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  1. Thank you! That's some generous system. Bought a small house.
  2. Sorry if it's a repeated question, I couldn't find anything using the search function... If I buy a house, do I lose it from inactivity? Example: In FFXIV you have to enter your house every 45 days or something like that or else you lose your plot.
  3. I just joined so may be missing permissions... I can see the chat but can't reply using the mobile app.
  4. Thank you Cranberry! I just can't figure out how to use the "free Inn" (bed?), I only see one option when interacting with the house beds (うごかす - to move?)... Don't want to mess anything (only want to stop wasting money with Inn lol) so I better ask I guess.
  5. Hi, I just started the game. So far I'm enjoying it a lot, it would be great to join an english speaking team (my japanese isn't that good yet), I would like an invite please. ID: WG709-540 Name: たくと (Takuto) Thank you
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