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  1. what is a good antivirus program for pc windows 7

    1. Woodus


      No one program is going to catch everything so I just use the free one from microsoft


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  2. Anyone have art of the different classes from the DQ7 remake?

  3. No power for a few more days, so I will remain scarce for a bit. Be back soon I hope

  4. I thought DQ2 as supposed to come out a couple weeks after DQ1? Did I read it wrong?

  5. New videos for Dragon Quest - Timeless Lands will now be posted on archive.org instead of youtube, as archive.org doesn't reduce the video quality of files. Plus, 60 fps, so you'll see EXACTLY how smooth the game should play. Recommending Google Chrome along with VLC's video web plugin.

  6. Trying to type "woodus" with swype: Eustis, exodus, wishing, woods, Wi-Fi, woods, woods, woods, woods, etc.

  7. It's been a while, hasn't it, Den?

  8. I know I live in Canada and everything, but...snow this early in the year is just wrong! Damn you, mother nature.

  9. Anyone here do GIF resizing?

    1. Woodus


      Yeah, I have a couple tools I can resize with

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  10. Going to see Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon. I can't wait!

  11. The guy who submitted today's Notable Quotable seems like a cool guy

  12. began to shave me last night only cut me once

  13. Before I go and purchase the game, can anyone confirm that DQIV will play alright on an iPod Touch (gen. 4)?

  14. Oh, by the way, I've cracked the code I've figured out these shadow organizations And the Illuminati know That they're finally primed for world domination

  15. I could go for some poutine right now

  16. I got my hands on chocolate chip cookie dough saltwater taffy. My life in now complete.

    1. Woodus


      I had a Chocolate Chip and Cayenne Pepper ice cream sandwich the other day, that was very good

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  17. You guys might wanna check the new frontpage, I got Woodus to update to DQ8 mobile. :D

  18. I beat Bravely Default and got the true ending! That "extra movie" was a surprise and had me smiling the while time.

    1. Woodus


      I am playing thru it now, can you give me the requirements to get the "true ending" without spoiling too much?


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  19. Happy Easter everyone! Or Happy Resurrection Day if you prefer. ; )

  20. i will now tell you guys my secret i have the power to see into the future

  21. Seeds of Salvation has been filed in the US. (Previously it was only the Luminaries one right?) http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4806:2yzvwm.2.1

  22. Just saw the Lego Movie with my family yesterday. Pretty great storyline, and Bad Cop/Good Cop's my favourite character, alongside Unikitty and Emmet. Oh, and Metalbeard too. Hell, just about every character. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it!

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