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  1. There's some i found. Reference: In Dragon Quest XI, the Warrior's Rest inn seems to be named after the song "Resting Warrior" Reference: In Dragon Quest XI S, in Chateau Felix when you talk to Rosalind she gives you the mission "Mother knows best" an obvious reference to the Disney film "Tangled". Allusion: In Dragon Quest IX, The character "Stella" has the same role as the character "Navi" from "The Legend of Zelda" series. they're also both fairies.
  2. My favourite titles are VIII and VI. I feel like the world, plot and the party just hasn't clicked with me like the other games did, plus i like having a big "seamless" world to explore and good music in Dragon Quest games which i feel XI doesn't provide much of either.
  3. Hey woodus forums!, i'm a long time Dragon Quest fans and you might know me of previous threads i made if you don't then nice to meet you! I've liked and enjoyed every single main Dragon Quest game including Dragon Quest X (however i'm only up to 3.0 story as now). Unfortunately it seems like the most recent entry in the series XI/11 didn't click with me and it saddens me i can't enjoy this game like the rest of the DQ fans but everytime i want to try to finish the game i get bored pretty quick. So does annyone else share the same issue with XI not clicking on them?
  4. I do agree that DQ12 is going to be similar to DQ8/11 in the sense that it will be a story-driven game with a full 3D map. However if i learned anything about DQ is...expect the unexpected....IX/X caught me off guard i wasn't expecting a multiplayer DQ game and even less the celestrian/races theme of the games respectively, 11's
  5. With a tribeswoman i meant something like Lilika from Rogue Galaxy, Aishe is more of a gypsy tribe yeah.
  6. I think we could get a spiky hair hero with white hair this time around lol, i think the Joker 1 protag is the only one like that (Also, he looks pretty edgy compared to the main line heroes, wonder why Toriyama gave the joker 1 characters this edgeness xD), but i've liked all the hero designs toriyama has brought us so far except Lazarel. Also what about a tribeswoman party member? I don't think we've had any tribal party member yet...would personally love to have one, she could use spears and bows for example. I'm probably a bit biased here since i love the jungle/tribe areas in g
  7. Hey! I'm a big Dragon Quest fan and i love the series, i read recently that DQ12 was in devolopment and i couldn't be more hyped! So i wanted to party chat a bit with the den and see when people think the game's releasing and what they hope/predict of it. Release: I think a late 2022 japanese release is reasonable if they're using Unreal Engine 4 again and borrowing some of XI's assets, plus there's likely not a 3DS/2D version this time around. Expectations: A more dark plot: I expect DQ12 to have a darker tone and a more mature plot like 5 and 7, mostly because i thin
  8. I really wish that leak was real we got a completely new fortune street in the switch, but seeing how lazy 30th and Wii are compared to the older entries i wouldn't get my hopes up, i personally would be fine if the series took a break and we got a new game in 7-8 years with a lot of new boards and some gameplay improvements, rather than just shitting out games with 90% old boards i'm tired off playing after playing the series for like 15 years. I'm going to be realistic in what boards we'll get in a itadaki street switch, the series usually has this pattern since Wii: 2 completely new bo
  9. I was thinking about what new boards they could include, i haven't played DQ 1-3 so i can't really tell any of those. Dragon Quest IV - Colossus (With a board that actually fits) Dragon Quest V - Uptaten Towers (Might be time to give the volcano a rest) Dragon Quest VI - Sorceria (Unlimited potential for gimmicks here) Dragon Quest VII - Shrine of Mysteries (It's the most iconic location of the game) Dragon Quest VIII - Moonshadow Land (One of the most unique location of the series) Dragon Quest IX - Swinedimples Academy (Just to have a snowy map) Drag
  10. Not sure if there's still a high chance of the game getting released overseas since it came out in Ocober 2017 (2 years and 3 months ago), but with Dragon Quest's sudden spike in popularity it could happen i guess, but since it's so unlikely i think it's better if i just import it but i'm still not sure if i'll do it, but i think i'll doo because i loved the ps2 and psp itadaki street games. Even if we don't get this one, i think there's a high chance they make a new one for the switch 2-3 years from now, wich could likely include Mario characters again meaning a higher chance for localiz
  11. I think i played with japanese people last week when i tried the hong kong demo. Just to be sure you should contact a korean player of the game and ask him/her.
  12. The game is 54$ right now for importing, wich i think it's pretty cheap for a japanese only game....but i have a fear that they might anounce a western version this year and i don't know about waiting to 2021 because the servers could shut down and the fun of those games is the online multiplayer. What should i do?
  13. This also gives me hopes for a Itadaki Street 30th anniversary localization as well since both games came out in 2017 and Healix is also on IS. If i 30th anniversary doesn't get localized i hope the next Itadaki Street game does at very least. Heroes 3 is also aparently unlikely at the moment if we go with that interview.
  14. The monster recruiting thing seems stupid no offense, the heroes games are about bringing characters from older DQs in a new world in a hack-an-slash gameplay, if you want to recruit monsters there's the monsters games for that let's not add unecesary things, game needs to fix its flaws first let's not bloat it or it will turn into a shitshow. You're just forcing a monster recruitment system for the shake of it when the game is not about the monsters it's about the ARPG/Crossover aspects and the monster medals are all what it needs.
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