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  1. Necropost on my own thread - FYI the updated URL is this, since I changed my GitHub username a while ago. (I haven't had a device with the game on it since not long after I started, so I haven't really had the chance to work on this much more since I started.) (Also 4/13 post date, N1C3.)
  2. I'm curious how they managed to loop the symphonic tracks. I'm no audio whiz, but it seems like it would be kind of difficult to make smoothly looping versions of real-world orchestral recordings like that. (I guess you can say "DQ8 did it!", but still.. how did it do it??!)
  3. The Death Mask gives +200 defense to a character(!), but causes confusion, so it's basically useless. But the Lucida Shard apparently can cure confusion when used as an item. I really doubt it would actually work on the effect of the Death Mask, but.. maybe.. I have just got to know, but I don't think my save has access to a Lucida Shard! It looks like they're only sold at level 3 of the Pioneer Town, and, well, I've got a stage five pioneer town. Oops.
  4. I fought Estark up to Lv. 40 and unlocked Borya.. then looked at the requirements for the DLC quest related to him. Apparently you need to have all of Borya's outfit equipped. That means three things: His clothes, gotten from talking to him at the inn. His wig, gotten from talking to him on your birthday. His shoes, gotten once the inn has been fully upgraded. The first one is obviously very easy - now that I've cheat-unlocked Borya from leveling Estark to 40, I've got a set of his robes. His wig either means cheating and setting my birthday to today (or the DS date to my
  5. I suddenly am sad to realize I wasted forty-five minutes leveling up Zoma when I don't have any characters assigned to him. Oh well. The two pairs of Aliahan gloves I got are cute anyways.
  6. I finally saved up 200k DQ4 casino tokens for the gospel ring... only to find it costs 250k. This task is really a test of patience..!

  7. I'm curious if the party members have anything to say about this character in the mobile versions? (My iPad with DQ4 died ages ago..) DQ localization is always great for this sort of attention to detail!
  8. I was just exploring the towns in the DS remake of DQ IV and l found a.. "fortune teller" lady?.. in the upstairs of the bar in Laissez Fayre. I guess this is DQ IV's version of the puff-puff - cute! She wouldn't do the thing with Meena, though.
  9. Thanks for this mini-guide! It's definitely interesting to see how it worked back then (although I'll stick to my plan since it gives a bit more to do, post-game).
  10. Do note that you can't download any of the DLC stuff on a normal DS, either, since the Nintendo WFC service (which the DLC basically ran on) shut down ages ago. But that doesn't have anything to do with DQIX's multiplayer, which still works as well as it ever did.
  11. Per the PSN blog, if you preorder the digital release now, you'll get a PS4 theme right away, plus some DLC items later: fifteen seeds of skill, a vest for success, and three über agates of evolution. ..Über agates of evolution. As if the usual agates weren't rare enough!
  12. Okay, I'm sure y'all have seen this already, but HYPE! Release date plus a little localized-version footage and discussion included in link btw. http://ca.ign.com/articles/2018/03/28/dragon-quest-11-expertbeginner-double-preview

  13. I grinded all my (main) characters up to 100 in every vocation-specific skill pool over the last couple days (using the slime hill trick). Now that they're effectively at the top of their stats (besides Kiryl and Meena, who aren't quite level 99 in their primary vocations), there's not really grinding left to do, and my focus can be solely on strategy against higher levels of the legacy bosses. Yay! (I've used this system to unlock Alena so far, btw.) Just for fun, here's the table I used to prioritize which vocation-skills I wanted to level each character in first. Although since I just
  14. Oh, interesting - apparently Orgodemir has this same move!
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