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  1. Nothing works just in case I think I will just forget about this #$*! Its depressing all the #$*!ing time
  2. I have the same issue here. Before I made my game settings to fullscreen. The day after I couldn't start the game or login the next day I couldn't get past the warning screen it's like as if I just threw my money out to play it which depresses me because I once hat the game before but lost my account made a new one and bought Dragon Quest X V5
  3. nevermind works. Awesome
  4. Am i Screwed ? i dont have a disk player on my laptop, how can i install it on my pc
  5. how much Gameplay does Dragon Quest X have ?
  6. I was buying DQX all in 1 pack for pc in Playasia and i heard after that that it will come to western too if its out then,can i change the game so that i can play in all servers and so that the language can or will change plus was it worth that i buyed DQX for PC in Playasia?
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