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  1. The thing with the yellow tentacle alien? Why would I be? And nah, I just like having a character that's just not always praising the chosen hero for a change. The ragazza has GUSTO so to speak. She's fiery and fierce, but also kind when needed. In other words she's not uni-dimensional like the other characters -save for Kiefer who's also awesome and that I totally forgot to mention as one of my favorite characters-.
  2. Which makes her far less lovable than Maribel. Maribel does not lower herself to say "sorry", for she is undoubtedly greater than the other characters. Plus, party chat in VII makes it obvious that she actually cares a lot about Auster and the rest of the team. She's just bad at expressing her feeling is all! :3
  3. Favorite characters: Kiefer from Dragon Quest VII. The one who found the one true biggest adventure of them all: love. Yearning for freedom to escape a duty he didn't want, and whose willingness to still help his best friend was passed through time to his descendant (who might even be her reincarnation). What an awesome character. Maribel from Dragon Quest VII. She's just adorable at trying to be mean, while she is obviously enjoying running from past to present with the rest of the crew. Psaro the Manslayer, from Dragon Quest IV. The OG Seohiroth except he is consistent and h
  4. I'm not forgetting anything since I never played the game. But heck, this quest sounds so surreal that it has to be true. Lo, I hope one day we will be allowed to grasp this fabled game and enjoy it in Frenc- err I mean in English. Well, in lots of language would be the best.
  5. Right back at you. I would love that in the main serie as well, after we've seen some of this in spin-off games (mainly the Joker series). As for the futuristic setting, I'd say DQX would have do it for you, since you get to travel both in the past, and on to the future (in space to be precise). Methink the upcoming Dragon Quest of the Stars might also please you on some aspects. So you want to play Personna or Fire Emblem I guess? Different planets is a yes for me (although one could argue that different worlds are kinda like different planets). Space travel or just different w
  6. One the other hand, they could make a game akin to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, where you get every character either in the story mode or via time limited events (before they are offered at any time). The only gacha part of this game is to get weapons. Weapons that you can also buy with in-game currency (weapon tokens). Oh and did I mention that there is no energy or stamina in the story and the time limited events? :'D Tho truth be told, I think that having EVERY character is a bit dull. I' D rather have a selected few and an interesting story.
  7. Funny you should ask. The movie is listed on Google Play (at least in France). It's registered as "not yes available", which kinda make me think we'll eventually get it. That and the fact that it's on the Google Play Store.
  8. Oh yeah yeah yeah, that's probably the case. As I said, it's just a theory that I find interesting, and since Nintendo said canon is relative players anyway, what Horii said doesn't actually matter anymore :'D
  9. Well not necessarily. If you can time-travel then the past can become the futur and vice-versa. It's a stretch for sure, but from Ramia's point of view, DQIII might have just happened before she went to DQVIII's time period Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey !
  10. You know what? I think you might be on to something About Empyréa/Ramia tho, in Heroes since she brings back everybody home, and considering that DQV is set in the futur of DQIV, she must also be able to time travel. The bird is a literall TARDIS. So she could have go from DQIII to DQVIII just to lay an egg or something.
  11. https://www.moso-briorious.com/entry/2018/04/11/前回の大陸移動説より、更にドラクエ8の地形も A rather interesting theory that I never thought about. Basically the guy's theory is that DQVIII takes place between DQXI and DQIII, based on geographical world evolution. Since DQIII's world is meant to be Earth, he looked at worldmaps from primodial continents from different time periods like Permian era, Cretaceous era etc. And if III world looks like modern-time earth, turns out VIII's world kinda look like the Cretaeous world a little bit. As for XI world, it would be insired by the Pangea era, while noting that
  12. So as far as I'm concerned, in order comes: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8 ) 9) 10) Again that's my personnal canon for the franchise, nothing else
  13. Not Torland no, but the world from which Erdrick came from, the upperworld, the one that looks just like Earth. At least that's what the manga of DQVII wants to tell. And I for one really like this idea. In the manga Kiefer is the latest descendant of Erdrick, and this might be why Magarugi/Gisvarg Caravan Heart's last boss, wanted him to come in Torland in the first place, because as the descendant of the Legendary Hero he would only succeed in bringing her/him the orbs of Erdrick. This is also emphasised in the post game of Caravan Heart. When Kiefer is about to fight a resurrect
  14. About Zenithia in VI, I always thought that it existed in the real world too, but was utterly destroyed at some point, kinda like the place Ashlyn comes from. Zenithia would then, by coming back to the real world, regain its place in the world of the living or something. I mainly think so because I believe the Japanese name is "Phantom World" instead of dream world, which would make more sense to me, given the fact that you see lots of people who are dead in the real world in the other one. Like Ashlyn's village, or the boy who gives the party the flying carpet. Or maybe it's some
  15. I'd love a Space-centered DQ. There has been a few games that talk about space travel (mainly HoshiDora and Joker 3), and one of these games still kept its medieval tone. Having the possibility to explore multiple worlds (maybe smaller than the previous to gain some space), moons and other things while battling monsters, demons and other aliens (since some monsters are already said to come or to live in the stars) with a sword and shield and magic... That'd be dope.
  16. No physical release in Japan either? O.o Then what's this Play Asia physical release, with English texts? It can't be made by someone else than SE or Nintendo, can it? https://www.play-asia.com/blog/2019/09/10/dragon-quest-123-collection-heads-to-nintendo-switch-with-english-language-support/
  17. The only thing that ever made me feel sad in a DQ game is when Ashe or whatever is her English name visits Gran Estard's castle for the first time, and her party chat all around the place. Her feeling the memories of her ancestor, Kieffer's sister recognizing her brother in her and the king feeling his son's presence in her too. And the whole King/Kieffer relationship too. From a king who lost the love of his life and dedicated to his family, while his son only wanted to go out in the (small) world and explore. And in the end, when the king was finally going to tell his son he was f
  18. Well, good thing the game received an English patch then You can always hack your 2/3ds too, to play it.
  19. Maribel One can't have possibly enough of her witty sarcasm. I've yet to play Heroes II, but I sure hope there will be a third one.
  20. I felt the same while playing it. However, as time-consuming as it was to jump from one world to the other, I rather enjoyed it. In a way, it made sense (to me), that even the in-game characters would sometimes lose themselves into these convoluted adventures. Since they don't know if what they've experienced in the real word was real or a dream, it also feels natural (again, to me), to not know if you're in the right world or not.
  21. I don't know, VII may have had just one world, every island of this world has two faces. Present and past. That's kinda like two worlds in the end. As for the following games, I don't feel like a second world was necessary. VIII was already massive, with a world bigger than in any previous games, IX being on DS and having an already incredibly huge world it would have been difficult, I imagine, to make a second world in it. X is another story imo. The world is bigger than VIII and XI's, and each new expansion add another part of the world, sub-worlds (Dragoviens' realm, and what wi
  22. Arg, I hope not. Cause if they do, I'd probably end up buying a Switch. The only announcement I'm waiting for concerning DQ now is DQXI S on PS4/5
  23. Aye. Well, there's a the very least one French person (me) who does so. I like seeing all around me when I play. And 3rd person view is the best way to do so.
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