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  1. Glad I've been able to help the Den with new content... I've got a few more graphics resources coming up but the DQ1 iOS uploads are almost done. (Just have to do tilesets and charactersheets... ugh charactersheets are a pain.)

  2. Who knew Perler beads could be so fun?

  3. Regginator is back on the Nintendo of America twitter, everyone go ask about DQ!

  4. New Sage Advice! Goreham-Hogg (finally)

  5. Hmm. The "Contest #105" part of the new contest doesn't appear to show up in the title. Am I the only one having issues with this site?

  6. I'm really excited for a Link Between Worlds! I'm probably gonna hold off on getting it until Christmas though because a frend is getting it for me. In the meantime I should probably get a Vita game. My Vita's been inactive for a while.

  7. I found a photoshop oh Miley Cyrus twerking on Beetlejuice(aka the ghost with most), need brain bleach.

  8. So yeah, for some reason I can't see Woodus.com without using a VPN. My connection times out otherwise.

  9. I am fond of pants.

  10. Argh. I can't chest timer for the life of me. I've spent *SO LONG* trying to get just 1 bit of metal slime gear, and I've succeeded - just never the one I'm aiming at. 18 Rank A Chests, 18 failed.

  11. Trying to get the Joker 2 friend code, but the connection for the game is giving me a headache. I don't get why I have to set it up all over again, when it already works fine on the DS itself.

  12. And now I can't post again. Great

  13. Omg,I was coming to the Home page and the Fortune Street effed my ears with the volume up...

  14. I got NSMB2 for 3DS. So far, so good.

  15. Only a few more days until the release of Terry no Wonderland and the 3DS! I'll be sure to take pictures guys (=

  16. WHOA, I don't go online for a few days cuz I'm busy and suddenly DQ-HQ has FORTY SEVEN MEMBERS? Which saint should I thank for this miracle? Where's the guy I need to thank passionately and physically for this amazing wonder?

  17. I FINALLY won a game!!! The Observatory, Standard Rules. whew! it was a nail biter

  18. though I'm enjoying it, Fortune Street is really pissing me off cause I have yet to win a single game

  19. I've never hated a character more than Fi! It ruins puzzles and CONSTANTLY butts in with pointless and redundant dialogue. Its existance prevents you for playing the game. I hate Fi. I $#!&ing HATE IT!

  20. How do u level up on this site?

  21. Awesome! I got my badge for 2nd place in the super fan contest. :D Looks great to, love it!

  22. I've been getting requests for the Satoru Iwata participation bit from the DQX conference. Will upload it to Youtube soon.

  23. tried to use the IRC chat it doesnt work for me for some odd reason i just get a balnk frame.

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