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  1. Not sure if there's still a high chance of the game getting released overseas since it came out in Ocober 2017 (2 years and 3 months ago), but with Dragon Quest's sudden spike in popularity it could happen i guess, but since it's so unlikely i think it's better if i just import it but i'm still not sure if i'll do it, but i think i'll doo because i loved the ps2 and psp itadaki street games. Even if we don't get this one, i think there's a high chance they make a new one for the switch 2-3 years from now, wich could likely include Mario characters again meaning a higher chance for localization, so at very least Fortune Street Wii won't be the only one we get...wich i agree with you it's the weakest one in the series (you're stuck with miis online and there's only 2 new original boards (the observatory and starship mario) and 4 new characters (Stella, Patty, Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr.), itadaki street ds isn't much better but at least it got more new stuff.
  2. I think i played with japanese people last week when i tried the hong kong demo. Just to be sure you should contact a korean player of the game and ask him/her.
  3. The game is 54$ right now for importing, wich i think it's pretty cheap for a japanese only game....but i have a fear that they might anounce a western version this year and i don't know about waiting to 2021 because the servers could shut down and the fun of those games is the online multiplayer. What should i do?
  4. This also gives me hopes for a Itadaki Street 30th anniversary localization as well since both games came out in 2017 and Healix is also on IS. If i 30th anniversary doesn't get localized i hope the next Itadaki Street game does at very least. Heroes 3 is also aparently unlikely at the moment if we go with that interview.
  5. The monster recruiting thing seems stupid no offense, the heroes games are about bringing characters from older DQs in a new world in a hack-an-slash gameplay, if you want to recruit monsters there's the monsters games for that let's not add unecesary things, game needs to fix its flaws first let's not bloat it or it will turn into a shitshow. You're just forcing a monster recruitment system for the shake of it when the game is not about the monsters it's about the ARPG/Crossover aspects and the monster medals are all what it needs.
  6. @ignasia @Erdrick The Hero I think that pretty much semi-confirms that Dragon Quest XII will have some sort of changes, specially since they want it to appeal to people outside Japan. It doesn't necesarily mean action-based, but maybe a more cinematic/story-driven game and mature storyline like Final Fantasy or a lot of western games are, peraphs they'll go for a more linear aproach this time around. Honestly, as long the party and story is as good as XI, i'm in.
  7. @ignasia change will happen sooner of later in the series it happens to every long runing series, unless you really think nothing will change between Dragon Quest XIX and Dragon Quest XI...i think that's just pure wishinful thinking. Dragon Quest won't be inmune of change when the big 3 die, honestly i'ts better to accept it that will happen and move on, change is natural and happens eventually. Not only that, we will likely get new mainline dragon quest games quickier than we're used too since they will likely reuse UE4 for a bunch of games, no point of creating a new engine anymore, so we might get DQ14 as early as 2029, that's another big chance that the series will face. XII: 2021/2022 XIII: 2024/2025 XIV: 2028/2029
  8. Honestly, ignasia your reaction was similar to the reaction i had to Dragon Quest IX back in 2009, i was disapointed of the lack of party members but i gave it a go and it was actually pretty fun and the NPCs were good enough even through it isnt as good as IV, VIII or XI (my favourites) it was fun for what it was. Sometimes getting diferent mainline games isn't that bad, not at the level of FF but a little change even if it's just setting wouldn't be too bad, i mean i dont know we're at 11 mainline entries so trying something new for one game doesn't sound THAT horrible to me, i really dont know how to feel if all the futurE mainline DQs In let's say the next 20 years were the same. And i dont know how a change of setting, plot or tone would make it less of a DQ game, all DQ have the same enemies, weapons, black UI and combat system so as long they keep that it would feel as a DQ game just fine.
  9. I personally doubt Gemma is the least devoloped and pointless "important" character of the whole series, i can think of some characters least devoloped/important than her: Nevan from VI Melonie (As much i like her) and the glasses guy from Joker 2. Desdemona from Heroes 2 Anlace from Swords Sterling from Dragon Quest IX
  10. @ignasia im very curious, would you play XII if it had a space/steampunk setting?
  11. Let's avoid generic NPCs (or the classes of DQ3) or Monsters just to get a bit more specific. Favourite: Pavo from Dragon Quest IX: Probably one of my favourite designs of the whole series, she looks badass as #$*!. Zankrone from Dragon Quest X: Probably my favourite character from DQX, his armour and big ass sword are pretty #$*!ing cool. Isla from Dragon Quest Heroes: I love her hat and her personality is funny one of my favourites. Melonie from Joker 2: I know she's probably the least relevant character of the crew, but i've always loved her design. Pankraz from Dragon Quest V: Whoa, this dude is #$*!ing badass! i wish he was playable in Heroes 1 or 2. Least Faovurite: Sancho from Dragon Quest V: Dude is just overdesigned, his desing is like too busy and his personality is not that great either. Nevan from Dragon Quest VI: Do i really have to explain why? Gemma from Dragon Quest XI: I swear to god if i hear the word "crickey" one more time. Lazarel from Heroes 2: Holy #$*!ing yikes, both awful design and personality probably the worst character in the series. Stella from Dragon Quest IX: I will always say it her character design doesn't fit the DQ world...it would be more apropiate if she was a cowboy fairy than a gyaru fiary
  12. Oh, i also don't like DQIX either, it's not a bad game but i just dont like it, not much of a fan of the blank state party...but the DQIX fans force me to like their game *shurgs*. It seems like not liking DQIII or DQIX is a sin, and honestly im just not into those types of games, it's so annoying when people question people who dislike them! Also i think the series NEEDS yes NEEDS some spice up in XII and beyond, let it be just setting or gameplay (it remains turn based), or maybe just a diferent type of plot: What if your party is students from a military base or an academie...what if it takes place during a war kinda like Fire Emblem? What about a story that takes place in diferent planets? instead of just the "choosen hero" plotline of XI that was pretty generic for a 2017 game. Maybe just give the series a new UI for once instead of the classic black square they gave us in 11 games in a row, let the series do something that's out the norm like DQ5 was.
  13. I'm a long time dragon quest fan and im upset how toxic some part of the fanbase can be, forcing me to like Dragon Quest II (horrible game imo) or downplay my opinions! Why i do have to like DQ2 and why i can't express my dislike towards it?? what?? thats what communities are for. Hell, i got warned in the dragon quest general because i want Dragon Quest on a steampunk or futuristic setting! and i like to talk a lot about Dragon Quest Heroes 3 because it's what a fan of the series would?
  14. I know for the stars is gacha, but it's not the type of game i'm refering to. Im talking something like FEHeroes, FF Brave Exivus, Tales of the Rays or Star Ocean: Anemesis, were you can get characters from past games and make your ideal party. I think it would be pretty fun.
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