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    What is the actual quest name?
  2. What does everyone think of it, I know @Plattym3 has already watched it. Not sure when I will get to it today. Don't forget to use spoiler tags for those who haven't seen it yet.
  3. Thanks for grabbing all of those, now to see if there is an easy way to capture the text from them to put into the database Unless someone has extracted the text files from the disc image
  4. That could be interesting depending on how they tie it in
  5. They aren't all as good as this one, sometime depends on how much time I have, I don't want to get it out too much later than the audio version. If you have any suggestions let me know Thank you, I probably could have moved some of the screenshots around to match a few more things up, but I think it worked out well
  6. According to the Facebook page for Dragon Quest of the Stars they have hit 300,000 pre-registrations.
  7. Posted on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DQS.SQEX) today, Dragon Quest of the Stars has hit 300,000 registrants.
  8. Sure go ahead and use them, thanks for asking :) If you make any that I am missing, could I get a copy?
  9. Working my way thru Caravan Heart, I am on the continent with Moonbrook Castle, just finishing up the Tower of Wind.
  10. And the MP4 is up as well at the address above and on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2XRpP2TXhQ And @King Zenith has a way better memory than I do on things as well, I had forgotten a bunch of the DQM Joker 2 contest stuff.
  11. Is it OK if I place it on the main Den site?
  12. Oh yeah, no worries at all, that was always a running joke where I grew up
  13. Ha, nice I will definitely go back and add that to the video
  14. I have the MP3 up on the Den https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php
  15. Sounds good , when you get really good at a standard, give an egg-white omelette a try, those are even harder since you don't have he yolk to help old it all together (my wife prefers those I am probably at 60% success rate of not breaking those), I think I get to impatient and want to close it up before the whites get set enough.
  16. When I make omelettes I pour all the liquid in the pan and then using a silicone spatula lift up the cooked edges of the omelette and tip the pan to let the liquid egg run under the cooked egg a couple times (which sounds similar to what you are doing). I usually add a little milk to the egg mix as well and use a shaker to mix the egg/milk mixture.
  17. Along with my Baulder's Gate 2, I started working my way thru DQM3: Caravan Heart just started Chapter 3.
  18. No (so hopefully I don't get burned ), the program I use to pull stuff from YouTube surprisingly worked to pull the trailer off of Netflix.
  19. Cool, thank you for the link
  20. If you want to watch the English dubbed trailer but don't have Netflix
  21. If there was a link between the two I didn't catch it
  22. Yeah, we need that rumored DQ9 remake to revive all this stuff (although I am guessing they would change all the chest timer stuff)
  23. Nice, that is great work, never knew a manga like that existed until you mentioned it earlier.
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