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  1. Eh, even if it isn't localized officially, at least the Offline thingy means people will be able to meddle with the text within the game and apply fan translation patch. And once you've played V1, or some of the game in English, what will prevent you from playing the Online version? Very much like with Joker 3 > J3P or Global Stars > JP Stars, once the game and its menu and commands have bee' assimilated, playing it in Japanese will be so much easier. This Offline version is a win anyway. I do hope it'll come out outside Japan tho. It'd be fantastic to finally be able t
  2. Thanks a lot for the positive response! There are like 12 chapters iirc in the book, but despite starting with chapter 1, the one I'm working on now is the 11th. Since they don't really follow each other, I took the liberty of working on those whose item's story I was the most curious about. Chapter 11: Armor of Erdrick will then be the second chapter available. Then it'll be the one on the Mirror of Ra!
  3. And yet it does (and it's super interesting too! :D)
  4. Good evening folks! I've been working on my free time on the making of a French and English translation of Item Monogatari, a book of several short stories about items and their respective lore from DQI to III, initially realesed in 1989. The first chapter, "Sword of King" is done and completed (chapter 11 "Armour of Erdrick" is almost done) and I thought I might as well share it here, as I also shared it on Twitter. :'D Hope y'all like it! Chapter one features Rubiss too, should you want more of her after reading the first volume of the novel Seirei Rubiss Densetsu! Click me!
  5. Gee thanks a lot! That's really awesome! I finally caught up with Season 1 in the Japanese version, can't wait to see these pretty cool designed characters in the game now!
  6. Hi again! I am sorry to bother you again, but I was curious if you knew anyone who might have gotten the latests files from the game by any chance. :'D I'm slowly getting to the end of S1 in the Japanese version of Stars, and since the last time we talked on this specific topic, it's my understanding that JP Stars had received a lot more content. Tho I assume JP Stars won't be going anywhere anytime soon I'd still love to see what these new characters look like. Regardless of your answer, have a great day!
  7. I assume it does, since after S1 was beaten they weren't accessible yet. We had like two event with the lady from the book (Orial or something), and the characters didn't know her. I guess I'll know for sure when I get there haha Getting back to Sol Dothradeth is going to be long and boring, but since JP version is going anywhere anytime, I guess I don't have to rush it
  8. I started playing the Japanese version of Stars as soon as they announced Global version was going down. The 2nd and 3rd seasons (so planets) are available as soon as you beat Marquis de Leon in the main storyline, which quite early on. It's a shame honestly, cause the space government looked to cool in the art one can find around. I'd definitely going to screenshot every line of dialog and try review it on the French wiki too. Already started doing it with the first season. Beating the story and being able to review it chapter per chapter is a blessing. Playing Japanese 1s
  9. Oh? Which Discord server is it? I'm already in quite a few DQ ones haha I shall, thanks! See you there! EDIT: actually, and until I can find the link to the aforementioned Discord server I wouldn't mind a link to the Google sheet. x.x Or maybe an invitation to the server? Whatever's easier for you :'D
  10. I thought I might as well put it here, considering I posted my first try at making a nice looking timeline. Updated and with more illustration, here comes my Timeline theory 2nd version!
  11. Speaking of which, I'm sure lots of people here have gotten weapons and equipment I haven't. On some wikia were trying to make a comprehensive list of the compendium per section (monsters, weapons, helms, armors, shields etc) and I'd love to know if anyone here had a somewhat "complete" compendium. Be it a website or in the game itself, cause I'd love to be able to fill in the lists on our French wikia.
  12. I played it since day one and played it almost every day, whenever a new event or story would be released. I really loved the game, the story was interesting, the customization was great.... Really bummed out 'bout the closing of the game.
  13. Couldn't agree more. I do hope at least the novels could be translated in France, since we've had a lot of DQ related stuff recently (Daï, twice and soon thrice, Emblem of Roto, Emblem of Roto Returns, Emblem of Roto To Those who Inherit the Emblem, the DQ 30th anniversary artbook...) and some FF novels (the FFXV true ending at the very least, and manga.
  14. The video is nice and all, but has some really important issue when it comes to the timeline itself imo. It's my understanding that James reworked it before the video got out. The most important points being B2, IX, X and Daï. Builders 2 isn't an alternate DQII, it's presented (and is in game) a direct sequel to II, the story taking place because the Scion of Erdrick have defeated Hargon and Malroth. True it all happens in 'another world', but it's is a much a sequel to II than DQM is a prequel to VI. In a similar case, I don't see how The Quest of Daï could be an alternative
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