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  1. VII was a strange bird for me. I think it felt the most like a real journey out of the games so far, mainly because it was so long and I played it slowly over a very long period of time. There were times when I was exhausted by, or completely sick of it. Then that would pave way for times where I was very happy playing it. At the bitter end I was excited for it to be over so I could move on, but since finishing it, have thought a lot about it and wanted to pick it up again. I think it's a very unique game due to the way it is laid out, and in my mind even though I didn't always have fun with it, it's right up there among my favorites.
  2. Cool, maybe I should try and get on at a different time.
  3. Phosis


    Yep! One miserable dot at a time. Probably took about 8 hours. My boss told me "I should fire you for wasting your time like that." Of course he has probably said that about a hundred times before, and nothing has happened yet.
  4. Hey Cranberry, I was the one who interviewed you actually. I definitely will if I see you, and thanks for your time the other day, that was fun. I am putting a piece together now, should be done in the next couple of weeks as well.
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    Not DQ related but I am at work bored today, and thought I'd get my post count up a bit, so here is a paint drawing I did of an Owl....while bored, and at work also.
  6. Hello, Being new here (honestly, I read the forums a lot before I ever joined, but generally don't have much to add) I hope this doesn't come off as too presumptuous, but while I am really enjoy DQX, I am finding that there is seldom anyone online when I generally play. I am wondering if anyone has free time if they would want to get together and do a bit of a tour with me? Currently I am level 25, have completed the first emblem, and am bumming around to the different islands, but am still horribly lost on a few things. Plus it would be nice to have company. I generally play around 10 PM MST. I am also up early mornings often around 5-6 AM MST, but could try and make other times work as well for the convenience of anyone else. I am going to keep playing regardless, and have spoken to Nawaria a couple of times in chat at night, but haven't had the opportunity to quest or party up or do any of the real social things the game has to offer yet. I am not a Japanese speaker (but am sure learning as much as I can since it seems to help) so am definitely a lost tourist here. Thanks!
  7. I read all that in Yangus' voice, haha! Thanks! Well I wouldn't put much faith in that myself, but at the very least I am writing a big piece about DQX and the community. It's coming along as I play the game and will be published probably within the next couple of weeks. Maybe it will inspire a few more people to get into the game at least, I'd be pretty pleased if that happened.
  8. Hey all, I came here specifically because of my interest in Dragon Quest X. I am a big DQ fan obviously, and over the past week got myself set up in the game. With the help of another member last night (don't know the name, but I know she helped with the Saigan videos and is in some of them) I learned a tremendous amount about the game that I didn't know before. I have pieced together the rest from guides, videos, and of course the coveted Google Translate. Understanding a bit of Kana and how to type it has helped a bit as well. I am enjoying myself very much so far. A bit about me: I work in a computer shop, am a married pop of three kids, and am getting gray hair. I write for a video game news site called Destructoid, and also make Paint drawings of animals for fun. My favorite DQ is a toss up between IV, VIII, and I, and I am having a lot of fun so far. Thanks for all the help, and thank you to Cranberry for inviting me to the Dragon Den group in game!
  9. Hello! I'd like to join as well.
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