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  1. While I would rather keep the original trio, I wouldn't mind having the Dragonlord's grandson given more action. Funny thing, in the Enix Gamebook of DQII, the Dragonlord actually has a more prominent role in the story, helping the trip going to Hargon's castle and fighting off monsters while the trio goes on to fight Hargon himself. Plus, he also appeares in his draconic form, which would be cool to see, as it could somehow mimic Yggdragon's form and show how the lineage of this sacred beast has returned to the side of light or something. Dragonlord's grandson, Gamebook version Aside for that, giving more spells and or some abilities to the prince of midenhall could be nice too. Like, mercurial trust etc.
  2. Because a good solo RPG is better than any MMORPG imo. πŸ€” The multi-player aspect of IX is the very reason why we don't have a single goof character in the party. X has the luxury of having good and interesting NPCs that can join the party, at times. I'd favor that over any MMO aspect, which also requires players to have a subscription to Nintendo Net or PS+ or something like that I guess. Tho I agree, the best possible thing would be for people to be able to chose what and how they want to play X. I despise MMOs, all of them, cause they often have a pretty interesting story, cool NPCs, but need to have a balanced team of actual people to make it through the game, and I don't like to rely on others to advance in a game. I know this is very personal and selfish, but heh, what can I say. I don't like MMOs, and should X be localized outside of Japan, yes, I do hope it'd have at the very least a fully offline feature. I don't want to see other people playing in my game is all. πŸ˜… That, and I believe using a system akin to FFXII for story NPCs and/or bland team members a la DQIX (gambits etc) would be absolutely awesome. Why would I need people to play with me and taking out bosses or raids when I can do that on my own with AI controled characters ? 😌 If a game is solo-able, then it should be a solo game imo. It defeats the purpose of multi-player if the game permits people to play solo-player style.
  3. I mean, I guess people can appreciate Angelo because of his brother. Yeah. I like how Angelo makes Marcello even better too. 😌
  4. Well, all the more reason for the game to be released periodically like a full fledged RPG imo. πŸ€” No need for costly OnLine servers, just 5 separate games, 60€ each. Like that, if V1.0 doesn't sell, they won't need to work on V2.0. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I wonder, which console would receive DQX, should it be sell outside of Japan? Switch, PC and PS4/5? Would it be deemed worth for westerners on PC and PS, considering the game, while beautifully designed still uses models from the Wii? πŸ€”
  5. I'm personally conflicted about a potential release. As much as I'd love to actually play DQX, explore its rich and interesting world and lore, I also really don't enjoy playing in a world and seeing other members jumping around. I personally don't like MMO, having tried a few. Tho of course this wouldn't be the main reason, and would be selfish methink. However, the reason why I could wish for X not to be localized, is because I fear about its performance. It would need to be played, but just how many people would actually play it, the number, is what worry me. Should X come out, that'd be great, but if the players are so few that the game is dismissed, then SE might lose money, and confidence in porting more DQ games outside Japan. Or at least, that's what I'm worried about. Maybe X failure wouldn't have any impact at all. πŸ€” As for myself, I'd personally love playing X full solo. As in, no MMO, just RPG. It'd probably feel like playing FFXII or Skyrim or something, but since you can make you own party or get temporary story-related NPCs to help you in your quest (if I'm not mistaken), soloing it wouldn't be a massive problem. I'd happily buy each extension like a separate game, which would be as money consuming as a monthly subscription in my mind too. πŸ€”
  6. Yes! Yes to all of what Sham said! Maribel is perfect, Angelo is poop.
  7. Dragon Quest X for the west... At this point it's memable. πŸ˜… "DQX will come home. DQX loves me." I mean, if it were to be localized that'd be radical, but all hope is lost imo. However, Builders 3, Heroes 3, Γ  Zenith trilogy on Switch etc, this I could see. πŸ€”
  8. This can be find in many popular games and movie too. The most vivid examples that come to my mind are Garnet/Dagger from FFIX, Jinora from The Legend of Korra (tho it can be extended to all of the Air Nomads) and in Mulan too. Heck, There's even some of that symbolism in The Walking Dead, when Shawn shave his head clean. And in the army I guess too. Like new soldiers usually get their hair shaved right? I'd say hair represent one's personality. What you do with your hair reflects who you are. If you take care of them this'll mean you take care of yourself, if you don't that you don't value look/appearances stuff like that. From what I can remember from my hystory classes, the death camp from WWII saw the "inmates" being shaved cleaned too. I guess this was a way to suppress their own personnal identity amon other things. Kinda like what happens in V for Vendetta, when Nathalie Portman gets her head shaved too. A new hairstyle for a new lifestyle I guess.
  9. There's also a game that I'd love to play... if it was in english. Dragon Quest 4 γƒͺγƒγ‚ΉγƒˆδΌθͺ¬, or Dragon Quest 4 The Legend of Bladud in english (γƒͺγƒγ‚Ήγƒˆ is the japanese name of Bladud, the name of the hero of Bath). It's a game that focus on the past of DQIV, and uses elements from extended media (novels mostly) to make a nice story. πŸ˜„
  10. Nice! I received mine two days ago and I marvel at the number of artworks and concept arts. Oh and by the way, I believe there is what looks like an in-game bonus at the very end. I don't play DQX so if anyone is interested and want to have a look at the code to get something in X don't hesitate to PM me.
  11. Well, if anyone has questions about the story, characters, or anything really, about Emblem o Roto or its sequel, I'd be more than happy to share informations/photos etc. πŸ˜„
  12. Sadly no. However there is a Japanese Wikipedia page and a Japanese DQ wikia that do hold some interesting stuff about both the books and its Manga adaptation.
  13. I, yes of course. As for the gameplay, what you described would be brilliant indeed. A combination of what we've had so far. Although I realistically don't see how each and every possible ally could have a back story. I'd rather they focus on making some characters (maybe inspired by those the hero has in the novel or in the EoR manga) with a backstory and character development, than trying to make so many different possibilities. As for the post game, I don't see how DQI and II could fit in the same cartridge than III. This just seem too small, it'll never fit imo. But the rest of everything you said sounds amazing yes!
  14. Emblem of Roto. A manga by Kamui Fujiwara, taking place between DQIII and DQI and supervised by Horii. The manga is available in French and Italian yeah, I don't think there is an English translation... Yet? Maybe if you people ask US manga publisher to get the manga translated it might become a possibility, especially now that it already has official translations. Might be easier to do it like that, rather than translating from the Japanese version again. πŸ€”
  15. I'll be sure to keep a sharp eye open then!
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