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  1. Well it will be 2 months in a few days, maybe it will stick this time
  2. Here is an MP3 of the file exported from the ROM DW3 NES Intro Song.mp3
  3. Yeah, if there are any we are missing that would be great
  4. Shared this post to the Den's Facebook and Twitter feeds, hope someone can solve this one.
  5. Square Enix will release a werewolf-based card game called Dragon Quest Zinrou later on in 2019.
  6. I just got notified by my host that on June 6th, between 4:00pm and 7:00pm PST, they will be doing a software upgrade on my shared MySQL server. This means there could be connection issues for the forums and main site (more than normal that is ). Hopefully it goes smoothly.
  7. Just wait for the 500 server error now that seems to keep coming up.
  8. I checked the status of the plugin, it should be working.
  9. Here is what google translate spits out for those First one just looks like it is telling you some content isn't available without the add-on versions. Second one looks like it is saying you need to use a keyboard or controller to play the game.
  10. No I don't, found this doing some googling if you haven't found it yet for zoma
  11. Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:
  12. Yeah sorry, I won't be of any help, I didn't beat them either.
  13. Doh, didn't notice our internet filter must have stripped them out already, sorry about that.
  14. Yeah, same here. I am only about 30 pages in, talking about Horii's background. I have read bits and pieces over the years, but nothing like a timeline like this.
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