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  1. Thanks for the video and I found another for Nokturnus & he list everything you need to setup a party but I am missing one item and I don’t know how to make it: Glass Slippers because I didn’t see a recipes for this one
  2. Well I am in Dragon Quest groups on Facebook and not getting much help there either & in my message I was just stating the advice I am looking for to battle the bosses and wasn’t meaning any disrespect or anything like that
  3. Well how is that giving any tips or what party to use and how to setup the party also
  4. Same 2 I never beat. Aren't there YouTube videos out there for those battles? They may be in Japanese. There are Youtube videos but they don't talk in the videos & they don't show how they have the party setup or tell you how to setup the party & when you comment on the videos they never respond at all
  5. Well thanks for that information but I can't have Terry at 74 because every person is all 99 & does the bunny tails need to be ice or anything like that
  6. Can somebody be nice enough to give me tips & help on these bosses because it just seems everywhere I posted about this I get the same thing every time either no response or only piece of information & then you ask that person something else they never reply back at all & I have asked for help on Youtube videos & here Reddit & Gamefags & all them the same thing no help at all
  7. I need to know what party to use & how to setup the party like equipment & accessories needed to be equipped for the boss battles: Zoma & Nokturnus Also I got told on one message board to use Terry but that person never said anything else
  8. I haven’t completed it & I cancelled it and reaccpted it and it still doesn’t show up on the map at all and in the location it is in either so I don’t know what to do now
  9. I still looking to know why this is no longer showing up on my world map anymore
  10. I have a problem and I am not sure how to fix it and this is it: This Quest was on my world map but it doesn’t show it anymore and I don’t know what to do to get it back on my world map at all does anybody know how to fix this
  11. I beat him I knocked him into the lavas
  12. I watched that video and that isn’t the one I am talking the one I am talking about is in Running the Gauntlet mission
  13. How in the world do you beat the Grim Gollum that keeps getting his health back every time he is about to die
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