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  1. Hi everyone! I'm still working through pointers for items. I figure getting this done gives me space that I can use to stick dungeon text in. Some names are changing for items too but not too many. I'm trying to get more accurate translations in now I have the space for it. No screenshots of anything exciting unfortunately but I might do some of the story text today.
  2. Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of news, work has been busy so I've been fitting bits and pieces on the patch. I'm still looking for testers if anyone is interested? You'll get access to the pre-release patches but, of course, I'm looking for feedback too! I've just tweeted out a link to the 0.01 patch. https://twitter.com/SamManOfSteel/status/1373198659660177411?s=20 I'm working on more of the story and the tutorial dungeon text at the start for the next patch. I've still got to go over item names again and re-do the pointers, which may be the job for this weekend.
  3. Thank you Liam! I've had trouble getting it to display lower-case characters. On the input screen. I've tried the SHIFT-JIS and ASCII encoding and neither seem to show up. There might be a bit further up in the table, I probably need to keep digging. I had forgotten about that bit with Popoloooooo. I seem to like making a rod for my own back sometimes. Will remove the extra Os now so I don't forget later. Sounds good. I knew I'd got mixed up with his surname and first name in places. I'm trying my best to stick to the canon on the current localisation so will be sure to fix this. Thank you!
  4. I'm looking for a small group of testers if anyone is interested. It'll be to test the minor patches I develop between the official releases. Please drop me a message if you're interested!
  5. Thank you everyone! It's been 24 hours since the patch was released on The Mystery Dungeon Wiki Discord (Cheap plug! https://t.co/HoXVtaZsWl?amp=1). Despite my boasting on Twitter, I didn't actually do any patch work yesterday. More because work is all screen time at the moment, I got out to see the real world for a little bit or at least as much as I could under the current restrictions. My main focus for the next patch is story. There is SO much to do and I know once it's done I'll go back over it to make sure it has the DQ charm (One of the bits I'm most nervous about). I've got a nice bit of text relating to the feedback on the Adventure Summary screen too, there's a crazy amount of ways to die.
  6. As promised, I've got a few screenshots and bits of information to share before the first early release: Main Menu Story Mode Dungeon Text Only a couple of days to go until the release. It will be available on the 6th March 2021 via the Mystery Dungeon Wiki discord: https://t.co/HoXVtaZsWl?amp=1
  7. I know the name and about the mods, but don't think we've ever spoken! I think there are two main forums now, one for the vanilla version of the latest game and one for the mods etc. I could be wrong because I'm very much out of the loop. My Fire Pro experience consists of playing with my friend Brendon when he can come over (Lockdown is easing so it's been a fair few months since he's be allowed to come over and hang out!) I'll have some screenshots of Torneko to share today. Just shed a bit more light on what I've done for the release.
  8. Planning the have a release on the 6th March! One thing I have learned is I need to share more information about this patch as it comes along. All of the items and monsters are translated, part of the story and some dungeon text. There's still a long way to go but I'm planning on regular releases after this. I'll also be looking for volunteers to test too! A couple of people have tried playing so far but I'll have something more structured in the way of testing in the future.
  9. I've gone through all of the items I'd already translated and followed that format, I'd compromised so much in some places but now it looks so much cleaner. I'm hoping to have news about an early-access demo before too much longer.
  10. Oh! Very exciting! I have previously fallen down a rabbit hole of modifying and hacking further with Final Fire Pro Wrestling, I figured out how to change the wrestlers and spent months updating them all. This might be something I look at in a bit more detail for Torneko in the future though! I've got a couple of screenshots and wanted feedback on the item name layout. I'm finding I've got to compromise with names as in most cases I only have a certain number of letters to work with. The only rule I'm sticking with so far is no spaces in any item names. I get an extra letter back that way, and even if I have room for a space I'd rather the item names all looked uniform. The next issues I've run into is whether I come up with abbreviations for items e.g. Wooden Shield - I can only fit 7 characters do I go with "WoodShd" or "Wooden" and rely on the icon identify the type of item it is? I'm siding more with the latter because it looks cleaner, but wanted to see what other people though. I'm sure a better translator would just figure out how to expand the size of the ROM, and I might do one day but for now I want to create something playable.
  11. Thank you for all of the messages and support! I really appreciate the comments! I'm chipping away at the story mode text a bit more but have a much better idea of the layout of the ROM. I'll share some screenshots and hopefully an early beta soon too!
  12. There's a reason I'm not invited to family meals any more [emoji850] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you @Erdrick The Hero! I'm still refining my thingy-table I've made more progress on items recently but also broke a dungeon (and possibly other things) so I've got a clean ROM and am working more methodically. Korra II A Royal over at the Mystery Dungeon wiki has been supporting me with testing and has even bought a load of the Japanese guides! Unfortunately, a lot of the work I've done doesn't allow for any interesting screenshots at the moment, but hopefully the "Free play" mode will be a bit more playable in the new year.
  14. Haha! No pressure! I'm really happy people are excited to see this though. I do have a question if anyone has any suggestions. Currently working through the list of monsters and have come across: フャーラット レノフャイター コロフャイター プチフャイター I can't find anything here, on Google or some of the Japanese sites. I've checked over the hexadecimal a few times to make sure I have the right names to be sure. Anyone know what this is? Hopefully someone knows otherwise we might have to wait until someone finds them in-game.
  15. We're back in lockdown in England and the weather is miserable, so you may see more screenshots in the coming weeks! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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