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  1. I haven't played in a week and come back to this. Oh dear T-T
  2. Fixed it! It didn't work on my SD card. Moved it to internal storage and it works!
  3. My version is whatever the newest one is. Just updated it today. My phone is Razer Phone 2. Wondering if something with the cortex gaming app is doing something.
  4. As the title implies, for some reason when I start the DQX android app, I just get a black screen. I downloaded it from qooapp, like the rest of my Japanese apps, and those work fine. It's all updated and everything, too. Anyone have any idea?
  5. Servers should be back up 8pm est, if the 9:00 in the alert means 9am, which I assume it does. Really want to play already...
  6. Greatsword is getting nerfed? Time to farm for new 1handed swords or maces, then. Just got a nice skin for my greatsword, too...
  7. Hey, Tenshi! Yeah, webmoney so that I can buy Crysta to use ob the shop. Playasia has been out of stock, so I found another place. Cn-usa.com. works pretty good, but they make you verify after a certain amount of purchases.
  8. Yeah, did that with playasia and it worked great. Wanted to buy more just now but it's out of stock :<
  9. Yeah, just got it. Thanks! Wonder what that red smile icon was. How do you access team chat, by the way? Edit: nvm
  10. Just saw a red smiley face on my screen, was that an invite or something else? If it was, I think I messed something up because it's gone now.
  11. Trying to use rakuten like everyone says they do, and it's giving me this error
  12. Thanks so much, Cranberry! I've been a fan yours for years. Thanks for all of your hard work. Sucks that I'll have to spend more to get some cosmetics, but thanks for clearing it up for me!
  13. Hey, again! So when I got my 1-5 bundle, I bought a 9000 yen Nintendo eshop card. I used some to buy the game, and planned to use the rest to pay for my sub/cosmetics. How would I go about doing this? I see something for DQ points. How can I convert eshop balance to DQ points?
  14. So I figured out it was quest 122 you need to do. It's in the Puklipo castle city, the icon in town with scissors. Thanks for all your help!
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