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  1. Looking forward to your next episode guys ^_^
  2. Hey, I'm having the same thing happen and this isn't working. How do I stop the conversion?
  3. I have figured out paying finally. I am on the switch. BZ077-966. I'd love to. BE able to play with anyone that'll have me.
  4. So I'm curious. What method does everyone use to keep their subscription going?
  5. Alright. I am committed. んういち. I'm just a little fishy right now though.
  6. Finally fought the post game boss, finally finished the trials, and done the full wheel of harma. Finally after putting it off for months I finished the post game.
  7. You are gonna hate the Drustan trials then. He is the dragovian king of this game for three separate trials and they need to be done in a number of actions. Apparently one thing he can do is give you a marriage to Gemma. Also, don't forget to do all the horse races, wheel of harma, Drustan trials, and go to every town as something has happened in all of them. My endgame level was 57 with play time of 156:15 I fell asleep some while grinding. draconian, reduced experience, no fleeing, & stronger monsters. Side note for anyone that has a hard time with the fortress of fear boss and the first form mordegan. ESPECIALLY if you are doing the draconian quests: USE DAZZLE IT IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Those bosses miss so much they are weak to it, and you only need to heal when they use their magic attacks, having the echo ability is a boon.
  8. I finally did it. Stronger monsters. No fleeing. Reduced experience. I finally fricking did it. Beat the game. This is the first final boss in dragonquest to But that wasn't as hard as the fight before that one. That one had more focused attacks and as a note to help anyone the final boss is weak to dazzle. So, dazzle the final boss, it helps, a lot. Both times but it doesn't help the second round. And yes you can still envenomate the final boss. Dazzle is your friend near the end. Also side not electric light may not be good if you do reduced experience. As it succeeded and gave me an MKS and 2 VLMS but I got NO experience. I came across an MKS naturally and I did receive experience then.
  9. Remember that trick for the second half of the game. Just got through with battle field. Ever since the second half started I haven't grinded that much... I feel a little under leveled. Is there a slime hill type location?
  10. Just got flight. Damn the aurora dragon. He wiped me three times.
  11. I feel your pain. Especially if you're at the second casino
  12. The name is a reference to the legend of Dorian grey. Guy wanted to be immortal the portrait reflected his soul throughout his life.
  13. Good god I must have some luck. I got the jackpot on the 100 token slots. In less than 30 minutes. I'm glad it helped, I had some trouble with it in my draconian quest run. So, I'm sorry if it was a battle of attrition for you doing it how I did. poisoning your bosses makes the troublesome ones easier to beat. I haven't tried paralyzing any yet.
  14. Poison the main part as it poisons both tentacles either sylv or erik, if erik use his damage over time spell too. Have Serena buff the part. Have rab use the right as rain ability. You could also have the hero in here to help cover health and use erik, rab, and the hero pep skill which does 100+ damage to everything until it runs out leaving him more vulnerable to zam and fire moves. Dnot be afraid to defend. You can also have rab sap the main body. So, I just found an old man, on top of a mountain, with his girly mag sitting next to his withering body, I love this guy.
  15. For me gallopillis is more about introducing a party member than the prince being a rehash of viii. That being said. This game is a game of references and most definitely welcoming newcomers. It offers more side stuff for veterans though. the targets for example and the sidequests.
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