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  1. When I first started playing DQ, your Website, and KingZenith’s guides were amazing. I never thought before a website like this existed for such a small series. I hope more people join this forum (Cause I think it’s better than all the others.).
  2. I’m planning on playing TES 1-5, BG 1&2, KOTOR, Fallout 1-2 +New Vegas, Planetscape Torment, A Bards take (C64), Wizadry, ultima, Temple of Elemental Evil, Advanced dungeons and dragons (C64/GoldBox Games), Pathfinder Kingmaker (Currently playing not even close to finishing), Might and Magic, Tabletop D&D Starting kit (Will add one more later once I expierence the basics, More card games in general just got Mage wars arena and I’m loving it. There’s a lot more RPGs to play definitely but I won’t play SMT as I don’t like it’s setting and focus on teenagers, and I’ve played dark souls al
  3. There’s a lot of people I’ve seen on here who haven’t posted in more than 4 years I think many have gone, but I could be wrong cause I haven’t been here that long.
  4. That’s what I thought for a long while, and who knows if 12 ever comes out maybe I’ll get it who knows. But I want something more that these games can’t offer. My mind has changed much over the past 2 years and I will continue changing and growing in different ways.
  5. I’m selling all my games together for 45% cheaper than I bought them for here’s my lists (All physical cartridges no manuals or boxes.) 3 for the GBC. Dragon Warrior Monsters 1&2 GBC Dragon Warrior NES Dragon Warrior 2 NES Dragon Warrior 4 NES 5, 6, 9 for the DS. Thats all I got! (3 and 9 are only related in party creation and nothing else unfortunately.)
  6. it’s so weird how fast my mind can change, but it did. Playing Pathfinder Kingmaker recently and investigating JRPGs, I’m not really that interested in them. It’s odd the more I started to research JRPGs the more I dislike them (Story, characters, lack of party creation, artstyle, setting, etc.) And I cant bring myself to play even 1 more. DQ is kind of boring to me now, 11 personally disappointed me and I only beat the first 2 acts and I was done. Monsters for the GBC is fun but isn’t enough. I’ve been playing card games like mage wars and probably going to order D&D soon as the more I se
  7. There’s to many skills. Changing classes should not modify existing stats, so people can specifically specialized and for example, Carver changing into a mage would make him carry over his garbage MP and Magic, however, the mage would then lower his stat gains for health/defense/attack so we could make hybrid characters based either or on whatever you want. And just add the existing monsters back into the game, with the old Monster Tamer. Honestly I would prefer these changes to the SFC version, but idaf anymore.
  8. At 16:23 I beat the starry night tournament with a SpotKing (Slib), Roboster (Ross), Whipbird (Whip). I have now beat the Monster Master tamer at 23:45 with a Kingleo (BOSS), and a Goldslime (Slib, as poetic justice Slib has been apart of a long +18 breeding tree and finally reached his final form a Goldslime!) I hadn’t killed any Legacy/Postgame bosses before I beat the master which I just attempted and won with only 2 monsters! So, my new goals are to beat all travelers gates and make every monster. Then my plans after that is to move on to the second game and do the same. Another funny thin
  9. I’m playing monsters 1&2 at the same time, ATM I’m doing 1 mostly started 2 before cause I bought it first, rather it arrived for monsters 1.
  10. Ye-, the cool references from older DW games was pretty cool.
  11. Why a modern repatch. I can think of 2 reasons. 1. You don’t like the DS version, therefore your patching this one, however, you like the name changes of the remake better? I prefer the OG names but still.
  12. I’m about 10 hours into this game already have a boss monster but still on the ice world, but I do know the endgame and next areas however not the stories. I hear people talk more about DWM 1 more and I think that’s fine but why not this game? I legit say this game is easily better than the first 3 generations of Pokémon (And I still haven’t played Caravan heart.) this game is simply amazing especially with monsters being easier to get and faster movement speed. With 315 monsters (I think) there’s like 4 pallet swaps that’s it that’s over 50 more monsters than Gold and Silver. Very cool for a
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