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  1. I loved Marcello. I would have preferred to have him in my party, instead of his prick of a brother, ngl.
  2. Depends, do you want "regular" fanart, or nsfw fanart? The latter is much easier to find. *cough*rule*cough cough*youknowthenumber*cough cough* Personnally I usually go on Deviantart or the likes. Pixiv is also a good alternative. What I suggest to get maybe more results, is to look for the japanese name directly. It usually gives more results.
  3. Hi there! I have one question regarding DQMJ2 Pro. I have just beaten Joker 2, and have played a huge portion of Joker 3 Pro too. I was wondering if it was possible to "skip" the regular J2 story, just like it is possible to "skip" regular J3 story in J3P. As much as I loved J2, I don't really feel like doing it again anytime soon. I just want to get to early post-game, after we go back to the main island. :v Thanks in advance if you have the answer!
  4. I couldn't agree more. This isn't a DQV movie, this a movie about someone playing DQV VR, an adaption of the original game (and therefore not THE Dragon Quest V that we all know), and the story of how the hero loves his video game experience, the characters in it and the story, to contrast with the antagonist, not Ladja, but the guy who cannot begin to understand why Luca enjoys his video games. A vilain who obviously has never heard of catharsis. I just love the fact that this movie isn't just a DQV movie, but I can see why people can be... Frustrated by it, as the movie was advertised as being that. Then again, it would have been a shame to spoil the ending in the trailers. Again, I loved the ending, and the love letter it is to any fan of the saga, but to any fiction-lover as a whole. ♥️
  5. Marry Mada, and Puffpuff Smilo. (This big boy looks so damn fluffy.) I'm not into Thwacking. :c
  6. Ditto. I don't like Heartsone and wouldn't probably play Rivals even of it was in French (or English), but the art is gorgeous.
  7. As a Final Fantasy Tactics lover, I was intrigued by the prospect of a DQ tactical-RPG. So I played DQ Wars. I'm not going to lie, even for a 3+ € game, I was disappointed. When I heard about the new DQ "Tact", I thought it was finally the possibility of a full game with a compelling story, vocations for human characters with no personality (which is the only kinda games where this doesn't bother me) and a few important ones for the sake of the scenario. And so here I am again, confronted to what looks like a Mobile (so prettier) DQ Wars. I'm not interested in the slightest, but I'm glad some are I guess.
  8. But only because of the visual and customisation! There are actual interesting characters that really have a story, unlike IX Oh yeah, that's right. It was on the 4. something, when you go to the future because of the mech that's causing havoc, right? Just before going to see Anlucia's ancestors.
  9. I for one kinda liked this one. It has a DQIX vibe, a nice customizable party, a large world and for once allow the player to go to outer space. The list of event in the JP version is also rather nice. Basically every DQ games were events at some point, and almost every manga too. Emblem of Roto, Daï's Great Adventure, etc etc. Really, I liked playing this one, cause it felt to me like an upgraded DQIX. And I don't even like DQIX !
  10. I kinda hope the game is going to be an action-RPG. The battles in the anime and manga are so impressive, going to a turn-based RPG would be quite less entertaining. Plus, since it's a spin-off, that wouldn't be too bad. Like, something akin to KH (with AI allies) would be neat. But without KH's QTE and writing.
  11. I for one, just love the French accent in VIII and XI. Be it the bartenders or everybody from l'académie des médailles or whatever is its name. It just cracks me up. As for the puns, since I'm a French player I can't really tell. I don't know the English ones, and the French ones I know and love must be stranger to you all. But I do 'laugh' (maybe too strong of a word, but you get the idea) quite often.
  12. Gotta go with Dragonlord. Both Emblem of Roto and DQ Builders fleshed him into one of the most (well) developed antagonist of the franchise. The godlike dragon turned evil because of one jerk (Gorgona, in EoR) when he was still an infant, who decided to fight for the sake of monsterkind, who turned against the one who made him evil when he realized that he was 'too' evil, to the guy who tempted the main protagonist of DQ, and who by that logic is the only vilain who succeeded. At least in one of the timelines. Good ol' Dragonlord is fabulous, and fabulously interesting.
  13. And hopefully the remake will correct the same issues that I have too about the game. Mainly these fact that it's indeed short if you focus on the story itself, no party chat, no actual party members. I too have the feeling they were trying to emulate DQIII, with a bit of MMO-esque things, and the result is clearly not my cup of tea. DQIII was and still is great when you keep in mind it's a game from the late 80s. DQIX being a game from the late 2000s makes it bad imo. Like the gale has qualities, the soundtrack and some NPCs, along with a solid gameplay, but everything concerning the party was just bad imo, especially after playing DQIV (even without party chat on DS) and V (bad characters but party chat makes the game much better). So yeah, I hope they'll fix that if/when they redo DQIX.
  14. Couldn't agree more. Way better than Hero x Jessica. 🙃 But none are as wholesome as Hero/Yangus relationship.
  15. The thing with the yellow tentacle alien? Why would I be? 🤔 And nah, I just like having a character that's just not always praising the chosen hero for a change. The ragazza has GUSTO so to speak. She's fiery and fierce, but also kind when needed. In other words she's not uni-dimensional like the other characters -save for Kiefer who's also awesome and that I totally forgot to mention as one of my favorite characters-.
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