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  1. That's my point. DQV is probably the DQ that had the most potential, and which has the most compelling story arc, but imo it's kinda ruined with a bunch of blank companions. Had the game had characters like the wondrous cast of IV, of even less interesting ones like VI, it probably would have been a favourite of mine. I like the story arc, but the only character I like in the game is the silent protagonist. Hard for me to really enjoy the game in this condition.
  2. The twist saddens me greatly, but the movie still looks drop-dead gorgeous. I'll watch it anyway whenever I get the chance to do so. V was never my favourite anyway, tho I see this game's narative potential as a movie.
  3. Hope you'll have fun doing so If I remember correctly, someone here had started translating the novelization of DQ1 some time ago. I should assume that he is still doing so, and if the quality of his work hasn't declined, then I ought to tell you to read it, cause it's jolly good!
  4. I'd say it depends what you consider Canon or not. The novel adaptation of DQI, II and III, as well as the manga Emblem of Roto (and its sequel), both supervised by Yuji Horii give a pretty solid background to the Dragonlord however, which would probably contradict your take on the story. But hey, Nintendo recently said that Canon is free of interpretation in their most recent Zelda encyclopedia, so your take is probably as Canon as it can be if you only consider the games I guess. As for the background of Erdrick/Roto, I can only recommend "Spirit Rubiss Legend", a novel (turne
  5. I believe you have to charge this file, make a proper save to the king and then you won't have to charge the auto-save file, but chose the file you want/making a new one.
  6. Good question. I never played the SNES version of V, I didn't even know he died earlier than in the DS version.
  7. I hope Luca marries Bianca too. Out of the two choices he has in the original (on which the movie is based apparently) Nera was just too bland and uninteresting imo. I kinda hoped that the movie would be cut in two, the first ending with Luca being turned into stone, and the second starting with his two kids traveling around the world with Sancho (kinda like in the DQV manga) with a final against Mildrath. But if the Zenithian Hero is already here... Welp. I really like the AD that the movie took. Luca looks just so sweet in the movie!
  8. He is modernized. His Smash design is based on his appearance in Dragon Quest Battle Road Victory. Notice the metal band on his arms, under his shoulders, and the three wicks of hair under his headband. Those aren't present on neither the NES design, nor the SNES one.
  9. I'd rather see 2B. NieR Automata won lots of title and the android's popularity is incredibly high. Especially on some websites... But still. 2B would be a better choice than Tifa imo. What's that? "I'm just rooting for 2B cause I'd give an arm to have an Amiibo of her"? well, that is true.
  10. Oh boy oh boy, that was grandiose! I'm going to buy so many Amiibos of them! If Cloud had his Advent Children alt as an Amiibo, then surely the DQ Heroes will have their own Amiibos too! One Luminary, one Solo, two Eight et at least three Erdrick for me hehe. Customizing Eight to make him into Terry is actually a really good idea, and Erdrick with some repaint and sculpting will make both an excellent Erdwin and a good Kenshin DQ1 hero! (I should also try turning OoT Kid Link into Bildrick hehe) D'you think we might have some DQ Trophy Assist too?
  11. It was hard not to vote for the team that had Minwu, but I did it. My vote is yours!
  12. I'd like to customize a Young Link from OoT into the legendary Builder too. There can't be that much thing to change.
  13. That's all I want. Gimme 4 of them, so that I can custom them and make Erdwin and and DQ1 Kenshin version
  14. No, I meant, in your first message you didn't mention this expansion being released on PS4. DQX is playable on Sony's console, and it would surprise me greatly for this expansion not to be commercialized on Playstation too. Surely SE wouldn't be dumb enough to make a DQ console exclusive. They would alienate their own Japanese fans. I ceased to hope playing this game a long time ago. I wouldn't count on a western release, not yet. SE would probably lose more money than they would win.
  15. And again, you don't have to. There's no beef between us. That's exactly what I mean, yep. It doesn't change what Horii said when he made the game. Nods and references are presents in every game, and it's my belief that the manga author seeing some of them decided after the initial work release, that it could/would nice to see them connected. The game still functions on its own really, as there are no really connection to any of the first three DQ. It's really the extended universe that connects them. The novel version and manga version of DQVII expand the initial game a
  16. You absolutely don't have to apologize. Heck, I can understand your point quite easily. The Joker thing... Yeah the more I think about it, the more far-fetched it feels to me too. Dumb move from me, I'll give you that. I've realized that trying to see connections between games when it's just cameo or easter eggs is not that smart. Like, I know there's a sword in FFXII that resembles Erdrick's sword but linking this game to the DQ lore... Yeah, I'll pass. Just like I doubt the classic characters appearing in IX are the actual characters, but more likely ways to obtains their garbs and clot
  17. This started out like a creepy pasta, but it'll be great if it opens doors for speed runners indeed!
  18. (not the topics subject, but if they were to remake DQ1, given the fact that it has only one character, I wouldn't mind it being an action RPG. Having a 1:1 world and castle and town, kinda like in DQXI, roaming through the map (which would of course be smaller than XI) and all. It would feel maybe more... Convincing. Also, I wouldn't mind the game having less color/sunlight. I mean, Lordragon has stolen the Sphere of Light, which is basically Alefgard's sun. It'd give the game a more defined purpose, to bring the light back. And it'd be much "spookier" at night. Cause an actual day/nigh
  19. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This mix of fantasy-looking characters, with magic and swords, and technological spaceships was great. Heck, they could take the characters, story and worlds of this game and make it DQXII, that I wouldn't mind at all!
  20. What I want is lots of books and PNJ talking about the game's lore. I want to know more about XI's past. As for the gameplay, I'd be fine with any mechanics, from Monsters 1 to Joker 2. I think the size element was a nice logical addition. The 4 sized monsters of Monsters 2 3D were also impressive, so that would be cool to have them, if there are any in XI to begin with. What I'm mostly curious about, is how the game will begin. Like, are Erik and Mia going to travel in Erdrea, or are they going to travel to another world/realm, like all the other Monsters game?
  21. I used to play it and Monster Parade, but not understanding the story was too much of a pain for me. It's a shame cause the going from one planet to the moon, and having intergalactic ennemies was really cool and unique in the DQ universe. I still hope that, one day, we'll get it somewhere else in English. The gatcha system can work in fully payed games, like the new Super DB Heroes. So finger crossed! (monster parade would work just fine on Switch imo!)
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