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  1. I bought the all-in-one and 4.0 expansion off ebay. They were shipped from Japan and took a while, but at least I had no issue figuring out how to pay for them or having to fake an address for a digital download. Also, I like having the physical versions! 1.0's story took me 60 hours to finish, but that's only the bare minimum to see the credit roll. I'm up to 79 hours now and I haven't yet stepped into 2.0 content. 1.0 and the patch content between 1.0 and 2.0 is a lot to get through.
  2. Turns out that I had somehow logged in under a privacy mode. I couldn't find the setting involved as it was in the launcher, not the game.
  3. Yeah, I've been using team chat, but there's a chance I messed up that setting by accident. I'll look for it, thanks!
  4. Hi folks. I'm not sure what I've done, but I seem to no longer be able to send team chat messages. When I hit enter, I get an error sound and see the following: Any advice on how to fix this?
  5. Bad link parsing on the forums, sorry. Fixed it. Didn't like a period at the end of the url. Even with a space after it, sheesh.
  6. While tempting, I decided not to use DD Team member companions for story progression. You guys are too strong! Everything just gets decimated. I'm going to continue using randoms from the Tavern, within the normal level restriction. ...but... I have no qualms about using DD Team members to grind alts! And that's what I did for a while yesterday. I found a spot with highest level monsters I've seen so far, just north of Jurette, in some cave. About a half hour was spent per job, and now I've got all of my 7 unlocked jobs over level 31. Between the high level monsters, my slime hat and some exp consumables, the exp was crazy there.
  7. I wasn't able to figure out how to change my text input on Switch. I recently picked the game up for PC and it works fine there. For connecting to a VPN away from home, I picked up one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Tunneler-Anonabox-WiFi-VPN-Router/dp/B017D79CY2 Little portable wifi vpn router. It'll connect to any wifi network (like your hotspot), send your data through a vpn, and broadcast to the switch using its own wifi. Works well, at least during my limited time with it so far. From what I read it supports openVPN, which is probably what you've got going on AWS. I took the simpler route and am just using a VPN service they support out of the box, VyperVpn.
  8. Being part of the team has made the game much more enjoyable overall. Thanks again for the invite and to those who've helped me with my noob questions!
  9. Can't do that, not in the team yet
  10. Is this something you made in RPG Maker or the like? I'll have to check it out once my addiction to DQX dies down a little and I have some time.
  11. Q1. I've got a USB Keyboard hooked up to my Switch, but when I type it automatically changes certain keystrokes or combinations of keystrokes into Japanese characters. Is there a mode where you can just type in English? I was expecting to be able to do that when/if I joined the DD Team's chat ingame. (I'm not going to advertise that I'm non-jp in public, heh) Q2. Where do you get crafting recipes from? I'm doing blacksmith and it seems like there's a lot of stuff that's not on the material vendor... but I see the books listed on the auction house for sale, so they must be obtainable somehow. Q3. What's the current level cap? Q4. When I swapped to Thief, I realized I had some basic magic like Heal. Are those really associated with Thief or are they something every character starts with? Figured this one out myself. Q5. Related to previous, if I level priest/monk/whatever its called, will I be able to use the spells on other vocations? Q6. Is there any shared storage or way to transfer money/items between alts without another person helping? I'd entertain rolling alts for other crafting skills if I could actually get the crafted items / proceeds to my main.
  12. Really hoping the Team is somewhat active, it's been a fairly lonely experience so far. Plus having people around to bounce questions off sounds delightful.
  13. Ah, the goal was more to say hello to the folks who were playing DQX than the entire community, but thanks
  14. eh, sorry. Didn't see a "proper" place.
  15. Ah, maybe it's an emote I don't have yet, then. I tried everything I had... so that seems likely. Thanks.
  16. Yeah, everything's new to me, ha. It can wait a bit for sure.
  17. What's the release date for 4? I've got a lot of work to do before I'd need it, I'm sure.
  18. Thanks! And YES! 3+ week wait for a piece of paper in a box. Oops. At least we got this neato apology about poor box quality and a replacement box. I mean if it's just going to be a box, at least you're getting double the boxes, right?
  19. Q: I found this aspiring actress in Glen Castle Town - https://imgur.com/Hpalc4S.jpg- and she seems to want to have me do a "sorrow" gesture. I have tried every gesture on the list, both with and without text, and nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?
  20. Hi folks, I've been lurking here for a bit, ever since I preordered the Nintendo Switch version of the game. I took it's sweet time to get to me, but it finally arrived a couple days ago. I jumped through the hoops required to start playing (VPN/etc) and I've really been enjoying the game so far. I've got my play area set up with a Tablet mounted on an arm in front of my monitor for easy translation using the Google Translate app's image translate function. It's surprisingly good for a machine translation, despite sometimes being ridiculous as pictured above. With it, I've been able to follow the story pretty well. The guides here and Chrome's translations of http://hiroba.dqx.jp have been very helpful as well. Just graduated to the online portion of the game last night. I'm hoping to meet up with some of you in the near future! Cheers, Merph
  21. I just started playing yesterday, and I'm already having a blast. I'm chronicling my playthrough on my gaming blog here -- http://merph.net/blog/?tag=dragon-quest-x Pasting it all in a post here seems a bit excessive, but if you guys would rather me do that than provide links, I can do that! I'm hoping to meet up with you all if/when I'm accepted into the guild/team/whatever you call it in this game. Cheers, merph
  22. Greets! My Switch copy finally arrived today and I got started on the tutorial/offline stuff this evening. Looking forward to joining the guild/team/whatever it's called if you'll have me I'm assuming I'll need to wait until I get into the online portion, though. Name: メルフェ ID: BD159-601 Edit: I made it to the online portion
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