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  1. Speaking of which, I'm sure lots of people here have gotten weapons and equipment I haven't. 

    On some wikia were trying to make a comprehensive list of the compendium per section (monsters, weapons, helms, armors, shields etc) and I'd love to know if anyone here had a somewhat "complete" compendium. Be it a website or in the game itself, cause I'd love to be able to fill in the lists on our French wikia.  😔

  2. The video is nice and all, but has some really important issue when it comes to the timeline itself imo. 

    It's my understanding that James reworked it before the video got out. The most important points being B2, IX, X and Daï. 

    Builders 2 isn't an alternate DQII, it's presented (and is in game) a direct sequel to II, the story taking place because the Scion of Erdrick have defeated Hargon and Malroth. True it all happens in 'another world', but it's is a much a sequel to II than DQM is a prequel to VI. 

    In a similar case, I don't see how The Quest of Daï could be an alternative of II too. If anything, it'd be an alternative I, considering the fight between Avan and Hadlar which mimics the fight between the Hero of DQI and Dragonlord. 🤔 But even that would be a stretch as both games have a vastly different lore and background. 

    As for IX and X, iirc it's now more or less confirmed they take place in the same "universe", but not on the sale world (otherwise their would have been Ogres, Wettlings, Elves etc in IX, since these races are as old as humans in the lore of X). And while Zenus (Grand Zenith in Japanese) is the tutelar deity for humans, the other gods and goddesses would have been present on the Protectorat (IX's world) too, or at least mentioned if they were happening on the same planet. 

    However, I don't see how both of these games connect to the Serenica timeline. XI takes place long after Seirei Rubiss Densetsu, which tells the youth of Rubiss, but also how many gods and goddesses had an important role in the development of human and spirits. 

    If IX and X are in the Serenica timeline, then Spirit Rubiss Densetsu still happened, which would contradict what we know of IX (a single God + his daughter) and of X (Rutania created Astoltia, and created the... 6 gods?, I think, who all created a different race to pupulate the world.)

  3. That'd be without counting on Horri's latest interview. It seems like he'd like to renew the VR experience. 

    With Dragon Quest VR (the game in Japan where you fight Zoma) already existing, and the DQ Island thing, I'm sure they will come up with new ideas. Like DQ Sword-like games would work well in VR I guess. 

    As for spin-offs, we know there will be at least one The Quest of Daï game on console. Which console one can only hazard a guess, hopefully all of them + PC. But I'm sure we will see more games being announced on console too. 

    DQM4 (with Erik and Mia), I can't see it being launched anywhere else than on a console. Just like I can't imagine a Heroes III or a Builders 3 not being in development. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Pendy said:

    1. Do you see the Zenithian trilogy get the DQ11 treatment a.k.a prequel or sequel?

    The way I see it, XI is already a prequel to the Zenithian trilogy. 

    However, I wouldn't mind having a new installment in this one. It feels like the Erdrick saga gets all the love which is kinda unfair. I get that it's the first trilogy, the first games etc, but at some point seeing a brand new game not connected to any previous games would be nice. 

    This is why I wish I had played Swords. It seemed so fresh, both in the artstyle, gameplay, music and ambience as a whole. 

    On 1/22/2021 at 3:02 PM, Plattym3 said:

    5. If SE decided to make Joker 4, which quality-of-life features from other monster collecting games you would like to be included?

    I thought SE said they wouldn't make one, that the trilogy (quintulogy if you count the Professional versions) was completed... It certainly felt like that at the end of J3P anyway. 

    And honestly, J3P was already so perfect, I don't see what else they could do. 

    All I want now regarding the Monsters spin-offs, is either a Caravan Heart remake, or a Monster Parade port. 👌🏻


    On 1/22/2021 at 3:02 PM, Plattym3 said:

    11. How slim is the chance for a new Mystery Dungeon to be made?

    No idea, but I certainly wouldn't mind playing one. The Torneko ones were nice, the Yangus one looked super cool too. I guess there's still improvements to be made to the franchise, and I'm sure a Erik/Mia/Derek could be a good new trio for future spin-offs tbh. 


  5. It ain't Necrosaro, it's necropost :P

    I'm a fervent defender of the multi-timeline theory (DQXI splitting into, at least, three different timelines), one of them leading to the Erdrick saga and the other to the Zenith saga. 

    The reason why I would personally put VI before III, in a linear timeline, would be because of the Abel Yushaa animé. 

    Abel Yushaa is a retelling of DQIII. Like an alternative III, sharing a lots of common elements, but also some huge differences, like characters not being the same, a different world topography and geography among other things. 

    Abel Yushaa also features characters from DQIV, Mina and Maya, who are, in this story, native to this world. These aren't world travelers a la DQ Heroes, no. Mina and Maya are set in this world as alternative selves of the DQIV story. 

    And for this to be possible, their father and mother (biological ones) must have conceived them, and their lineage has to be the same as it is in IV, and therefore VI too. 

    So, in a multiple timeline theory, three branches from XI and lead to the Zenith, Erdrick and a thrid one where Abel Yushaa takes place, and both III, AY and IV takes place at the same time, for these similar characters and events to coexist simultaneously. 

    And since VI takes place before IV, then from a linear point of view, VI must also takes place before III (even tho I do not believe for one seconde that a DQVI story happened in the past of III). Savvy? 😌


  6. I may be a bit biased, since Rubiss is rather involved in Emblem of Roto too, but I for one really like her. 

    I dug a lot around the novel/manga Seirei Rubiss Densetsu as well (the story about her, and Dialto/Erdrick's origins) and came to really appreciate her characterization and behavior throughout the series, games and other works. 

    Sure she is flawed (she wasn't depicted as the top goddess in any of these works, save for the people of Alefgard/Torland) but she's always been interested and involved in humanity as a whole, despite her limited (tho incredible) powers. 

    So hail to Rubiss, creator of Torland, and may she lives a long time. 🙏🏻

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  7. 8 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

    Dragon Quest Tact is officially coming to the west!

    Well, that's a fantastic new for Tact fans that's for sure. I still would have prefered Rivals to be localized, but I guess if Tact is, Rivals might be next in line.

    I do wonder if Stars has something to do with Tact's localization. I can only imagine that's the case, and if so then that's good. More Mobile games will mean more money for SE and a higher chance of seeing more and more games being localized.

    I wonder about something. Monster Parade has closed its servers in Japan, but could this game still be localized now? Global servers could be opened, right?

  8. 19 hours ago, eal said:

    Akira Toriyama has been making some really uninspired designs lately

    I don't know about that. I personally love the designs for Joker 3, X and many other spinoffs. 

    Like, sure the likes of Walk and of the Stars are not the most inspired designed games, but these are mobile ones. The big games have had pretty interesting designs imo.

    I guess the lack of variety in XI (compared to what X and Joker 3 offered in liberty of creation due to the numerous races of X or the futuristic aspect of J3) made Toriyama less enthusiastic about the game. 

    Nevertheless, his designs keep getting better. Sword still his one of his best inspired work so far imo, and X still is the best inspired DQ to day.

    As for Sugiyama, true his work seems less and less inspired too, but I'm sure one could squeeze some pretty amazing musics out of him yet. The best that could happen tho, would be for him to realize that he's getting less inspired (kinda like what Uemastu did for FFX), and for him to take like one or two "disciples" or something. 

    Horii... Horii is a gem. But from what I've gathered he's not working alone on the scripts and scenarios anymore. DQ of the Stars is being written by someone else already, and I guess the written room is filled with people to work on specific quests or portions of the scenario and stuff like that.

    All things considered, I'm pretty confident in the future of the franchise. :D

  9. That's absolutely awesome! 

    I've heard of this hex thingy before, but never really thought about what it meant or how it worked. 

    Does it looks like a bunch of 0 and 1, or maybe some other numbers to re-create characters (letters/Kanji, numbers...) or do you have a txt file that you can translate juste like that? :o

    Ah, look at me, am sorry, I guess I'll just have to wait and see when you post pictures of the translation process! I wish you a successful endeavor, and I'll be sure to play the heck out of this game once it's translated! ;)

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  10. On 7/29/2020 at 9:22 PM, jay said:

    Not really familiar with the plot from 10. What's his deal?

    Aye, I haven't played X at all, but apparently he's the version 1 last boss, and main antagonist before meeting his end. 

    He still has a pretty damn big impact on the world and main character tho. 

    Should you want to read some about him, here's his Japanese DQX wikia entry: https://wikiwiki.jp/dq10dic2nd/【冥王ネルゲル】

  11. Zenus (his Japanese name in DQIX is 創造神グランゼニス ("Sōzō-shin guranzenisu", or in English Creation God Grand Zenith, or something like that) is present in DQX, where he's called グランゼニス  ("Guranzenisu", or just Grand Zenith in English). 

    It's the god who created mankind (as opposed to those who created the other playable races) and he's alive and well, while his daughter is nowhere to be seen (even tho I believe a ship is named after her Japanese name). 

    There are numerous quests and some npcs (mostly Stella and Sterling) that connect IX and X together. I'm mostly thinking about this quest: グレイナル叙事詩 ("Gureinaru jojishi", or in English "The Epic of Greygnarl") which tells how the first hero of time helped defeat the King of Disaster (the scary looking Estark). This first hero, if I understood it well, was titled 星空の守り人 ("Hoshizora no mamoribito", or in English "Gardian of the Starry Skies") too. 



  12. Same, I hoped it will be released on all consoles at the same time, as to avoid having to buy a "Definitive Edition" later. Or a Final Mix, Royal, Turbo, Emerald (etc) version later on. 

    Well anyway, I know I won't play it on its release day anyway, since I'll have many other games to beat first, so I'll have the time to see where it's launched and if it'll have more than one edition too. I Stull haven't played XI, which is why I'm glad my first play through will be on PS4 with the Definitive Edition hehe. 

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  13. As much as I'd live to import the 5 volumes from the US, the price is ridiculously high (around 100€). 

    Fortunately, I was able to find the Japanese scans again. I absolutely love what I saw in these, but there are some point I'd love to see explained. Is there one of you guys I could pm and ask questions about the story/characters? 

    (or even better, any of you looking to sell there volumes? 👀

  14. While I would rather keep the original trio, I wouldn't mind having the Dragonlord's grandson given more action. 

    Funny thing, in the Enix Gamebook of DQII, the Dragonlord actually has a more prominent role in the story, helping the trip going to Hargon's castle and fighting off monsters while the trio goes on to fight Hargon himself. 

    Plus, he also appeares in his draconic form, which would be cool to see, as it could somehow mimic Yggdragon's form and show how the lineage of this sacred beast has returned to the side of light or something. 

    Dragonlord's grandson, Gamebook version

    Aside for that, giving more spells and or some abilities to the prince of midenhall could be nice too. Like, mercurial trust etc. 

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  15. 10 hours ago, AustNerevar said:

    why do you wish that the fans of the multiplayer components should be robbed of that experience?

    Because a good solo RPG is better than any MMORPG imo. 🤔

    The multi-player aspect of IX is the very reason why we don't have a single goof character in the party. X has the luxury of having good and interesting NPCs that can join the party, at times. I'd favor that over any MMO aspect, which also requires players to have a subscription to Nintendo Net or PS+ or something like that I guess. 

    Tho I agree, the best possible thing would be for people to be able to chose what and how they want to play X. I despise MMOs, all of them, cause they often have a pretty interesting story, cool NPCs, but need to have a balanced team of actual people to make it through the game, and I don't like to rely on others to advance in a game. 

    I know this is very personal and selfish, but heh, what can I say. I don't like MMOs, and should X be localized outside of Japan, yes, I do hope it'd have at the very least a fully offline feature. I don't want to see other people playing in my game is all. 😅

    That, and I believe using a system akin to FFXII for story NPCs and/or bland team members a la DQIX (gambits etc) would be absolutely awesome. Why would I need people to play with me and taking out bosses or raids when I can do that on my own with AI controled characters ? 😌

    10 hours ago, AustNerevar said:

    The game is already solo-able

    If a game is solo-able, then it should be a solo game imo. 

    It defeats the purpose of multi-player if the game permits people to play solo-player style. 

    10 hours ago, AustNerevar said:



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