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  1. Welcome to the Den, hope you enjoy it here with us
  2. I got to play for a bit last night after getting back from vacation. Just got to the point to start growing the tree on the first island.
  3. Welcome to the Den, hope you enjoy it here with us. (Sorry for the delay I was out on vacation last week).
  4. I wonder if that could be some kind of tie in for the supposed upcoming Monsters title with Mia and Erik in it?
  5. @YangustheLegendaryBandit I may just remove that, it isn't really bugged you just have to manually refresh the page now. With adding all those "fixes" to speed up the site, the graphics are cached longer and therefor it is loading that image from your comptuer's cache rather than from the server. I should probably just change it to be "Game X is coming out xx/xx/xxxx"
  6. Some of the higher pitches were a bit much for my piddly laptop speakers, will have to listen again when I get home, but sounds great to me.
  7. Welcome to the Den forums, hope you enjoy it here with us I had to look up that quote, I still need to play that game sometime.
  8. Yeah that first load is looooong, but after that I didn't notice anything terrible.
  9. Calgon take me away! (dating myself with that reference)
  10. Yeah I saw your tweet after I posted this, it was kind of hard to understand, I thought that is what it meant but wasn't quite sure at first
  11. Sure we are probably safe then, that would be cool to have. Thank you.
  12. Google translate is a very clear, DQ Spain got the same thing as well as some others, can anyone translate more clearly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah I don't have much for CD rips, all of the music here is from the games themselves. The booklet scans would be cool to add, CD rips could be a bit more iffy (the in game rips are iffy enough ) Have they been out of print for a while (Sorry I really don't know much about them). Anyone else have an opinion?
  14. Here is a video capture I took of playing thru the Builders 2 Demo last night if anyone wants to see it. No commentary (no one wants to hear me talk ).
  15. Thanks to ethanej for finding the 3D models (and the web viewer) for the Dragon Quest XI models. I have a page here that lists all the files and you can choose one and hit view. Be warned though, these are the file names so I don't have them matched up to "pretty" names so if you haven't played the game be careful as you could stumble across a monster you haven't fought. If anyone wants to make up a "pretty" list let me know and I can get a dump of the files. Controls: Scroll wheel - Zoom in and out Left click and Drag - rotate the view Right click and Drag - pan the view Here is a link to the selection page https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11/3dmodels/ And here is what one of the models looks like. NOTE: some models are very large in the viewer so if you don't see anything after a bit zoom out.
  16. Added a list of the quests for Dragon Quest Heroes 1. Quests
  17. Here is the link on SE Japanese site https://www.jp.square-enix.com/recruit/career/contents/dragon_quest_new/ Google translate of the jobs they are looking for
  18. Looks like you need to complete quest 84 (which you need to complete 81-83 first) 084 To Catch a Thief Client: Alena Our thieving foes travel forward to Arba! Surely they aim to steal most priceless treasures in whole wide realm! But little are they knowing, their misbehaviors are soon to terminate! Come, let us journey to the capital, and entrap the evildoers! Requirement: (Quest) 83 Den of Thieves Reward: glass slippers, Alena's Alternative costume and Kiryl's Alternative costume
  19. Thanks to mjhopkins81 for playing 300+ hours of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 for 3DS and gathering a King Slime load of information. Monster info, egg info, area info, etc. I have added the following sections to the DQM2 3DS section. Area Guide Costumes Dream Eggs List Eggs List Mini Medal Rewards Monster Arena Monster List Scout Q Synthesizing
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