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  1. I would try that, but I run into the same problem of not being able to locate a unpatched rom
  2. My biggest problem seems to be my rom. Regardless on if i add a sav file, my gem crashes after the character creator at the beginning. Every forum suggests its because im not using the Xenom patched version, yet i have no luck at all actually locating the patched version much less finding a ink for it thats not broken. Anyone have any idea how to find it
  3. I have no clue if this is even allowed in this forum. but im hoping for some help/advice here. I have a copy of the game that I play frequently to this day. Unfortunately the servers are gone for the DLC content. i wanted to still at least get the quests that are locked but don't have a nds adapter and don't know much about the sav editor anyway. However I do have a CycloDs flashcart I wanted to use to get a rom and edit the sav for that and just have my character on my physical copy just visit to unlock the quests. I have the Bahamut patched rom and it crashes as soon as i get out of the char
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