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  1. I for one, just love the French accent in VIII and XI. Be it the bartenders or everybody from l'académie des médailles or whatever is its name. It just cracks me up. As for the puns, since I'm a French player I can't really tell. I don't know the English ones, and the French ones I know and love must be stranger to you all. But I do 'laugh' (maybe too strong of a word, but you get the idea) quite often.
  2. Gotta go with Dragonlord. Both Emblem of Roto and DQ Builders fleshed him into one of the most (well) developed antagonist of the franchise. The godlike dragon turned evil because of one jerk (Gorgona, in EoR) when he was still an infant, who decided to fight for the sake of monsterkind, who turned against the one who made him evil when he realized that he was 'too' evil, to the guy who tempted the main protagonist of DQ, and who by that logic is the only vilain who succeeded. At least in one of the timelines. Good ol' Dragonlord is fabulous, and fabulously interesting.
  3. And hopefully the remake will correct the same issues that I have too about the game. Mainly these fact that it's indeed short if you focus on the story itself, no party chat, no actual party members. I too have the feeling they were trying to emulate DQIII, with a bit of MMO-esque things, and the result is clearly not my cup of tea. DQIII was and still is great when you keep in mind it's a game from the late 80s. DQIX being a game from the late 2000s makes it bad imo. Like the gale has qualities, the soundtrack and some NPCs, along with a solid gameplay, but everything concerning the party was just bad imo, especially after playing DQIV (even without party chat on DS) and V (bad characters but party chat makes the game much better). So yeah, I hope they'll fix that if/when they redo DQIX.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Way better than Hero x Jessica. 🙃 But none are as wholesome as Hero/Yangus relationship.
  5. The thing with the yellow tentacle alien? Why would I be? 🤔 And nah, I just like having a character that's just not always praising the chosen hero for a change. The ragazza has GUSTO so to speak. She's fiery and fierce, but also kind when needed. In other words she's not uni-dimensional like the other characters -save for Kiefer who's also awesome and that I totally forgot to mention as one of my favorite characters-.
  6. Which makes her far less lovable than Maribel. Maribel does not lower herself to say "sorry", for she is undoubtedly greater than the other characters. Plus, party chat in VII makes it obvious that she actually cares a lot about Auster and the rest of the team. She's just bad at expressing her feeling is all! :3
  7. Favorite characters: Kiefer from Dragon Quest VII. The one who found the one true biggest adventure of them all: love. Yearning for freedom to escape a duty he didn't want, and whose willingness to still help his best friend was passed through time to his descendant (who might even be her reincarnation). What an awesome character. Maribel from Dragon Quest VII. She's just adorable at trying to be mean, while she is obviously enjoying running from past to present with the rest of the crew. Psaro the Manslayer, from Dragon Quest IV. The OG Seohiroth except he is consistent and has a good motivation for his goal. A little bit over dramatic if you ask me, but it works. Plus him getting a redemption arc in the DS remake makes him into a wonderfully written guy. Gemma, from Dragon Quest XI. I mean, I could never have enough of her "crikey". Her voice is soother than Bob Ross to me. Yanack, from Dragon Quest Abel Legend something. I don't recall one episode where he wasn't funny in one way or another. A pretty decent mage, he knows how to be efficient in battle. Plus, I want his flying basket so bad! Least favorite: Angelo from Dragon Quest VIII. An insufferable twat is what he is. I wish I could have gotten Marcelo in my team instead of his arrogant and nitwit of a brother. Veronica from Dragon Quest XI. I can see they tried to make her a lovable Maribel-like character, but oh boy did they fail. Not only was she a pain in part 1 of the game, but she also prompt the part 2 which is even worse. Ugh. Booh to you Veronica.
  8. I'm not forgetting anything since I never played the game. But heck, this quest sounds so surreal that it has to be true. Lo, I hope one day we will be allowed to grasp this fabled game and enjoy it in Frenc- err I mean in English. Well, in lots of language would be the best.
  9. Right back at you. I would love that in the main serie as well, after we've seen some of this in spin-off games (mainly the Joker series). As for the futuristic setting, I'd say DQX would have do it for you, since you get to travel both in the past, and on to the future (in space to be precise). Methink the upcoming Dragon Quest of the Stars might also please you on some aspects. So you want to play Personna or Fire Emblem I guess? Different planets is a yes for me (although one could argue that different worlds are kinda like different planets). Space travel or just different worlds unrelated to each other could be a lot of fun, I agree. The whole student/military academy however, sounds terrible in my opinion. Let's not mix DQ with some other low-tier RPG shall we? 😏
  10. One the other hand, they could make a game akin to Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, where you get every character either in the story mode or via time limited events (before they are offered at any time). The only gacha part of this game is to get weapons. Weapons that you can also buy with in-game currency (weapon tokens). Oh and did I mention that there is no energy or stamina in the story and the time limited events? :'D Tho truth be told, I think that having EVERY character is a bit dull. I' D rather have a selected few and an interesting story.
  11. Funny you should ask. The movie is listed on Google Play (at least in France). It's registered as "not yes available", which kinda make me think we'll eventually get it. That and the fact that it's on the Google Play Store.
  12. Oh yeah yeah yeah, that's probably the case. As I said, it's just a theory that I find interesting, and since Nintendo said canon is relative players anyway, what Horii said doesn't actually matter anymore :'D
  13. Well not necessarily. If you can time-travel then the past can become the futur and vice-versa. It's a stretch for sure, but from Ramia's point of view, DQIII might have just happened before she went to DQVIII's time period Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey !
  14. You know what? I think you might be on to something 😁 About Empyréa/Ramia tho, in Heroes since she brings back everybody home, and considering that DQV is set in the futur of DQIV, she must also be able to time travel. The bird is a literall TARDIS. So she could have go from DQIII to DQVIII just to lay an egg or something.
  15. https://www.moso-briorious.com/entry/2018/04/11/前回の大陸移動説より、更にドラクエ8の地形も A rather interesting theory that I never thought about. Basically the guy's theory is that DQVIII takes place between DQXI and DQIII, based on geographical world evolution. Since DQIII's world is meant to be Earth, he looked at worldmaps from primodial continents from different time periods like Permian era, Cretaceous era etc. And if III world looks like modern-time earth, turns out VIII's world kinda look like the Cretaeous world a little bit. As for XI world, it would be insired by the Pangea era, while noting that Pangea is made from the words pan and gaia, Gaia being a name frequently seen in DQ games (Gaia's Hammer notably). If it was just that, I personnaly wouldn't have payed much attention, but when you start looking at things like the fact that these three games are the only ones where we are tasked with retrieving 6 orbs, when you look at the Dragovian race, the Lord of the Dragovian, and the Dragon Queen and the Dragonlord, then the ressemblance between Yggdragon from XI, the dragon appearence of the Lord of the Dragovian and how his ultimate form is very similar to the Dragonlord's draconic appeareance... Plus now the fact that in XI you can have VIII world theme playing too, making XI the very first DQ numerical games where you can have the world map theme of another DQ game playing. Now of course there are some holes in his theory, like the Empyrea/Ramia thing. If Empyrea says that in another world she's beng called Ramia then this must mean that VIII is a separate world from III, cause otherwise she would have come from the futur, but she only travels from dimension to dimension, right? Anyway, I just thought that this was an interesting read and theory and wanted to share it with you.
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