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  1. Yes! Yes to all of what Sham said! Maribel is perfect, Angelo is poop.
  2. Dragon Quest X for the west... At this point it's memable. "DQX will come home. DQX loves me." I mean, if it were to be localized that'd be radical, but all hope is lost imo. However, Builders 3, Heroes 3, à Zenith trilogy on Switch etc, this I could see.
  3. This can be find in many popular games and movie too. The most vivid examples that come to my mind are Garnet/Dagger from FFIX, Jinora from The Legend of Korra (tho it can be extended to all of the Air Nomads) and in Mulan too. Heck, There's even some of that symbolism in The Walking Dead, when Shawn shave his head clean. And in the army I guess too. Like new soldiers usually get their hair shaved right? I'd say hair represent one's personality. What you do with your hair reflects who you are. If you take care of them this'll mean you take care of yourself, if you don't that you don't va
  4. There's also a game that I'd love to play... if it was in english. Dragon Quest 4 リバスト伝説, or Dragon Quest 4 The Legend of Bladud in english (リバスト is the japanese name of Bladud, the name of the hero of Bath). It's a game that focus on the past of DQIV, and uses elements from extended media (novels mostly) to make a nice story.
  5. Nice! I received mine two days ago and I marvel at the number of artworks and concept arts. Oh and by the way, I believe there is what looks like an in-game bonus at the very end. I don't play DQX so if anyone is interested and want to have a look at the code to get something in X don't hesitate to PM me.
  6. Well, if anyone has questions about the story, characters, or anything really, about Emblem o Roto or its sequel, I'd be more than happy to share informations/photos etc.
  7. Sadly no. However there is a Japanese Wikipedia page and a Japanese DQ wikia that do hold some interesting stuff about both the books and its Manga adaptation.
  8. I, yes of course. As for the gameplay, what you described would be brilliant indeed. A combination of what we've had so far. Although I realistically don't see how each and every possible ally could have a back story. I'd rather they focus on making some characters (maybe inspired by those the hero has in the novel or in the EoR manga) with a backstory and character development, than trying to make so many different possibilities. As for the post game, I don't see how DQI and II could fit in the same cartridge than III. This just seem too small, it'll never fit imo. But the r
  9. Emblem of Roto. A manga by Kamui Fujiwara, taking place between DQIII and DQI and supervised by Horii. The manga is available in French and Italian yeah, I don't think there is an English translation... Yet? Maybe if you people ask US manga publisher to get the manga translated it might become a possibility, especially now that it already has official translations. Might be easier to do it like that, rather than translating from the Japanese version again.
  10. I'll be sure to keep a sharp eye open then!
  11. You're most welcome! That's one remake I'll be super excited about! Will you add elements from the novels of DQIII and/or the novel centered on Rubiss as well? I'm looking forward to playing these remake anyway! Good luck with that.
  12. I for one hope we will get neither. Design is meant to mean something, be it the stance of the characters, their clothes, their hair, everything is meant to inspire or reflect its bearer's persona. However, I wouldn't mind keeping the same possibility from XI, to have alternative costumes for all characters. Costumes that would not be impacted by the gears and other pieces of armor they can equip. Weapons and shields however, I like to see them.
  13. Why of course! https://dq11.site/2018/12/12/「ドラゴンクエスト列伝-ロトの紋章~紋章を継ぐ/
  14. Some literary works as early as 1993, and considered canon by Horii did explain a bit of the myth and pantheon of the DQ universe. Mainly in Seirei Rubiss Densetsu.
  15. Oh don't worry, I spoiled myself of many already before the game was announced outside Japan. :D Thanks a bunch for the zip file tho! Do you have any idea if the same technic will work with other DQ mobile games? Unfortunately my PC won't run BlueStack properly. I don't suppose one could somehow access these files directly from his phone, right?
  16. I guess I'll see that for myself then haha I'll look up what "FTP" stands for too. Shouldn't more complicated than hacking a 2DS, right? :'D
  17. There's also a good amount of monsters art on Pinterest. Like, a freakingly huge amount of monsters art. Some I never saw before, mostly from Monsters 2 and 3, but even some rarer, like the exclusives slimes from the tamagotchi games, such as sword slime, flame slime...
  18. I was mostly looking for the named characters. Paula, her friend etc. The kings and queens, the heroes' father, Gryff and so on. As for the other mobile games (Monster Parade, Super Light, Walk...) mostly the monsters themselves (for SL), and the characters for the other two. Thanks for the technique anyway! I'll be sure to try this. I suppose there is more file to get on the JP version of the game, right? I had at first tried to rename the apk file into a zip file, which did allowed me to access some stuff, but I had absolutely no idea what to look for as the files all had n
  19. Hello y'all! I don't know if this is something we're free to discuss around here, but I was curious to know if there were methods to somewhat "hack" the game to extract artworks for the characters, and maybe the backgrounds that shows towns whenever the characters are talking. I've seen DQ wiki had lots of them, and I was curious to know how to do it myself, so I could replicate this and extract artworks from other mobile games (Monster Parade, Superlight...) If this kind of topic isn't really authorized I'm sorry in advance. :'D
  20. I may have missed that one since I play in French, but I don't see any problem with that. Sure Dragon Quest games have been censored every now and then (the crosses in churches for examples), but in this particular example, I for one don't se what is wrong. As Nadiria is basically Hell in the DQ universe, it makes sense that they would say "What in Nadiria" instead of "What the Hell". Just like I'd find it logical to see, let's say, Kratos say "What in Hades", or Thor say "What the Hel". or something like that. As for God becoming a Goddess... I guess that depends of the games. In D
  21. If it follows the story of the manga, then the story is going to be fantastic frankly. The Adventure of Daï has one of the most compelling and well-written story and characters I've seen in any manga. As for the action-RPG part, to be fair, as much as I love the turn based aspect of the franchise, the Heroes games as well as the Builders ones, clearly made me realize that this is how most spin-off (at the very least those where you play swordsmen and not monsters) should play. Toriyama characters never look better than when jumping around and kicking/slashing monsters by the dozens
  22. So 3 games (tho only one of these will possibly come to us), a beautiful looking animé (tho that's nothing new), and a prequel manga on Avan, made by Shibata Yusaku, author of "Zipman". Yup, all in one, that's pretty good news! I hope the company that holds the rights of the manga in France, Tonkam, will re-release the 37 volumes when the anime hits the market, and that either them or any of the two other company who ever sold DQ mangas (Kii-on and Mana Books) will get their hands on the prequel too. As for the console game, it looks like it could run on a Switch. So Switch +
  23. Bland? As if. Greatest game in the franchise if you ask me. And it'd still be the greatest one even if it Maribel wasn't in it. But she is, making this game the best one and second best one altogether.
  24. Party chat is present on the Mobile port as well as the Japanese DS version. As for the "bad accents"... I dinnae know what ye're talking aboot. They did add accents to the game, t'make it feel like a more diverse world, I guess? But these accents being bad or good is purely subjective. I personally think they're great and contribute to the game being absolutely brilliant.
  25. I'd love a game taking place in another's game past tbh. Not necessarily one about Erdwin (tho a game following Erdwin and Serenica's descendants could be nice), but a game exploring maybe Ramias, Shebath, Valora and Orgo (any of them really) would be nice imo. I don't really have preferences in term of settings. It could be high fantasy, little bit of steampunk, full fledged medieval... Or maybe something more exotic, like taking inspiration from Abel Yushaa in term of artistic direction. Having a native American vibe in a way, or something like that. Like maybe more Celtic, Inuit, Afri
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