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  1. 14 hours ago, DragonQuest2IsGood said:

    I heard the translators added really bad accents and party chat was removed.

    Party chat is present on the Mobile port as well as the Japanese DS version. 

    As for the "bad accents"... I dinnae know what ye're talking aboot. They did add accents to the game, t'make it feel like a more diverse world, I guess? But these accents being bad or good is purely subjective. I personally think they're great and contribute to the game being absolutely brilliant. 

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  2. I'd love a game taking place in another's game past tbh. Not necessarily one about Erdwin (tho a game following Erdwin and Serenica's descendants could be nice), but a game exploring maybe Ramias, Shebath, Valora and Orgo (any of them really) would be nice imo. 

    I don't really have preferences in term of settings. It could be high fantasy, little bit of steampunk, full fledged medieval... Or maybe something more exotic, like taking inspiration from Abel Yushaa in term of artistic direction. Having a native American vibe in a way, or something like that. Like maybe more Celtic, Inuit, African maybe too! Just something more diverse looking. 

    What I do hope we'll get is what XI brought, different skins for our characters. Like, 5 to 6 differents outfits or something. 

    What I hope won't be in DQXII, is legacy bosses. Past DQ boss should stay past DQ bosses, unless they are integrated into the story. 

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  3. I had no idea they came to France last year, at Japan Expo Paris. Then again I don't usually go to these conversations, not even at  Japan Expo Marseilles (even tho it's much closer for me). 

    I was curious about the ballet, and I must say I got hooked pretty quick! Too bad I'd have to go to Tokyo to see the full story. It indeed has the making of a nice story. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would definitely watch the full spectacle. 

  4. The manga of DQVII and Emblem of Roto - Heirs of the Crest (I don't know if this one has an official english name, I'm merel translating the french version of the title) hints at VII being set after II, in the upper world of III, and I believe it also hints at VIII being set before III. 

    Emblem of Roto, EoR - Heirs of the Crest and the DQVII manga were all made by the same team if I'm not mistaken. The three mangas are a trilogy anyway, having the same artist but also shared characters. All three of them were also supervised by Horii, but I don't know if that means he had anything to do with the development of these manga. 

    That, plus the fact that you have similar themes both in XI, VIII and III (the orbs mainly, which are also heavily important in the novels/manga Seirei Rubiss Densetsu (made officialy canon by Enix in the early 90s) but also the fact that the Lord of the Dragovian's ultimate form is basically the same form as Dragonlord), do make me believe that VIII is set before III anyway, but I guess it is up for a debate. 

    I can't say if the hint at the link with DQVIII will be kept in the French version but here's what I gathered from one of the upcoming chapter of Heirs of the Crest:

    Spoil for Chapter 302 "Encounter with Destiny"


    In chapter 302 "Encounter with destiny", in order to bring a character back to life (I avoid names so as not to spoil too much, but I'm quite willing to give them out if asked), a couple will venture to heaven and discover what makes Elric's blood so special, the composition of the Hero's blood in short. 
    It is possible that the description will change or be modified during the translation of this chapter into French. This is the link to the article that talks about the chapter in question. 
    The blood of the Hero, therefore, would be a mixture of heavenly blood (天空人の血 " Tenkū hito no chi ") and the blood of the dragon god (竜神族の血 " ryūjin-zoku no chi "). 

    Small etymological point necessary I think. 竜神族 is composed of three different characters: 
    竜 = Ryu = Dragon
    神 = shin (or kami depending on the time) = God
    族 = zoku = tribe  

    It is interesting to note that "ryujin-zoku" is only used precisely in Dragon Quest VIII, the humanoid creatures of Dragon Quest X being called "竜族", meaning tribe of the dragon, not tribe of the dragon god roughly.
    The Heirs of the Emblem announces that the blood of Elric, the hero of Dragon Quest III has traces of Dragovian blood among other things. For this to be the case, Dragon Quest VIII must have happened before Dragon Quest III, which could be the beginning of a chronological placement trail, between XI and III.


  5. I'm a bit late to the party. Sadly most of the mega links are down. Where they the links to see the episode where the main characters get killed? Cause that's definitely something I'm curious to see. 

    I mean, what a ballsy move to end your serie with heroes diying. 

    EDIT: I am even slower than I thought haha, didn't see the first reply with where to look on the torrent file. Hopefully I'll get to watch the ending I want to see. :D

  6. Well, turns out I managed to get it to work! 

    I chose the first option, when you click to import monsters from either M2 or J3, which is basically a way to import data from the game. Once the data are updated, then the latest monsters you've caught are selectable to import. 

    Also, should you have done the fondude quest, that gives you a rainbow fondude, I remarked that every time I fuse a monster with it, I get two monsters: the one I chose to get, and a copy of the rainbow fondude with the same +number than the fused monster. 

    Like, when fusing my Break Estark SS+25 with the Rainbow Fondude A+25, I got a Break Estark SS+50 (the one I wanted) AND a Rainbow Fondude A+50. Which will be more than useful to strengthen my Shadroth and any other monsters. :D

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  7. As I am finaly getting close to the very last boss of Joker 3 Pro, I saw a difficulty pick increase, and not wanting to be stuck at one boss battle for months, I decided using Joker 3 as a way to farm rare monsters and then transfer them to J3P might be a good idea. 

    To some extant it actually was. You can apparently transfer the same monster over and over again (I have now two Malrothes in J3P). But as I kept getting pretty good monsters in reular Joker 3 (namely Zoma and Estark Break), I realized that I couldn't transfer them over to J3P, and I was curious to know if any of you had any idea on how/why. I don't think it is a size issue, as some 1 spot monsters won't be available either, and I'm pretty sure it's not that these monsters aren't in J3P, since Zoma definitely is in it.

    Maybe it's a time thing, like I have to wait some time before bein able to transfer a monster over to J3P? I don't know your guess is a good as mine. So if you have any idea about this issue... Well, I'd love to hear it! 

  8. Depends, do you want "regular" fanart, or nsfw fanart? The latter is much easier to find. *cough*rule*cough cough*youknowthenumber*cough cough*

    Personnally I usually go on Deviantart or the likes. Pixiv is also a good alternative. What I suggest to get maybe more results, is to look for the japanese name directly. It usually gives more results.

  9. Hi there! I have one question regarding DQMJ2 Pro.

    I have just beaten Joker 2, and have played a huge portion of Joker 3 Pro too. I was wondering if it was possible to "skip" the regular J2 story, just like it is possible to "skip" regular J3 story in J3P. 

    As much as I loved J2, I don't really feel like doing it again anytime soon. I just want to get to early post-game, after we go back to the main island. :v

    Thanks in advance if you have the answer! 

  10. 11 hours ago, Bururian said:

    there's nothing wrong with the movie as it is, either.

    I couldn't agree more. This isn't a DQV movie, this a movie about someone playing DQV VR, an adaption of the original game (and therefore not THE Dragon Quest V that we all know), and the story of how the hero loves his video game experience, the characters in it and the story, to contrast with the antagonist, not Ladja, but the guy who cannot begin to understand why Luca enjoys his video games. A vilain who obviously has never heard of catharsis. 

    I just love the fact that this movie isn't just a DQV movie, but I can see why people can be... Frustrated by it, as the movie was advertised as being that. Then again, it would have been a shame to spoil the ending in the trailers. 

    Again, I loved the ending, and the love letter it is to any fan of the saga, but to any fiction-lover as a whole. ♥️

  11. As a Final Fantasy Tactics lover, I was intrigued by the prospect of a DQ tactical-RPG. So I played DQ Wars. 

    I'm not going to lie, even for a 3+ € game, I was disappointed. When I heard about the new DQ "Tact", I thought it was finally the possibility of a full game with a compelling story, vocations for human characters with no personality (which is the only kinda games where this doesn't bother me) and a few important ones for the sake of the scenario. 

    And so here I am again, confronted to what looks like a Mobile (so prettier) DQ Wars. I'm not interested in the slightest, but I'm glad some are I guess. 

  12. 5 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    Oh, guess I need to avoid this game then.

    But only because of the visual and customisation! There are actual interesting characters that really have a story, unlike IX :D


    6 hours ago, AustNerevar said:

    In DQX you go to the moon.

    Oh yeah, that's right. It was on the 4. something, when you go to the future because of the mech that's causing havoc, right? Just before going to see Anlucia's ancestors.

  13. I for one kinda liked this one. It has a DQIX vibe, a nice customizable party, a large world and for once allow the player to go to outer space. 

    The list of event in the JP version is also rather nice. Basically every DQ games were events at some point, and almost every manga too. Emblem of Roto, Daï's Great Adventure, etc etc.

    Really, I liked playing this one, cause it felt to me like an upgraded DQIX. And I don't even like DQIX ! :D

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  14. I for one, just love the French accent in VIII and XI. 

    Be it the bartenders or everybody from l'académie des médailles or whatever is its name. It just cracks me up. 

    As for the puns, since I'm a French player I can't really tell. I don't know the English ones, and the French ones I know and love must be stranger to you all. But I do 'laugh' (maybe too strong of a word, but you get the idea) quite often. 

  15. Gotta go with Dragonlord. Both Emblem of Roto and DQ Builders fleshed him into one of the most (well) developed antagonist of the franchise. 

    The godlike dragon turned evil because of one jerk (Gorgona, in EoR) when he was still an infant, who decided to fight for the sake of monsterkind, who turned against the one who made him evil when he realized that he was 'too' evil, to the guy who tempted the main protagonist of DQ, and who by that logic is the only vilain who succeeded. At least in one of the timelines.

    Good ol' Dragonlord is fabulous, and fabulously interesting. 

  16. 1 hour ago, Plattym3 said:

    Surely the DQIX remake will be much better!

    And hopefully the remake will correct the same issues that I have too about the game. Mainly these fact that it's indeed short if you focus on the story itself, no party chat, no actual party members. 

    I too have the feeling they were trying to emulate DQIII, with a bit of MMO-esque things, and the result is clearly not my cup of tea. DQIII was and still is great when you keep in mind it's a game from the late 80s. DQIX being a game from the late 2000s makes it bad imo. Like the gale has qualities, the soundtrack and some NPCs, along with a solid gameplay, but everything concerning the party was just bad imo, especially after playing DQIV (even without party chat on DS) and V (bad characters but party chat makes the game much better). 

    So yeah, I hope they'll fix that if/when they redo DQIX. 

  17. 14 hours ago, eal said:

    Hero x Horse Medea. Greatest love story of our time.

    Couldn't agree more. Way better than Hero x Jessica. 🙃

    But none are as wholesome as Hero/Yangus relationship. 



    If you manage to take the armor of her deceased brother and then look straight like him before asking her to marry you. 

    Didn't she said she only really liked her brother or something at some early point in the game? Well, maybe not, but the first point is already a red flag. At least Medea has the decency to just creep on Hero in his dreams. 


  18. 12 hours ago, eal said:

    Sounds like he’d be a good fan of Prison School, by that metric.

    The thing with the yellow tentacle alien? Why would I be? 🤔

    And nah, I just like having a character that's just not always praising the chosen hero for a change. The ragazza has GUSTO so to speak. She's fiery and fierce, but also kind when needed. In other words she's not uni-dimensional like the other characters -save for Kiefer who's also awesome and that I totally forgot to mention as one of my favorite characters-. 

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