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  1. Here is the link on SE Japanese site https://www.jp.square-enix.com/recruit/career/contents/dragon_quest_new/ Google translate of the jobs they are looking for
  2. Looks like you need to complete quest 84 (which you need to complete 81-83 first) 084 To Catch a Thief Client: Alena Our thieving foes travel forward to Arba! Surely they aim to steal most priceless treasures in whole wide realm! But little are they knowing, their misbehaviors are soon to terminate! Come, let us journey to the capital, and entrap the evildoers! Requirement: (Quest) 83 Den of Thieves Reward: glass slippers, Alena's Alternative costume and Kiryl's Alternative costume
  3. Thanks to mjhopkins81 for playing 300+ hours of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS and gathering a King Slime load of information. Monster info, egg info, area info, etc. I have added the following sections to the DQM2 3DS section. Area Guide Costumes Dream Eggs List Eggs List Mini Medal Rewards Monster Arena Monster List Scout Q Synthesizing
  4. I will say I went into Aladdin expecting a total train wreck, but we were all pleasantly surprised with it and quite enjoyed it. Though saying that I don't know if i have any desire to see Dumbo or Lion King remakes
  5. Tapatalk for some reason wasn't telling me that the plugin was out of date, I have updated from 1.5.1 to 1.6.2. I think this will fix the pictures issue I know some have been having. If not let me know.
  6. Well look at the attached JPG above and let me know what you think, it is 4160x6240 pixels so if you size it down and sharpen the image it may look just fine too. The bottom isn't terribly out of focus.
  7. I have it as at 35 MB RAW CR2 file as well if you would rather have that, bottom part is a bit out of focus and I can take again if you want.
  8. Covers for Dragon Quest Monsters+ manga volumes 4 and 5 have been revealed. Volume 4 Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WQS0Tl Volume 5 Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Rrze3V Publishers Website: https://sevenseasentertainment.com/series/dragon-quest-monsters/
  9. From the info that dochalkos has sent me, I have added a list of cursed items and a list of items with Style Boosts (positive and negative). Style Boosting Items Cursed Items
  10. Thanks to dochalkos for sending me lists of missing data for Dragon Quest VI DS. I have updated the lists for Helmet, Shield, and Armor and added the Accessory list (was missing before). Missing info was like buy prices, sell prices, who can equip, where found, description. Also added a list for Cost to Forge items that can be upgraded.
  11. 300+ hours!? Yes, but I forgot to take a screenshot, +9 on my minstrel hero. Kids have started getting into IX again, had to remember how to share a grotto map
  12. I just played thru the PS4, I haven't played thru the 3DS one in Japanese
  13. That is cool, can I post this out to the Den's social avenues?
  14. Congrats to Dakhil, redneckpride4ever, AustNerevar for guessing September as the correct month for the release of Dragon Quest XI S! Quest Badge Added:
  15. Sounds like a great idea, I will do what I can to help.
  16. Most hosts include backups as part of their plans
  17. That reminds me, I need to check my playtime since I revocated all my characters like 8 or 9 times.
  18. Experience from whacking enemies on the horse, that will be awesome, i will just run around for hours and plow into monsters (I did that anyway when it didn't count)
  19. There is a team of Denizens you can join here:
  20. @ me if you post them to twitter, I will retweet them
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