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  1. I've added a section for spin-offs. They're just the ones I own, but will add to it later (Both the list and my collection!!). There are links to guides/wikis for DQ3 now, so I'll add those to other games as I go too.
  2. Sorry for the necro-bump (Only 2 years late). I'm in the south of England. If anyone is interested in DQ9 when things are "A bit more normal" I'd like to take part. I'm in the south but always up for a road trip for conventions or anything.
  3. There are some really nice cases around for the Pi now. I've got the Retroflag Super Famicom with 8BitDo Super Famicom controllers, then an external HDD full of classic/Japanese wrestling which I run through Kodi. I've been adding in come extras too, having music play in EmulationStation is a nice touch. It's mostly rock/metal covers of video game music but obviously you can put on whatever you like. Also adding achievements has been a real game changer*! *Edit - Pun intended!
  4. A friend recommend Yakuza a while back so I bought 0 pretty cheap for PS4 but didn't get past the first chapter. Getting to lockdown, I've not finished the main story and am going through the side missions, but I might jump into Kiwami before much longer. TBH I was reluctant to start it because my wife and I were due to be in Osaka/Tokyo over the summer but obviously "Plans change", I'm really glad I got back in to it. The main story is great, especially the evolution of Majima, but I loved the silly side-stories. I've just battered a yakuza captain but OF COURSE I don't mind pretending to be your boyfriend to trick your dad!
  5. I'm guessing this quest is closed? I pre-ordered my copy from Play-Asia, but haven't been active on the forum for a bit.
  6. I've added some of the extras for DQXI now. I've covered the GBC/DS/3DS/Switch ports of main series games. I've not played DQX to know where to start, but I might add some of the spin-off games. I've got a couple and passed an exam at work last month, so treated myself to Dragon Warrior Monsters on the GBC. I bought a copy from EB in Milton Keynes when it came out but no idea where it is now, probably the same place as my Gameboy Camera and Printer. I've been playing DQIX every chance I get and am working through the normal quests first. Anyone have any advice for me post-game in DQIX? Just general stuff like what I should start with, I've started working through quests in numerical order, jumping about when I need to.
  7. Agreed @Liamland. Now I've finished the main series, I'm missing Dragon Quest and just want more (And there is plenty of it!). I've loaded up DQIX recently so I'll add some more to that section. I do get a bit obsessive, but I will stop if I get bored with whatever I'm obsessed with too. @Plattym3 Kind of! He's currently living in Osaka and he's on his 5th year now I think. He chose it though, we didn't just ship him out to get rid of him. Obviously I've never taken advantage of this and had Amazon Japan ship things to him to post back to me!
  8. That doesn't sound quite so daunting when you put it that way. I wish I had someone to play it with. I gifted my wife and uncle a copy, neither are playing. And my uncle is a lifer when it comes to JRPGs! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  9. I think people are interested? I'm not sure! I'll add to my list. I had DQVIII partly done so I've added that now!
  10. @ignasia - That made me feel anxious and incredibly excited at the same time. I was thinking of just things that were built in to the game as an achievement or goal, but now I'm thinking wider. @eal - Great minds think alike! I've always wanted to go back and do the extras after my main playthrough, because I've definitely missed a lot. I also thought if I told people, I'd have to follow through with it (Or at least finish my list!) Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. I finished all of the main series games this year, and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a 100% completion list for each game? I've started to put my own together but got a little overwhelmed when I got to DQIX. Any input and suggestions would be much appreciated. I can add to it and include spin-off titles if anyone else is interested too. Dragon Warrior/Quest I Dragon Warrior/Quest II Dragon Warrior/Quest III Dragon Warrior/Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest VII Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest XI Spin-offs (Coming soon) Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters Dragon Quest Joker Dragon Quest Joker 2 Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime Dragon Quest Wars Dragon Quest Heroes Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Dragon Quest Builders Dragon Quest Builders 2
  12. It was definitely unexpected. I think after losing the streak to Lesnar (Not deserved) and Reigns (More deserving) he should just be unbeatable whenever he appears. I couldn't say if it'll build to a retirement match though.
  13. I've done bits and pieces in different games but the only one I've released was a translation patch for Final Fire Pro Wrestling on the Gameboy Advance. I changed text, images, default wrestler data and stats. I'm kind of doing a final wrap up on it now.
  14. Prince Charmles sat on the stair, Royal pressures he just couldn't bear. All the king's horses And all the king's men, Couldn't find Charmles Anywhere!
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