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  1. Thanks to Anthony on Facebook I have added the Prima guide for Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 to the Den. I have it on the submenu for the Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 section and here is the direct link. https://www.woodus.com/den/gallery/graphics/dwm2gbc/guide/Dragon_Warrior_Monsters_2.pdf
  2. I applied to get access to the Nintendo Press site but they denied me, probably being blackballed by Nintendo because of my cease and desist from years ago.
  3. I saw yours, but there have been plenty others as well
  4. Thanks to Robercletzon for sending in a save file for Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road Victory Wii. I created a Save Files page to list it on. - https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqmbrvwii/savefiles.php
  5. Sorry for the delay, I have the Safe Files page setup for DQM Battle Road Vicotry Wii and uploaded your save file. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqmbrvwii/savefiles.php
  6. Just being talked about, but it will get more views there than it will here is what I meant I guess
  7. The lift of the ban is on twitter now, so we could probably rename this topic back.
  8. Agreed, main site seems to have sped up a bit as well. I guess we will see how it goes over the next few days and thru the weekend.
  9. I'm going for October, hoping it will be a birthday present for me
  10. I changed last month too, I have been keeping the Den, Twitter and Facebook ones all the same
  11. Here is mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Here is mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. @vgchat I implemented those changes (tweaking a few things) and putting the IBP friendly rewrites in there, and it brought the score on GTmetrix from an F to a B on pagescore https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.woodus.com/AOWknsXh Thanks for the help, gave you a contributors badge for that
  14. I really wish they would have added a PAXCentral so I could hit something like that a bit closer to home
  15. Yeah, you only have a few other things to manage
  16. I flipped thru that topic, but that is comparing 2.3 vs 3.x, the current forums are on 4.4.x If things are still slow then it could be because my new host doesn't allocate as many resources to shared hosts as the old one did (but they keep their software up to date where the old one didn't), thus unfortunately to move to a VPS host with enough space to house the Den is quite a jump in cost.
  17. I checked against a couple other GZIP tests and they say it is compressed.
  18. I disabled the gallery temporarily, see if that speeds things up. Also made some changes to the database.
  19. Thank you, I have updated the drop for Knocktopus
  20. For these two quests we are just giving badges to everyone that entered! (Might as well keep using the Hero for badges since Platty loves his hair so much ) Quest #181 - DQXI Notable Quotables gooieooie, Twinkie, Plattym3, Woodus, YangustheLegendaryBandit, eal, Sackchief Quest #182 - Screenshot + Saying Sport Plattym3, Woodus, Liamland, redneckpride4ever, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Sackchief, The Mystical One, Dakhil 
  21. Slimetastic job by those who completed the DQXI Lightspeed Quest! AzureVoid, Twinkie,Woodus, GrandAlchemist, heorotlinea, AustNerevar, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Sumez, Prince of Cannock, Sackchief, Soera, Plattym3
  22. Con-goo-ratulations to those who have earned questing badges for the pre-order and purchase of Dragon Quest XI (not Switch version). Preorder: Nikkolus, cprmauldin, Prince of Cannock, GrandAlchemist, Woodus, Imutone, redneckpride4ever, Tiael, Soera, Sumez, Dakhil, heorotlinea, ethanej, plattym3, Sackchief, clusa, AustNerevar, KibaTheBarbarian, cobolisdead, TheKingOfTheDragovians, eal, Goshzilla, Dakarus, The Dog of Zahan, Twinkie, mysticshadow73 Purchase: Sackchief, AzureVoid, Prince of Cannock, The Dog of Zahan, MV6000, Tiael, Bururian, heorotlinea, Woodus, Imutone, Dakhil, Soera, AustNerevar, redneckpride4ever, eal, KibaTheBarbarian, gooieooie, Dakarus, cobolisdead, Sumez, mysticshadow73, YangustheLegendaryBandit, Twinkie, Duran, Goshzilla
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