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  1. There's a reason I'm not invited to family meals any more [emoji850] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you @Erdrick The Hero! I'm still refining my thingy-table I've made more progress on items recently but also broke a dungeon (and possibly other things) so I've got a clean ROM and am working more methodically. Korra II A Royal over at the Mystery Dungeon wiki has been supporting me with testing and has even bought a load of the Japanese guides! Unfortunately, a lot of the work I've done doesn't allow for any interesting screenshots at the moment, but hopefully the "Free play" mode will be a bit more playable in the new year.
  3. Haha! No pressure! I'm really happy people are excited to see this though. I do have a question if anyone has any suggestions. Currently working through the list of monsters and have come across: フャーラット レノフャイター コロフャイター プチフャイター I can't find anything here, on Google or some of the Japanese sites. I've checked over the hexadecimal a few times to make sure I have the right names to be sure. Anyone know what this is? Hopefully someone knows otherwise we might have to wait until someone finds them in-game.
  4. We're back in lockdown in England and the weather is miserable, so you may see more screenshots in the coming weeks! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. I've made some progress on items/monsters in the game. I didn't realise there were so many different types of precious stones in existence A DQer also got in touch and has sent me a load of information from spreadsheets to help the cause! (I won't share their name in case they don't want me to). Knowing that other people are keen to see the project progress is helping definitely. I'm still planning to have a very early release out this year with a strong focus on text in the dungeon segments, please let me know if you're you're interested and I'll share a link.
  6. Thank you! Progress was a bit stalled recently, work has taken over a bit but I've got some time off this week. This morning I'm checking through items and working on translations that fit into the space I have. Scrolls may become Books although items have icons next to them, so it'll be tweaking until it looks right (And based on feedback when I share stuff!). I don't know if I'll have any screenshots to share today but hopefully most items will have a correct translation before long!
  7. Nothing exciting to share this week. Huge issues in work and so I've not had much a of a chance to do anything other than a couple more menu items
  8. It took far longer than it should have but I've beaten Estark on DQ5! 27 turns though so I'm going to have to have another go at some point, but at least I will be able to tick that off, his T'n'T board and mini-medals. That'll just leave Knick-Knacks to collect.
  9. Slow and steady but I've made some progress on the dungeon text. This has been one of the tougher aspects, so I've focused on that. Also, I thought this part would allow me to release something playable sooner (Not so much of the story though!). Hopefully having a playable early release in the next couple of months! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. Thank you for the feedback so far! Work has been crazy the last couple of weeks so my progress has been slow and steady, mostly chipping away at item and monster names but most days I can't bear to look at my laptop for another second. We've got a long weekend in the UK, I essentially wasted yesterday on DQ5 and sleeping but today and tomorrow are looking better. I'd like to translate the text that pops up in battle, the space for characters seems VERY limited here so I might need to get creative with what pops up.
  11. Good morning! I managed to bag myself the Morphean Mollusc yesterday and complete my Big Book of Beasts, and thought it would be wise to share my experience in case anyone else has the same problem. https://kyokugen.info/dq5/dq5_ds_sugmons.html - This link essentially has everything I needed, levels and locations for the monsters that can be missed. They can be found on the T'n'T/Sugoroku boards by playing with characters at certain levels and landing on certain squares. I also discovered a few tricks that forced the Morphean Mollusc to spawn after a few hundred runs around the boards.
  12. A little update. The pause menu is coming together now! This was from Wednesday this week but since then I've not had a chance to get time on it. Since then, this week has been pretty awful! I'm planning to book some time off next month and should be able to commit a couple of days and hopefully have a very early patch for Extra Mode.
  13. Playing for hours but no luck! I've got a level 18 Great Dragon and have been doing laps of the Spring T'n'T board. I've found some comfort at Japanese sites list that T'n'T is a good way to find them (Eventually!) - https://game8.jp/dq5/75692 This site gives some better details, so I may have some more grinding to go with my Great Dragon: -https://kyokugen.info/dq5/dq5_ds_sugmons.html It seems people have found it by landing on the mountain squares with a character around level 27/28. Wish me luck!
  14. Phew! I've completed links to all of the checklists for each main series game now. There might still be a few side quests and missions, I've also not included anything about maxing out levels although I may do soon. On to the spin-off titles!
  15. Does anyone know where to find these post-game? I have about 2 monsters left to fill up my Big Book of Beasts and that is one of them. A few Gamefaqs posts suggested at this stage, it can only be found on T'n'T games with monsters around level 20. Has anyone else had luck tracking one down? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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