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  1. In those situations I just delt with a party wipe. It feels tough when it happens, but I haven't regretted a single one.
  2. It's really cool to hear about your adventures in Cumberland. I never ran into the ghost stuff. You need to go to them to recruit them, even if it's far from your home castle. If they say this, it means you can recruit them when you have an open slot in your party. I'm going to assume you've figured this out by now, though. This is one is kinda really obscure. You need to
  3. Whoa, I don't remember seeing that ever? Well, I've never witnessed a Cyfreet-governed Cumberland either, so it could be that? Might also be any other scenario that's played out differently than mine though.
  4. You take a boat over the east ocean from your starting country. The towns in Cumberland are called something else I can't remember. Ooh. Interesting...
  5. Oh curious! I'm looking forward to hear who's in power there when you do find it, and how you win them over to your side
  6. Finally a remaster I'm actually interested in, if only because the original game requires every player to bring their own GBA and GC link cable (the latter of which almost no one owns). It's a dreadful game in single player, but a ton of fun when playing as a full team! Hoping to some day experience that again.
  7. Don't worry too hard about this. Going in blind you'll miss out on a bunch of potential events of the game, but it's this dynamic structure that I love about it. You'll find plenty of other great allies. Personally I never found the thieves' guild. That said, I'm a little confused. I did what you described, and just cleared out the dungeon, and they joined me just fine afterwards. I think there's a moment shortly after the surprisingly dead-easy first parts of the game where it suddenly turns super hard. But as long as you keep trying to evolve your characters rather than run from every battle, you'll make it up soon enough. I don't really know if this is true, but it also feels to me like every time you pick a new successor (even from a party wipe), your next team will always be a little stronger. Aw, that's one of my favourite scenarios, and the first one I did, while still playing as Gerard. Felt very DQ-like that one. How did it play out in your game then? I assume you are still able to include the region into your empire? As long as you can get back to the map screen, you can fast travel back just fine? I love how expanding your empire gives you more travel routes progressively.
  8. Man, you guys are going fast. I'll try to keep up with your posts! A couple of comments so far: Yeah, biggest issue of the game. Didn't ruin anything for me, and you get used to it over time. I kind of enjoy the recurring part where you go out in the world to put together a new rag-tag team based on allies you've made in previous generations. I probably didn't make the most "optimized" decisions, but that doesn't matter. I prefer focusing on the worldbuilding. Really, only relearning magic spells and managing inventory (mostly armor) was a bother to me - the interface could have beena bit more effecient. Weapon skills are at least as effective as magic most of the way, but stick to magic if you want to stay truly OP by the end of the game... that's all I'm going to tell. It's a good idea to branch out across the elements, too. Although any spell will level up a characters individual magic skill level, using the more powerful spells will help your magic research facility better.
  9. I'm really looking forward to hearing how every single individual scenario played out in each of your games! (and even just which scenarios managed to play out). Really, nothing is given in this game, in terms of where you'll end up finding yourself, and what goes on in the world as a result. Spare no details!
  10. Finished the game yesterday. And for all the love I have for this game, I do think the "final act" if you may, was a major weakness. Minor spoilers I guess, but only if you really care about not knowing anything, even when there's not much to know. If Square had seized the opportunity for the game to go out with a bang, it could have been one of the greatest RPGs ever made. Think how Dragon Quest 6 introduced a bunch of completely new minor plotlines in the 11th hour before making it all the way to the final boss's stronghold.
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 is a game I continue to bring up whenever the topic is on the most beautiful games ever created. It never ceased looking amazing. While I'm curious about the remake, and I do think it looks decent for a low budget title, this is one game where I can't really justify giving it a new coat of paint. It simply wasn't needed.
  12. Just filling out all your nodes won't get you anywhere near beating the majority of the postgame bosses though. FFX requires a ridiculous amount of grinding for that stuff >_>
  13. How do you define the "cap" in FF10? Replacing every single little grid node with the highest possible stat boost?
  14. I only ever played through the postgame in EO1 and EO4, but I've never had to do that in either of those. I guess if you want to beat the big bad in EO4 without the puzzle that weakens it, it might be necessary?
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