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  1. Hey guys. I just got the Zenithia Sword after messing around with the ship (damn Mod Rod so hard to find).


    I know it shouldn't distract me, but it did.

    I can't really get over the fact that it stopped the flow of the story for no reason. Maybe I'm too used with FF "go-there-next" style.


    On the flip side, I'm almost done with this game, and can't wait to move to DQ-V (I started DQ from DQ-VIII).

    Finally I can find out why Bianca defeats Maya & Meena combo in doujins.

    Seriously, how the hell I found way more doujins about Bianca and Heroine from DQ-III, than Maya & Meena?

    Twincest is wincest people, what is not to understand?

    I am disappoint.

  2. So I'm playing DQ IV blind.

    No guide, no internet, nothing totally blind.


    I just obtained the Mod Rod, but that's it.

    It doesn't help me with the princes, the slime, or any other NPC in town.

    I went to the oracle, but she just died.

    There's no nearby town, so I'm completely lost. Who supposed to give me the next clue?


    I guess I can check every island I haven't visit yet, but I'm don't want to do it.

    I want to visit the town and dungeon in order.

    So is there any NPC who supposed to give me the next hint, or I'm supposed to explore the map blindly?


    Thanks =)

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