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  1. I promised myself i'd preorder VII when the release date was announced, not sure why I waited so long. Hopefully a release date for VIII comes soon.
  2. It looks like the Nintendo UK store has a survey for a chance to win the copy of the game when it launches.

    1. Poppybro


      Dragon Quest VII, I mean!

  3. I'm hoping that if Square-Enix does release another collector's edition for this game it won't be as bare bones as the last one.
  4. I had a real easy time with Metal Madness. When I did the fight for the first time I put Yangus into Defending Champion out of desperation and devised a strategy out of that. I lure the smaller monster(s) to the back corner and focus on them as Yangus and switch between Defending Champion and having him attack the smaller monster depending on if the monster is attacking Yangus or not. The only attack that seemed to hurt Yangus in Defending Champion mode was Hydra's breath attack, everything else did little to no damage. I had the rest of the party just do their own thing, sometimes switching t
  5. Koichi Sugiyama (Dragon Quest) Yuzo Koshiro (Actraiser) John Williams (Star Wars)
  6. Is this the first time a DQ party member has dual swords?
  7. I just want more characters to play as, I'm glad Carver is confirmed.
  8. I finally obtained Sparkster on SNES, a game I've always wanted for some reason. Also my 3DS is still missing but hey not like there's any 3DS-exclusive DQ titles on there yet

    1. Mattcraft


      I'd say "EMULATE", but Sparkster was a neat 'lil game, and well worth repurchasing. One of the few I will say that on.


      As long as you didn't spend $50 on it, like I see the prices on ebay currently.

    2. Shadow Kunoichi

      Shadow Kunoichi

      i prefer Rocket Knight Adventures on the Genesis. but Sparkster was good too.

    3. Poppybro


      I paid $30 for it, which is why I went for it now.

  9. Everyone is raving over the new consoles, and I'm just playing my GBA.
  10. Poke Transfer coming soon and I lost my 3DS.
  11. I wonder...does Zoma ever get brain-freeze?

    1. jay


      I would believe his helmet protects him.

    2. Nokturnicus


      Well, maybe. but I'm pretty sure the helmet would block it out yeah

    3. Democrobot


      But what if Zoma removed the helmet? Would all that blocked out pain and such come rushing in or not?

  12. I noticed something about the areas around the Power Plant. One section has magma Another has a river Third one has wind turbines Last one is spacey I just wonder how this could all relate.
  13. I have these Pokémon in my friend safari so far (can get their wonder ability) Pupitar, Exadrill, Hoothoot, Spearow, Nosepass, Munna, Espurr, Solois, Cacturne, Vullaby, Liepard, Phanpy, Dugtrio, Magneton, Skarmory, Grumpig, Sigliph, Boldore
  14. Added Stepchan, Plattym3 and ethanej. Should I keep my Chansey as a Chansey with Eviolite, or should I evolve it into a Blissey?
  15. I don't even know what my friend safari is, but I pretty much give Pokémon away (and can obtain nearly anything) FC: 4382-2504-2846 Name: Cureslime (Does putting the name even matter during registration?)
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