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  1. I am so excited you all have no idea i'm pre-ordering it on saturday so i don't have long to wait i just hope this sells well so we get more DQ mainline games but it is on Amazons best seller list so maybe thats a good sign?
  2. It most likely is which is unfortunate but i can and will look past it
  3. This is a good sign i'd still like them to do some Tv Ad's that'll really help sell the game for the casuals
  4. That's something i am quite disappointed in apparently no orchestra soundtrack by Sugiyama
  5. i think i read it on gamefaqs or something so take it with a huge grain of salt.
  6. apparently some US and EU gaming press are going to Japan to interview Yuji Horii in febuary so maybe we'll get some news from that?
  7. I honestly think we'll see 11 release in July honestly,i mean it took them nearly a year to localize 8 hands down one of the best RPG's i have ever played
  8. Yeah knowing Enix we might be waiting a few monthes for any kind of info
  9. Thanks for easing my fears we have not had a main line DQ game on sony consoles in the west in almost 13 years
  10. I honestly think we'll get more news soon they can't remain silent for too much longer i just hope we get the PS4 version cause thats all i got.
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