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  1. Also, im betting we're gonna get Sancho or Pankraz over Debora because she wasn't on the original.
  2. Even through DQX is an MMO, most of it's characters are very unique and interesting like the playable characters of the single player DQs, so do you think we could see them this time around? i mean DQ7 wasn't on Heroes 1 after all.
  3. Tuppence also look like a generic NPC it doesnt help it's cause while the other human party members have unique designs.
  4. I didn't include DQII because we don't know much about Cannock or Moonbroke...we'll probably never learn about their personalities well until they're included on the heroes games, we got tidbits of their personality in DQIX and Fortune Street, but it wasn't enough honestly. And i kind of agree of Heroes II party being inferior to Heroes I, Lazarel and Teresa were completely annoying characters and had terrible designs, Cesar even through i liked his design he was an spoiled brat...Desdemona was probably the only one i liked, on the other hand DQH1 cast was oozing on personality, i think ill change my vote from DQV to Heroes 2...at least V had Debora that was fun to have around.
  5. I went to google traductor and i was able to get the translated names of the OCs Welt = Male Protagonist Deana = Female Protagonist Aquaria = Female captain Onkuro = Male sailor Saergi = Guy that lost it's memory
  6. I was lurking on 4chan and came across a very interesting post. http://boards.4channel.org/v/thread/476817052 For people who dont want to acess 4chan i'll copy paste the leak. Can someone translate the japanese names of the OCs? for some reason the leaker didnt gave us a translation of them. ドラゴンクエストヒーローズIII: 城は海の下に3000メートル。" leak
  7. I personally think the worst is V, besides Deborah most the party were pretty bland: Biancha, Nera and Sancho had cool designs but their personalities weren't that amazing like the other DQ games, the kids also had the same issues.
  8. Sure let's have another reash instead of a new game when the japanese fans absolutely hated 30th, perfect idea man.
  9. There's probably a new Itadaki Street for the Switch on the works, i'm 99% sure of it...but it might not come til 2020 at earliest and i'm sure that one it's going to be released on the west because nintendo will probably push for it. So i made this thread to speculate about it. It's most likely going to be Mario & Dragon Quest again like the Wii/DS version, unless they decide to go with another nintendo IP like Fire Emblem or Zelda (wich i doubt). Altrough the 4th entry in the series (30th anniversary) used a lot of reashed boards because of the anniversary/nostalgia, and (thankfully) it got a lot of backslash in Japan so i expect the Switch game to have a lot of new boards. After thinking about it: I think the reason we aren't getting the PS4 one is because this is a anniversary title so it's a bit pointless to bring it here if we only had the Wii game. What i expect of the game?: Miis are completely cut. Chibi character models are also out and will be similar to Fortune Street's more realistic character models. Shop returns from 30th anniversary were you can buy characters and boards instead of just unlocking them. A less laggy online mode hopefully , 30th's is horrible. 2. Dragon Quest content: A new board from Dragon Quest XI: There's a lof of choices but Octagonia or Cobblestone seems like the most likely choices. A new board from Dragon Quest VII: Shrine of Mysteries seems like the most likely choice, if not then maybe the Roamer Encampment? A new board from the most recent Dragon Quest X expansion: I haven't played X, so i can't give any examples. New boards from recent spin-off games: Heroes, Builders, Joker 3...etc. Characters: Ashlynn, some new IX and X character(from IX Sterling, Pavo or Aquila? Dunno about X) ...Camus and Veronica. 3 Mario Content: New board from Super Mario Odyssey: New Donk City? New board from Super Mario 3D Worlds: Haven't played this one yet so no idea about the potential stage New board from Mario Kart 8: Electrodome would be cool Mario RPG stages (Either from Mario RPG, M&L or Paper Mario) Characters: Rosaline, Toadette, Pauline, Geno? Can't really think about much else, what do you guys think?
  10. I'm not going to buy a donwgraded product not matter what franchise is. If you're going to buy it good for you but don't try to sell it to people who are tired of SE shitty business practices. They can try to sell me this downgraded product all they want, i'm not going to buy it.
  11. The PS4/Vita game is a 30th anniversary title, of couse it's going to have recycled content lol, it's not a remix of the PS2/PSP version at all, there's a lot of new stuff. The switch game if it happens it's probably going to have little to do with the Wii version, besides maybe having Mario characters.
  12. A new game seems more likely than a port of the wii one.
  13. They're really not waiting, it's that DQ games since VI came out late in the console lifespan.
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