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  1. Quick, now someone go to PAX West this month and smash a PC/Switch/PS4 since we haven't gotten Dragon Quest X, Mori Mori 3, Joker 3, etc
  2. Thanks to Dakhil for the info! Original topic: https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/39141-square-enix-hosting-dragon-quest-xi-s-panel-during-pax-west-2019-on-31-august-2019-at-1030am-1130am-pdt/
  3. If we can get a decent list I will added it to the DQM Joker 2 Pro section.
  4. If found the list on archive.org for the old dqmj-2 site https://web.archive.org/web/20171115034354/http://www.dqmj-2.com/capture/p-scout-q.html Can anyone translate? Chrome only gives some insight Question 1 Scout Q Level 1 Clear Joken must bring a monster with the characteristic “Boyaki”! Pompoko Danuki Iron Turtle Only mysterious Question 2 Scout Q Level 2 Clear Joken must bring two dragon-type monsters! Dragon Kids Kodora Lizard Kids Thorn Dragon etc. Kenja Holy Water Question 3 Scout Q Level 3 Clear Joken can bring you a monster with a Guest mark! Scout a monster that is delivered in apassing battle. Handsome magazine Question 4 Scout Q Level 4 Clear Joken must create a monster with the characteristics of “Suddenly SCARA” and “Occasionally SCARA”! You can have two of them at the party, or two of them, one at a time! [Suddenly Scala] Guntai ants (Dense Forest) Stone Slime (Cliff) Recanto (On Cliff) [Occasionally Scala] Good centipede (Cliff) Butchoman (Dense Forest) The world is Question 5 Scout Q Level 5 Clear Joken should create a monster with the characteristic “Easy to Spell”! Jambalayan Dark Horn Drop of water Question 6 Scout Q Level 6 Clear Joken can bring you a monster with “strong” like a strong slime! A monster with “Strong” is born when a monster of rank F to D is combined with the same monster that is level 20 or higher and then level 10 or higher. Mysterious tambourine Question 7 Scout Q Level 7 Clear Joken must bring a monster with the characteristic “Lucky”! Iwatobi Akuma Spear wand Question 8 Scout Q Level 8 Clear Joken should bring a monster with the characteristic “Nemuri Guard +”! Give the monster skills “Nemuri Guard”, “Nightmare”, and “Cold Sleep” and assign the specified skill points. Hawk Blizzard Dark Horn Cossack Sheep Mimic etc. MP recovery Question 9 Scout Q Level 9 Clear Joken must create a monster with the characteristic “Taien Taisho”! Evil Chariot Killer Machine Warrior proof Question 10 Clear Scout Q level 10 clear party is to have a party rank of 6! The party rank can be checked in the main menu (next to the name when the X button is pressed) Testimony of Kenja Question 11 Scout Q Level 11 Clear Joken should bring a monster with the characteristic “Standard Killer”! Balzac Strong Denden Dragon Strong Tatsuko Knight Gracos spear Question 12 Scout Q Level 12 Clear Joken must bring a monster with the characteristic “Metal Killer”! Jami strongly fine-rent group a little jambalaya emissions strongest Metappi strongest dessert daemon strongest laugh bag strongest mystery Doll strongest Pomupomubomu strongest proto killer strongest Megabogu strongest slider hero strongest Reaper slider click Squeeze Question 13 Clear Scout Q level 13 clear party is to have a party rank of 7! The party rank can be checked in the main menu (next to the name when the X button is pressed) The strongest dragon carrot (possibility skill: skill up SP) After clearing up to the 13th question, with the strongest Dorothy Dorothy as a friend, talking to Scott in the arena, the strongest killer ice axel also becomes a friend (possibility skill: defense up SP).
  5. Thanks for the support, I checked my order and it shows the updated price, will see if it holds when the price goes back up.
  6. I found these on a quick search lets you sell 99 of the top item in your sell list 020116b2:0063 9999 EXP per fight, if you exceed 9999 exp by fighting say 2 monsters that give alot of default exp the number may be reduce to about 3000-5000 02013c30:270f HP monster 1 999 hp 0201385c:03e7 monster 2 999 hp 020138d4:03e7 monster 3 999 hp 0201394c:03e7 monster 1 999 mp 02013860:03e7 monster 2 999 mp 020138d8:03e7 monster 3 999 mp 02013950:03e7 cart 1 99 weight 0201534c:0063 cart 2 99 weight 02015364:0063 cart 3 99 weight 0201537c:0063
  7. The Dragon Quest Hero will arrive in Challenger Pack 2 for Super Smash Bros. This comes with the hero, the Yggdrasil’s Altar stage, and orchestrated music tracks from the Dragon Quest series. Alternate costumes let him look like the heroes from Dragon Quest III, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest VIII, and Dragon Quest XI S. He can use spells like Frizz, Woosh, and Zap and wields a sword and shield. Hero's fan names from the video Yggdrasil's Altar Stage Music Tracks Additional DLC Mii Costumes - They are Veronica from DQ11, Erdrick’s armour from DQ1, the male and female Martial Artist outfits from Dragon Quest 3, and a Slime hat. Each costume set (and the Slime hat by itself) will be $.75 each. Reveal video on the Den's YouTube page -
  8. OK, well maybe that is the problem, there are two Quests with #138 in the database, this one "Contest #138 - Dragon Quest Monster Super (Light) Duper Contest - S Rank" and "Contest #138 - Melvin, Aira & friends #QuestForTheWest", which quest needs to be fixed and what is the topic link it should be pointing to
  9. This is the only one I can answer as far as I am, yes there is fencing in DQB2
  10. Ha, nice, no she does not No it is the "grass fiber" used for other building items like drapery door, padded floor, towel rail, cloth sacks, etc.
  11. @AustNerevar OK, should be fixed now, double check and let me know
  12. Hoping to get to the second island as well, got the unlimited wood and grass from Soggy Skerry and building up my area in Isle of Awakening
  13. I haven't noticed any oddities, hopefully that helps with the random "server 500 error"
  14. Not to squirrel, but I am going to. When I originally read this topic I read it as "DQ RP Group Farming" which I guess you kind of are
  15. FYI, web server update today. Here is what my host said. Bionic Beaver, sounds like a dragon quest monster
  16. Sorry, I had no clue what you were talking about until I saw SlimeVagrant's post. I don't know if anyone has tried to figure out how much it helps, that is cool they added that though.
  17. I haven't been able to play since Sunday, hopefully I can get sometime in this weekend, everything I am reading sounds quite interesting though.
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