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  1. On 10/13/2018 at 4:22 AM, Ellois said:

     but let me know what one you want me to rip and through into google doc and I'll get you it! 

    You wouldn' happn to have the Seirei Rubiss Densetsu manga would you? I've been looking everywhere on the web, on both English and Japanese websites, with no results. :c 

  2. 3 hours ago, AustNerevar said:
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    Thats interesting. like!! possible.


    I do like the split timeline that someone mentioned earlier. So essentially that theory would look like this:





    Yup, that's what I think it looks like! From there, putting the monsters and Torneko's game is pretty easy too. 

    And as I mentioned, I do believe that DQVII is a distant future of DQII. Should you have the occasion, I totally recommend reading the manga adaptation of DQVII, in which we see the Prince of Midenhall taking to the sky in a balloon to visit the upper-world (DQIII/XI world), before witnessing its "destruction", which follows by volcanic eruptions, floods, and other things, before starting to resemble DQVII world map. Here's a sample from Volume 11 (should this not be authorized, I'll remove it pronto!) 



    Dqe11_087 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_088 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_089 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_090 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_091 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_092 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_093 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

    Dqe11_094 - 『ss-zip.com』 - .jpg

  3. Kind of a necropost, but boy do I love timeline theories! 


    0.       The universe is created.  We don’t have any clue of the actual creation, which means it could be a regular Big-Bang or something more “god-made”. Either way, this resulted in a fully livable universe, with suns, stars, and planets. The concepts of space, time, light and darkness must have been created at the very beginning of the universe too.


    1.       At some point, god-like beings like Azurozoma and Genosidoh must have lose their powers somehow and revert to their known iterations: Zoma and Sidoh/Malroth. Nadiria’s creation, the Dread Realm, the Dream Realm, Wonderland and all other pocket-universe like the Fairy World from DQV must have been created eons ago too.


    2.       Rubiss (a fire spirit) and Dialto (a human-earth spirit hybrid) fell in love with each other, in the Spirit Realm. Rubiss nicknamed Dialto "Loto/Roto/Erdrick" (loved one). A war emerged on the Spirit Realm, forcing the two lovers to escape, riding a Ramia, which Dialto could talk to. They fled on the world below with Rubiss’ baby golden dragon. (Seirei Rubiss Densetsu volume 1-7)


    3.        Dialto became a hero on this land, due to his spirit lineage, being naturally stronger than any other man. However, due to his human lineage, he couldn’t live eternally, and soon Rubiss had to mourn him. His death was celebrated, and in his honor, the world was soon renamed “Lotozeratia/Erdrea”. Rubiss then took over Dialto as an earth-spirit and overseer of this world. She grew the World Tree and somehow linked it to her dragon, which would become this world’s new protector.  


    4.       12,000 years before DQIII era, the Mu Empire was a strong and powerful force to be reckoned. Tao Ra Mu, the continent and Empire leader was a good but naive man. His brother took advantage of this and made a pact with a daemon lord. This resulted in the island utter destruction. Some inhabitants made it out alive and founded the country of Zipang. Tao was saved by Rubiss, and tasked with a holy mission: he would one day help a hero to defeat the daemon that had destroyed the island when it would return. She turned him into stone, for him to be able to wait that long. (Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto Volume )




    Erdwin, a descendant and reincarnation of Dialto traveled the world with his companions, in a quest to defeat the demon lord that was terrorizing the world. However, he was ultimately betrayed by one of his fellow companions and died. Overwhelmed with grief, Serenica, who loved him, became a timekeeper, to ensure that one day, Erdwin would be reincarnated. (DQXI past)





    Eleven, a young man, find himself to be Erdwin’s reincarnation. He then travels around the world with companions, with the goal to end what his ancestor started a long time ago. However, upon defeating his enemy, one of his dear companions found death in the heat of battle. Resolved in finding a way to bring her back to life, Eleven used his blessed sword to break the time sphere, and went back in time, creating a new timeline (T2). There, Eleven managed –thanks to his knowledge of the future- to prevent some events. In the end, Eleven defeated the evil that had scourged the planet for too long. Yggdragon, a descendant of Rubiss’ dragon fused with the essence of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, thanked Eleven and dubbed him with the title of Loto/Roto/Erdrick. (DQXI present)



    7.       At some point in time, eons later, Rubiss created Alefgard, a sub-world of Erdrea. On this new land, she was revered as a goddess. But soon, arch-daemon Zoma took over and turned her into stone. Zoma then sent his most trusted general, Baramos, to conquer the upper world. Tao was also awoken from his stone slumber when Rubiss was turned, at her turn, into stone. (Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto Volume )


    8.       After his father of a hero Ortega, was reported to be presumed dead, Arel was tasked, on his 16th birthday, to complete his father’s work on saving the world from the demon Baramos. Arel traveled with three companions, and eventually defeated the demons, but learned soon after that he was merely a tool of arch-daemon Zoma. Arel then traveled to the underworld Alefgard, and defeated Zoma, using the sphere of light. Rubiss was freed, and dubbed Arel with the title of Roto/Erdrick, recognizing him as a descendant/reincarnation of her beloved Dialto. On his quest, Arel also met with the Dragon Queen, the current descendant of Yggdragon. She layed an egg, which would later hatch the new sacred protector of the upper world. (DQIII)


    9.       Unbeknownst to Arel, Zoma didn’t die. He went to a solitary island to awaken his true powers, to become the god Aruzazoma again but was stopped and properly killed by two monster tamers, Cobi and Tara (DQM2). Arel returned to the upper world and had three children, Loran, Carmen, and a secret daughter. He eventually died, and his sons founded two kingdoms in the upper world, namely the kingdom of Loran, where Baramos’ castle was and the kingdom of Carmen. His daughter took the castle Zoma lived in and made it her own. The Dragon Queen’s son was retrieved by Gorgona, a general of evil, who had plans on bringing the daemon that had destroyed the Mu Empire eons ago back. (Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto Volume 1)


    10.    Hundred years later, Arus, Allan and Aster, all three descendants of Arel, united after a few years, to defeat the Lord of Terror that had destroyed Mu Empire. Of the Lord of Terror’s army, only the Dragonlord made it alive. (Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto Volume 21)


    11.   The Dragonlord, in the year 1348 of Alefgard calendar, stole the sphere of light. He used its immense power to wipe out two third of the underworld population and would have to wait 200 years before being able to use it again. (Dragon Quest I novelization)


    12.   In 1546, Alef, the only descendant of Arel alive, started his journey to defeat Dragonlord. He traveled alone, all across the island Alefgard. Alef eventually rescued Princess Laura, who had been captured by Dragonlord, after a young Terry was unable to carry her out of her cell. He eventually arrived in front of his enemy. And after a rough fight, killed him (or joined him, leading to Dragon Quest Builders) and returned the light to the underworld. With the power of light retrieved, Rubiss could resume the making of the underworld and created Torland for Alef to explore with his bride, Princess Laura. The two of them had three children, all of them making kingdoms of their own. (Dragon Quest I/Kenshin), (Dragon Quest Monster 1: Terry’s Wonderland)


    13.   100 years later, Hargon, the evil priest and Malroth worshiper, brought destruction to the Moonbrook Castle. Allen and Conan, the Prince of Midenhall and Cannock respectively, two descendants of Alef (and by extension of Arel, Eleven, Erdwin and Dialto) traveled Torland to rescue their cousin, the new queen of castle Moonbrook, and eventually destroyed Malroth. (Dragon Quest II)


    14.   Some years later, Allen wished to explore the upper world, to see his ancestors’ home. Using a balloon he made it through the Gaia’s Hole, and arrived in the upper world, bringing with him Roto’s Sword. Unfortunately, he arrived when a cataclysmic battle between powerful beings (Numen and Orgodemir) was happening. He crashed on a land unknown to him and saw the Gaia’s Hole permanently plugged. He then settled where he could. He lived a long life, and his descendant would keep his swordsmanship’s skills alive. One of his descendants eventually founded a kingdom on a small island. His latest descendant in this era would be Kiefer. (Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden Manga Volume 11)


    15.   In a distant future, a young Kiefer was transported to Torland, centuries after the event of DQII. The bloodline of Roto had disappeared, in this land, and spirits of earth, fire, wind and water were tasked by Rubiss to oversee the wellbeing of this land. Magargi, the Mistress of Illusion and Rubiss’ friend, got possessed by Gisverg, a daemon. Kiefer eventually used the remaining power of Roto’s equipment, now turned into 4 orbs, to free the mystical lady, before being sent back to his world and era. (Dragon Quest Monsters 3: Caravan Heart)


    16.   Kiefer and Auster decided to explore Estard Island, to uncover its secrets. In time, they would discover the truth about the missing part of the world, and would, with some other companions, return the world to its original self. Kiefer left the party at some point and went on living with the Peregrims. In the present, his descendant, Aishe, joined the party to defeat Orgodemir once and for all, putting Numen, the current god of the upper world (Erdrea), back in place. Aishe being the latest descendant by deduction, of Dialto. (Dragon Quest VII)

  4. Spoiler

    A common theory is that the timeline the hero leaves becomes the Zenith Timeline. In this one there's no Erdwin/Eleven descendant (aka no DQIII hero). Plus, remember the sword the hero broke when he smashed the time orb to time travel? The end of the sword (which is left behind), looks a lot like the end of the Ramia's Sword from VI, which is an anterior version of the Zenith Sword from IV and V. Some would even say that Eric is an ancestor of Reck/Botsu, the hero of VI, due to the hair ressemblence. 


    The timeline in which Eleven saves Veronica would then becomes the Roto Timeline, with DQIII becoming a distant futur, followed by the manga Emblem of Roto, then Those who Inherit the Emblem, then DQI/Kenshin, and then DQII and/or DQ Builders (and much much later DQVII. Or that's what the manga version of VII says anyway :P)


    Which only leaves the new timeline made by Serenica when she time travel, whose history is unknown, but open for even more theories! 


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  5. I for one, believe that VI, IV and V are the same world. I mean, besides Zenith Castle,  and Zenith Dragon, in VI you can put people from the futur (cast of IV) or from the distant futur (cast of V) in a town. 

    That aside, it was clearly said, if I recall correctly, that the bride you choose in V is a descendant of Solo/Sofia from IV. And in the PSx version of IV you can see an ancestor of Rodrigo Briscoleti in the immigrant town. 

    The games are just separated buy a thousand years each. 

    Tho I agree that the Roto timeline is much more easy to follow. 

  6. 10 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    Someone call the French and have them convince Yuji Horii to have this idea happen.

    Pas de soucis, on s'en occupe ! o7

    Playing an offline version of DQX is what I've been wanting since the game initial release. It'd be easy : just add the possibility to recruit hand-made characters (like in DQIII and IX), and go through the game's bosses like a champ.

    Tho I'm rather curious as of how they'd change the early game concepts for an offline adventure, especially the "pick a tribe" thingy. Sure it'd offer a nice way to play the game several times, but it'll probably be boring as #$*! soon enough. I'm also rather curious about how they would implement the already offline content in a offline game. 🤔

    Other than that I'm in. I can already see DQX's gameplay being similar to FFXII (da best one), with a system akin to the Gambit system. Personalizable IA for the allies, and the possibility to select their individuals action whenever you want. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Cesar Hernandez-Meraz said:

    I would prefer no characters from anywhere outside of DQ, but then again, my wish for DQH III is simply this:

    The Adventure of Dai adapted in its entirety into a Heroes game. DQH II already showed how perfectly it would fit.

    I totally agree. The Adventure of Daï as a game would easily be a wonder. 

    Then again, in DQH3 I'd love to see characters from Emblem of Roto too. Heck, I'd even be sold with characters like the Incarnus or the Lionkid from Joker 2! 

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  8. 5 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t appear in more DQ media.

    Well, if I do recall well, her attire was obtainable in DQIX. I'm pretty sure she's "playble" in at least one Battle Road. But yes, her design would have make her perfect for the Japanese public, to appear in any other opus of the franchise. 


    I do wonder, is French language that popular in English talking countries? 🤔

  9. 5 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

    HI there. I've desperately been trying to find some way to "safely" hack my console too, and your link does look promising. However, there's mentions of "stock 2DS". I assume that's the first 2DS, the one you can't fold onto itself (Google search didn't help sadly). Is this compatible with New 2DSXL? :c

    I'd really like to success in installing something to allow me playing English patched Japanese games and GBA games too. 

  10. I concur with the previous post and will add that the canon name of DQIII's protagonist is Arel. This is shown in the manga Emblem of Roto, and in both the Novel and CD audio if I'm not mistaken (Emblem of Roto even show which party he had when he defeated Zoma: male warrior named Furcas, female monk named Fong, and male sage named Kadal). 

    I could try to find it again, but I'll just leave it here: the canon names for DQBuilders I found on the Japanese DQ Wikia are Build for the male protagonist and Kurie for the female one.

  11. My turn to brag a little. I don't have that many games (I don't have any of those on PS4. I should get one one of these days, to play Heroes 1 and 2, Builders 1 and 2, quand XI). 

    So, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII (I'll ditch this one for the 3DS version soon enough, as I don't have a PS2 anymore). I gave my IX to a friend, and should get it back soon enough too. Joker was a recent addition (I had it a while back, but sold it as I was more into the Final Fantasy franchise back then). I should get Joker 2 one of these days too! 

    Tho' my pride is my Emblem of Roto collection haha. I simply loved it, and I'll keep the 21 volumes for a long time. The sequel has only been published in France in August, and I'll follow it closely for sure. As for Daï's Big Adventure... Well, I'll get the 36 volumes I don't have in due time haha! 

    (I put two doodles I made a while back cause I used to like them. Tho retrospectively I should re-do them one day. When I'll know how to draw properly) 


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  12. Honhonhon, le site of les French! 

    And yes, of course some people know his name! https://wikiwiki.jp/dqdic3rd/【僧侶】#q065e1e8

    I should suggest you to auto-translate into english and look for the CD Theatre part. You'll find this


    In this work a male priest appears as a member of the brave. 
    The name is Ride, 32 years old. Takeshi Aono is a voice actor. Except for 【Garai】written as unknown age , the oldest member of the group. From [Kandata] he is referred to as an old man. In this work Edoguchi temperament tone of voice tone is characteristic. Hardcore lascivious father rather than incite I drink it and I to drink in cold blood in the woman witch Maris is a minor, the Mohare of the novel version do not think about the clergy go to the counter person. It is said that narration does not seem very saint.[...]


    There you go!

  13. As I suspected I totally forgot to introduce myself when I joined the forum, shame on me! 

    So I everyone, I'm a fan from France, member of the DragonQuest-Fan community. I love digging into the DQ lore and am actively trying to come up with the most perfect timeline theory honhonhon. So far I've played (and finished) DQ, DQIV and DQV, and I have almost finished DQII, V and VI. I've started DQVII and Joker 1 this summer, and I'm halfway through Caravan Heart. I've also read the entirety of Emblem of Roto. (Will play DQVIII on 3DS when I'm done with VII, and play Joker 2 when I'm done with Joker 1. Also, should anyone knows how to play pacthed version of Monsters 1 and 2 and Joker 3 Professional on 3DS... I'm all ears haha). I've also written some stuff about the DQ universe, in french tho'.

    Aside from the Dragon Quest universe, I'm a big Final Fantasy and Kindom Hearts fan, a Warhammer 40.000 player (Ultrasmurf since 2004) aaaaand I like comicbooks (pro Marvel). 

    So, glad I finally presented myself here, better late than never I guess, and see y'all later!

  14. Hi there everyone! I've been looking for quite some time now, without any luck, to find some scan of the manga adaptation of the CD audio about Rubiss' adventures. 

    I've found a site where I can read the first 80 pages of the first volume, but I couldn't -for the life of me- find any place (or link) where to read (or get) the rest. (found the 80 first pages here https://bookwalker.jp/de23d21576-3c5e-478a-9e67-ac00475b06fb/ )

    So I was wondering if any of you guys had a link or anything to read it online, or to download them by any chance. ^^

  15. I know I'd love to play Ortega and Pankraz in DQH3. Aquila and Pavo too. But I don't know how I'd feel about the idea of playing a main character. Methink the God Bird can only choose characters whose demise wouldn't impact much the timeline or something. 

    In a similar fashion, I'd love to play Claymore (the father of Sword's hero). And Pop, Avan, Abel, Daisy ands other characters from various spin-off, manga and anime. :D


    On the other hand, I'd still love to play a Dissidia Dragon Quest. Like, 012 with DQ skins on the characters would be just fine. Alef over Warrior of Light, Allen over Firion etc. But with just the main characters. Or a MOBA made in Square Enix, with various characters from all of their franchise. DQ, FF, KH, the Mana serie, Parasite Eve, Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile... Soooo many possibilities. *-*

  16. Hey there, it's been a while! I've been digging the DQ Japanese Wikia for some time, looking for any dates in the Zenithia timeline, but couldn't find any. Also, I can't shake the idea out of my head that Estark awakes every thousand years. Was it said in the games, or am I unconsciously making this up? (It's been too long since I've played either DQIV or V)

    On the other hand, I've found lots of dates from the Roto timeline (from various sources, but mainly from the aforementioned Wikia and some novelization of DQI and II). I've come up with a timeline that includes DQI, II, III, VII, Emblem of Roto (and its sequel), Monsters 2 and 3, Builders 2 aaaaaand I think that's all. Would love to be able to do the same with the Sky Castle series tho'.

    I recently started to look (since I can't read Japanese) at the manga adaptation of Spirit Rubiss Legend (which has been confirmed canon by Horii if I'm not mistaken), and from what I could gather... The very first Roto was Dialto, Rubiss' lover. And the title Roto would say "he who is loved by God" (as in, by Rubiss). It's also implied that the following Rotos would be descendants of aforementioned (gosh I love this word!) Dialto. I find it rather sad for Rubiss to name heroes in honor of her deceased lover. 

    Also, headcanon is that DQX NOT happening after DQIV anymore (as I couldn't find the interview I mentioned last time), but is rather a distant future -and possibly on another world- of DQIX. Recent quests dealing with Astolia's mythology (Astolia being the name of the continent/world of X), refers a sentinel fighting alongside a grey dragon (kinda like IX's main character and Greyrnarl), and atop of that, the Human's God in X is called Gran Zenith. Why is this important you ask? Well, because Gran Zenith is the Japanese name of Zenus, from IX.

    A neat theory I read the other day was that IX and X are all about the old and new testament: in IX we have the genesis with Zenus making humans and Angels, someone ate a forbidden fruit and Zenus wished to destroy his creation. There's also the fallen angel thing, which turns out to become some kind of Lucifer thing. In X's past, there is mention of a tower big enough to touch the sky, that angered the Gods, who then made every tribe (Humans, Dwarves, Ogres, Weddies, Pukuripos, Elves and Dragovians fight each other. Oe could also see the Orion (IX's train) as some kind of Ark, that could have lead IX's hero.ine and others to X's world. That could explain the presence of a golden train that can go in every big city too. 

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  17. On another note, does anyone know how the Puff! spell works? For a long time I thought that only people with Dragovian blood could cast it, if they knew it, or if they had a percentage high enough. 

    Maya from IV, for exemple, or even Avant from Daï's Big Adventure, being able to cast the spell and to turn into dragons, and the fact that Maya's dragon formed looks veeeery similar to Lordragon's dragon form (and by extension to the Lord of the Dragovians') was to me, a way to say that they did had some Dragovian blood, or DNA. 

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