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  1. I'd rather have VI remade. The whole game looked more embitious to me. Having two full worlds to explore, the story was so good, and the characters were great too imo. The DS version was great and all, but having it as gorgeous as DQXI (or at least DQVIII) would be THE dream.
  2. Dang that's amazing Say, do you know if SE have a translation department, or if those things are handled by a sub party? I've been trying to get words from that at Square Enix France, but couldn't get any answer as of yet. I'd be my guess that the translation is handled the same way by SE, be it the US branch, or the European/French one
  3. I suspect you're talking about the game where you play the guy with the red coat and white hair, yes? As silly as censoring is, I couldn't care less about what Sony did for the game. Unless you absolutely wanted to see a couple of butts, that's not going to change the game's content. And yes, I don't support Sony, or Nintendo. I want to support Square Enix I guess.
  4. I don't think there have ever been clear answers for those questions in the games given the timelapse between DQXI and DQIII (plus the decades separating the two games distribution). However, if you accept other source material like the novelizations, the mangas, and other media (all supervised by Yuji Hori) then there might be some answers for you. One key element, I believe, is the Mu continent (https://wikiwiki.jp/dqdic3rd/【ムー】), a continent that existed on Edrea millennia before the events of DQIII. Long story short, the continent was sunken in the ocean's depth (much like the fabled
  5. What nonsense is that? Supporting the game? I'd be more than happy to play DQXI on PS4, and to buy a paid DLC to have the extra content the Switch version will have, or even better, to buy a game+DLC on the same disk. Just like I would have bought any DQ on 3DS, just like I bought VII and VIII. Heck, I even bought DQI to III on mobile and the entirety of the Emblem of Roto (and its sequel now being published) when they came out. I fully support more DQ being published outside Japan. That's precisely because I do that I'd be really pissed not to have an equivalent of DQXIS on the pl
  6. Well, good thing I haven't bought the game yet. After the FFXV (and Dissidia NT and now KHIII) thing, not buying a SE game when it comes out has become mandatory for me. I'll wait for the PS4 version to have a paid DLC, or, like FFXV, I'll buy a "all DLC content included" or something. All I hope for is for the next DQ games we got to have the same amount of content whatever console I play it on.
  7. Welp, now all I can hope for is a Definitive edition on PS4. I don't intend on buying a Switch, but I want to have these features too. I mean, not having these bonuses (the 3DS content I mean) wouldn't be fair now, would it?
  8. Plus, I'm sure it must be possible to integrate Celestrians, hybrids (just like DnD has semi-elves etc) and maybe Zenithians too? My only experience with DnD is from DnD Beyond, and it showed a lot of races, amongst which were some kind of ancient and angelic race or something. The Celestrians would then be the most "angelic" ones, whereas the Zenithians would just be people with wings, kinda like those encountered in VII, before they loose their wings. Could something like making "pacts" with spirits be done? Spirits, in essence, similar to those from VII, who would grant boost fo
  9. For the sake of Amiibo conversion, I hope they'll actually go with the newest model of Erdrick. The adult one.
  10. That's neat! Crossing my fingers so that we'll get them in France too, but should we not, having an official English release is still awesome! :D More and more DQ merchandise is always good hehehe
  11. I don't know what I'd like to see in the Switch version, but I want it all to be available as a DLC for the PS4 version.
  12. Don't own a Switch and don't plan on buying one anytime soon. But should they release Amiibos of DQ characters... I'd buy them all in a heartbeat!
  13. The Manga adaptation of DQVII claims that it is set in a far future of DQII. Kiefer being the descendant of DQII's Prince of Midenhall. The game also hints that since you can find a sword reaaally similar to Erdrick's sword (having the same stats too) in Melyor's Castle. If I recall correctly -which may not be the case-, in DQVIII the God Bird, Empyrea, says that she is known as Ramia in another world. Ramia being the God Bird that hatches in DQIII. Then again, the God Bird design changes from games to its remakes, making it rather difficult to know for sure what's canon. Like, the GBC r
  14. Wow, this figurine is beautiful! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on it!
  15. I would love some kind of Dissidia Dragon Quest, with a gameplay more similar to the PSP version of the Dissidia franchise. Oooor, I would really love another kind of DQ experience. Something that would looks and feels like Diablo I and II but with the DQ universe. You'd play as a standard rookie, whose task is to somehow restore the light to the world, by summoning "echoes" of previous or future heroes (who would be the main character from all the Dragon Quest games), but only the protagonist. From DQIV for exemple, you could only summon the green haired hero. You'd have a hub, wh
  16. If you've liked DQIII, I can only recommend y'all Emblem of Roto (Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monsho). The 21 volumes have been published here in France, and we've started to get its sequel, Heirs of the Emblem (Dragon Quest Retsuden - Roto no Monsho - Monsho wo Tsugu Monotacho e), the third volume will come out this week. Seriously, it is really great!
  17. I'll try buying them with euros and see what happens if I can't find any scans
  18. The novel came first, and a couple of years after it was adapted in a 7 volumes manga. It's the latest that's hard to find sadly. X) The first 70 pages of the first manga are available in most Japanese online shops, but to find the rest... Well, that's something else. x)
  19. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! How did you..? That's crazy awesome haha! Merci ! If you were to translate it, that would be trully amazing, like, beyond my wildest dreams Do you think you could send the raw in the meantime? Sure I may not understand the whole story (since I don't know jack about Kanji, hiragana and the rest), but the pictures may give me some hints about what's happening. I've been trying to find them for months. Like, literally months. To see you find them in a couple of days... That's something to be reckoned!
  20. Those specific years are not invented tho but actually said, be it in mangas or in novelizations. The year 1348 is the actual year given in the official novelization of Dragon Quest 1. The rest (1546) is pure math and estimations used by the numbers given in the very same novelization. In the DQII novel, we even learn that Alef, DQ1 hero, died at the age 52 or something. It's quite a shame we never got any of those officially translated.
  21. Ah, right. I knew something was off about my sentence haha. Well then, I'd still be up for a DQ with musics made by Sakimoto!
  22. Wait a sec... A DQ game with musics made by the one who composed the soundtrack of FFXII, Tactics, Ogre Battle and so on? SIGN ME UP BY THE GODS! His soundtracks are some of the most beautiful I've ever heard, alongside the likes of NieR and Automata's ost.
  23. You wouldn' happn to have the Seirei Rubiss Densetsu manga would you? I've been looking everywhere on the web, on both English and Japanese websites, with no results. :c
  24. Yeah, we may have yet some hope of seeing other Mangas translated in the futur though. Spanish editors have announced that they would translate DQVI Manga along with DQM+ and the Item (or Monster) story book, which is great!
  25. Yup, that's what I think it looks like! From there, putting the monsters and Torneko's game is pretty easy too. And as I mentioned, I do believe that DQVII is a distant future of DQII. Should you have the occasion, I totally recommend reading the manga adaptation of DQVII, in which we see the Prince of Midenhall taking to the sky in a balloon to visit the upper-world (DQIII/XI world), before witnessing its "destruction", which follows by volcanic eruptions, floods, and other things, before starting to resemble DQVII world map. Here's a sample from Volume 11 (should this not be authorized
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