDD A friend borrow me Manga book when I was young xD and in when I read it I recognize immediatly the monsters from Dragon Quest! xD (In french first edition, there is no mention to Dragon Quest "https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51NW9EJ2N0L._SX210_.jpg" ) I read Fly with coincidence xD
  7. Bien le bonjour \o. Ahaha On dirait mais c'est chouette les Français fan de DQ sont assez rare xD ça fait plaisir! Aaahahaah Know that feel !
  8. Ahahaha Thank xD In fact I fall in love with his universe, I have watch my cousin play and I found the world beautiful, I like the gameplay too, music, characters ect. Later I have ask to my parents a PS2 for Christmas only for this game xD. I was truly obsessed by it x"). Ah yes me too xD! And with Dragon quest XI <_<""....XD Thank you Oh And I have open a topic with my draws in art section! If any was interested Q_Q THank!
  9. Eeeeerrrr I know flood is bad but..... I wish show you the second one : Corvus from Dragon Quest IX
  10. Hello~ Aaah I make a time to decide if I open a topic with my draws xD"....but well.... I'll try. So here...somes of my Dragon Quest draw (just a portrait challenge. At the begining the challenge was to draw All DQ final (or almost most interesting) boss. But Finally I change the challenge and draw all Characters I like xD) The first one of the serie was my favourite Dragon Quest character too = Psaro from Dragon Quest IV I draw him quickly in July 2015 but I think this draw is "good" again even with his defaults. Hope you'll lik
  11. Yeah Agree <_<"""!! xD Even if he is cool! I didn't draw Zoma yet, But I think his collar will be difficult yes xD......(aaah yeah you'll hit me but....who is Mordegon ? In French name of characters are often change x_x""!! sorry! ) . Yes maybe draw less details than necessary ! Oh =s I understand Yes why not !
  12. Ah yes I think he'll pretty cool with your actual style *o*" ! Ahahah xD Yes I know it too x"D! Me too I draw with my style too and I think it's more....personnal ! Hoooo I'm curious to watch it ! (Xiphos~~<3... ....SO HARD TO DREW HIM <_<" I think you understand me xD!!! )
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