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  1. I can think of a few crackpot puns myself. If you know what i mean.
  2. Cereal made of slimes... mmm lemme think twice about that. Is that a box of Captain Crunch? What do they taste like? I only know the box art because of well... John Draper.
  3. Oh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't being grumpy, it is just a personal preference, I get that some people like watching streamers or just other people play and talk while they do so, I just wanted to point out how this kind of videos have become some sort of "the norm" while non commentary ones are more "rare".
  4. There is a way to get you to September pretty fast so you don't have to wait. https://alcor.org/
  5. Oh man, hat's pretty sad, that happens here more and more, so much that some incorrect vulgar or badly written words are starting to get "accepted", I fear that some day they'll be added in the dictionary as valid. Also a lot of words are getting replaced by English ones due to the internet and social media (mostly), I still don't get why people use words like "selfie", "brother", "homeless" just to look "cool" when there are perfectly multiple viable ways to say that in your own language... What does the term "Open Houses" mean tho? As in... public school?
  6. Agreed, original voice acting with subs usually is way better in most of games and movies, with a few exceptions where the dub is awesome. For example, the first time I heard the original Clint Eastwood / Arnold Schwarzenegger voice I was like WHAT?! back to the dub.
  7. Whatever! I'm giving my 2 cents into this conversation.
  8. Remember the times when gameplays had no commentaries? I do... Now I need to look up for them adding "no commentary" more and more. I really want to watch the game and the sounds and music are part of it to me, not a full time rant on top of a video, guess that's what people like nowadays, guess I'm getting old.
  9. I really, REALLY wish they release XI for the 3DS because it looks A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Altho being realistic I'm starting to think it's not going to happen. :(
  10. Wait... so you don't use stuff like Ublock Origin?
  11. I pledge guilty on mistakes like that many times unintentionally, after all not everyone is an English native speaker. Or.... is he? I always wondered if I sound like an indian from a old western movie. "Me very like Quest Dragon, play everyday I".
  12. @WoodusSo you don't resell to Japanese third parties our personal data and Google analytics info? Shame! Pd: No, honestly, that really makes you a good person, plus the ad free. Gonna have to buy you a few beers.
  13. I'm going to start using this.
  14. Doubt there is any harm intended thowards you. You started a conversation and by destiny's luck it moved to other things. Happens in any vivid conversation! No hate. Peace.
  15. Where did you get your slimes? (saw the pic on Discord)

    Where they expensive? I've seen some on Ebay but the decent looking ones aren't precisely cheap the last time I checked...

    1. Democrobot


      I know I answered this in the Discord but I'll also answer it here too for anyone else who may be wondering.

      Each slime cost $42 CAD

    2. Aurin
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