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  1. If you don't have any Metal Slime/King coins or a Metal Ticket what is your best way to power-level fodder vocations like Fighter and Mage?
  2. Weird, my post got deleted. ID: MU184-936 Character Name: ナタリア
  3. I think you get 20 or 40 days if you get the All In One package.
  4. What exactly is Druid's role in fights besides summoning? I remember them being amazing magic users in 7 but their gameplay looks like they're all over the place in X and I want to play as them when I get bored of Warrior. At least I could tell that Priest is a healing vocation and Magic Knight is a buffing vocation.
  5. That's not too bad even if it's a regular plastic case. Also how bad does alchemy get because I feel lost in a translation way in making items through them and apparently I need alchemy to progress the 1.0 story? Edit: Also would using the PSO2 way of connecting through the game with Proxifier, Putty and AWS disrupt the connection for the other devices in the home wirelessly? I don't want to see them searching through google.jp or they can't pay their bills due to a different IP. What about saving money for AWS too, do I leave the instance running or stop it and keep resetting my SE password?
  6. What would be the easiest way to get the current All-in-One package for PC and the 4.0 expansion? Also how long is the 1.0 story for trial accounts?
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