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  1. Kos


    Cześć! Thanks! Note: I don't speak anything other than English, the internet helps me know the things that are the saids!
  2. Me too! Though I was like 4-5 years old and couldn't read or figure out how to Rainbow Drop. So I was max level, never finished my save on that cart before it disappeared forever.
  3. Kos


    I lick back. Face cheeks only though. Thanks Woodus!! I enjoyed it back then, I'm sure I'll enjoy it again!
  4. Kos


    Hey everyone that reads this post (and everyone on the board as well, I'm relatively inclusive) I was here once a long time ago. Those posts were from 2006, to give some perspective. I went by K-Wulf or c. kosterz, and I had started developing a Dragon Quest style battle system in RPG Maker 2000, obviously didn't get far with it as I poofed. It's what I do. I don't even have those projects anymore. I also had tried to start up a forum-based text RPG but that also never went anywhere. Anyway, I'm Kos! I sometimes play the vidya (currently playing Stardew Valley on my first playthrough, and DQ Builders as a holdover until DQB2 is released), and I'm trying to buy Oceanhorn and Dragon Sinker on PS4, but Sony won't take my money. I'm simple: I like action and wuxia TV and movies (especially them Superhero films), my musical tastes are mostly centered in metal and rock but my playlist can go from Cane Hill to Carly Rae Jepsen within a song, and I does the reading (though not a lot lately) of high fantasy novels, or urban fantasy/sci-fi. That about covers it. Hit me up if y'all got any questions or well, for any reason actually. I can't guarantee I'll hang around forever but I'll do my dangedest. Peace!
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