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  1. (not the topics subject, but if they were to remake DQ1, given the fact that it has only one character, I wouldn't mind it being an action RPG. Having a 1:1 world and castle and town, kinda like in DQXI, roaming through the map (which would of course be smaller than XI) and all. It would feel maybe more... Convincing. Also, I wouldn't mind the game having less color/sunlight. I mean, Lordragon has stolen the Sphere of Light, which is basically Alefgard's sun. It'd give the game a more defined purpose, to bring the light back. And it'd be much "spookier" at night. Cause an actual day/night cycle, or just the game being always close to night would be great too. II being played as a Kingdom Hearts, or DQ Heroes wouldn't be a bad choice either. Having the other two prince and princess as supportive characters would be neat. A good IA could make the game pretty fun imo. And having a world map akin to XI too!)
  2. Yeah, I couldn't agree more. This mix of fantasy-looking characters, with magic and swords, and technological spaceships was great. Heck, they could take the characters, story and worlds of this game and make it DQXII, that I wouldn't mind at all! 😁
  3. What I want is lots of books and PNJ talking about the game's lore. I want to know more about XI's past. As for the gameplay, I'd be fine with any mechanics, from Monsters 1 to Joker 2. I think the size element was a nice logical addition. The 4 sized monsters of Monsters 2 3D were also impressive, so that would be cool to have them, if there are any in XI to begin with. What I'm mostly curious about, is how the game will begin. Like, are Erik and Mia going to travel in Erdrea, or are they going to travel to another world/realm, like all the other Monsters game?
  4. I used to play it and Monster Parade, but not understanding the story was too much of a pain for me. It's a shame cause the going from one planet to the moon, and having intergalactic ennemies was really cool and unique in the DQ universe. I still hope that, one day, we'll get it somewhere else in English. The gatcha system can work in fully payed games, like the new Super DB Heroes. So finger crossed! (monster parade would work just fine on Switch imo!)
  5. I'd rather have VI remade. The whole game looked more embitious to me. Having two full worlds to explore, the story was so good, and the characters were great too imo. The DS version was great and all, but having it as gorgeous as DQXI (or at least DQVIII) would be THE dream.
  6. Dang that's amazing Say, do you know if SE have a translation department, or if those things are handled by a sub party? I've been trying to get words from that at Square Enix France, but couldn't get any answer as of yet. I'd be my guess that the translation is handled the same way by SE, be it the US branch, or the European/French one
  7. I suspect you're talking about the game where you play the guy with the red coat and white hair, yes? As silly as censoring is, I couldn't care less about what Sony did for the game. Unless you absolutely wanted to see a couple of butts, that's not going to change the game's content. And yes, I don't support Sony, or Nintendo. I want to support Square Enix I guess.
  8. I don't think there have ever been clear answers for those questions in the games given the timelapse between DQXI and DQIII (plus the decades separating the two games distribution). However, if you accept other source material like the novelizations, the mangas, and other media (all supervised by Yuji Hori) then there might be some answers for you. One key element, I believe, is the Mu continent (https://wikiwiki.jp/dqdic3rd/【ムー】), a continent that existed on Edrea millennia before the events of DQIII. Long story short, the continent was sunken in the ocean's depth (much like the fabled Atlantis continent #AtlantisForever #Namor>T'challa), but some of its people were saved by Rubiss, who created Alefgard to put them on. So, yeah, I do believe that everyone on Torland is people from the upperworld, Erdrea. Or at least most of them are, since, in the manga Emblem of Roto, which takes place after DQIII and centuries before the original Dragon Quest, some kind of portals between the two worlds had been created. For your second question, I personally don't think Yggdragon is the Dragon Queen. Sure we don't know the lifespan of sacred dragons, and I wouldn't be surprised if they lived centuries if not millennia, but her being already ancient in DQXI would be reaaaaally old in DQIII, and the Dragon Queen "human" depiction is rather young looking, albeit ill enough to die shortly after given birth to he who shall become the Dragon Lord. But that's just a personal opinion and I might be mistaken In-game this is most probably true, but again, if you take the extended DQ lore, the novel/manga Spirit Rubiss Legend (https://wikiwiki.jp/dqdic3rd/γ€η²ΎιœŠγƒ«γƒ“γ‚Ήγ€‘#m4e7c4dd) give more depth to the title and its history. Long story short (again) Rubiss was in love with a semi-spirit guy, named Dialto, but whose real name was Roto (as you probably know the Japanese Erdrick). Dialto and Rubiss fled the Spirit world together on the back of a Ramia and end up on the human world. Dialto eventually died since he was only half-spirit, and most probably gave his name to the world. (Erdr-ick; Erdr-ea / Roto; Roto-retiza) In the novel and the manga, we also learn that Roto/Erdrick means "close to god" as in loved by. A common theory is that most of the heroes from the first trilogy are descendants/reincarnations of Dialto. Therefore, Rubiss dubbing DQIII's mc Erdrick would be rather sad, since she'd see her passed loved one in him but couldn't actually be with him.
  9. What nonsense is that? Supporting the game? I'd be more than happy to play DQXI on PS4, and to buy a paid DLC to have the extra content the Switch version will have, or even better, to buy a game+DLC on the same disk. Just like I would have bought any DQ on 3DS, just like I bought VII and VIII. Heck, I even bought DQI to III on mobile and the entirety of the Emblem of Roto (and its sequel now being published) when they came out. I fully support more DQ being published outside Japan. That's precisely because I do that I'd be really pissed not to have an equivalent of DQXIS on the platform I play on (PS4). That being said, I'm not going to buy a game on PS4 just so that people playing on another platform can get contents that PS4 players won't get. Those contents are available because the game saled well eh ? Then why not showing kindness or some kind of reward to those who actually payed for the game and made it a success? I know I haven't bought the game yet, don't get me wrong. I was far too busy playing Builders and Heroes 1 and 2, as well as VIII on 3DS to consider buying XI when it came out. But my bet is there were enough people out there buying the game on PS4 and PC for the game to receive more content on Switch. Hurray, that's great for Switch players. But what about those who don't own/want a Switch and play on PS4 and/or PC? I do know that any new contents added to the PS4 and PC version will need extra work and therefore will require more money from players. I suspect we all are aware of that. And I suspect it is likely that many of us playing on PS4 or PC will be okay with paying to get these new contents (I know I will). So really, what's the problem? Why I am here? Because I love Dragon Quest would be my guess. But that doesn't mean I'm going to buy anything blindly. They announced soon enough after the PS4 and PC version that the Switch version would get extra content. So I'll be patiently waiting for those content to be confirmed on the vanilla version before buying it. And if these extra content aren't going to be on the vanilla version... Well, I'll then get the cheapest collector PS4 edition of the game I can find and play it while being salty. πŸ€”
  10. Well, good thing I haven't bought the game yet. After the FFXV (and Dissidia NT and now KHIII) thing, not buying a SE game when it comes out has become mandatory for me. I'll wait for the PS4 version to have a paid DLC, or, like FFXV, I'll buy a "all DLC content included" or something. All I hope for is for the next DQ games we got to have the same amount of content whatever console I play it on.
  11. Welp, now all I can hope for is a Definitive edition on PS4. I don't intend on buying a Switch, but I want to have these features too. I mean, not having these bonuses (the 3DS content I mean) wouldn't be fair now, would it?
  12. Plus, I'm sure it must be possible to integrate Celestrians, hybrids (just like DnD has semi-elves etc) and maybe Zenithians too? My only experience with DnD is from DnD Beyond, and it showed a lot of races, amongst which were some kind of ancient and angelic race or something. The Celestrians would then be the most "angelic" ones, whereas the Zenithians would just be people with wings, kinda like those encountered in VII, before they loose their wings. Could something like making "pacts" with spirits be done? Spirits, in essence, similar to those from VII, who would grant boost for some spells or some abilities maybe. Beats me. Tho I must say, I don't know if it's feasible really. 😊
  13. For the sake of Amiibo conversion, I hope they'll actually go with the newest model of Erdrick. The adult one.
  14. That's neat! Crossing my fingers so that we'll get them in France too, but should we not, having an official English release is still awesome! :D More and more DQ merchandise is always good hehehe
  15. I don't know what I'd like to see in the Switch version, but I want it all to be available as a DLC for the PS4 version.
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