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  1. Yes, I don't mind those either, I could lax my rules a little on avatars for those types of avatars...maybe
  2. Is it OK the way it is, or do you want it modified at all?
  3. The titles have been around since I moved to Ikonboard before this, and then I modified them in this forum.
  4. It is up, it is called leon-geeste, imagine that
  5. From the looks of what I found, he is a Star Ocean Chara Let me guess you want this as an avatar I can do that
  6. Yup, and then the migration to the new old version of the board fried the topic, the converter couldn't handle one that big PS - Good to see you guys back PPS - Keep the ROM topics in the emu section
  7. Sorry, my internet has been down since last week stupid cable company OK, I uploaded it, it is called dwl2000 Does everyone think this is an OK avatar to use?
  8. Edrick, Amazon still has DW VII, here is a URL to it : DW VII on Amazon.com
  9. OK, how about out of the ones you've played, list them. I can understand how everyone might not have played them all. Espeically V and VI.
  10. So to get things going again (maybe ) In what order would you place the original 7 games DW1 NES DW2 NES DW3 NES DW4 NES DQ5 SNES DQ6 SNES DW7 PSX from your favorite to your least favorite? PS - thats not my order, I just wanted to clarify not to use the remixes use the origs
  11. Well how about we pin this topic, since it is kind of the ultimate discussion in the General DW/DQ forum
  12. Glad you like Those are out of the last batch I put up from the DQIV PSX game. And I am currently working on getting the DWVII ones ready to upload too
  13. Have you played with one of the Translation patches? If so how complete is it?
  14. No problem, as for the avatar locking there is someone writing a hack to do that.
  15. Magnus: They don't seem to have that link in the control panel anymore, here is a page I built that has all of them listed: Avatar Listing DarkDragoon: Email your image to me at denmaster@woodus.com
  16. Or try this one, did the improved graphics and other enhancements of the DW remakes make them better or ruin the "classic" charm they had back when they came out?
  17. Oh, that is because on the old boards I used in game graphics only for the avatars, and all I had gotten converted was DW1 mainly, so when I went to the new boards I switched to some drawn ones I found, and just kept the old ones around.
  18. You mean drawings or actual in game graphics?
  19. You can send it to masterclif or send it to me
  20. MC your's is close enough for me, you've had that since before I made the decision so you can keep it I just want to keep the confusion down for future reference
  21. #1 Not now since I have switched to PNG for the avatar format. #2 It is more difficult to lock an avatar, it can be done, but I would have to modify your profile in the admin to point you to the new avatar location. #3 and a 64x(<64) is ok, it may become distorted, or I could make the "extra" area transparent.
  22. Since this is a DW/DQ themed community I am going to keep (from this point forward) the Avatars based on the DW/DQ universe, characters, monsters or whatnot. Avatars need to be 96x96 or a ratio thereof and I will resize to 96x96. They can be in most any image format, I can convert to the format I have been using (usually PNG starting Aug 2003). Post your request here or send me a PM via the community board with a URL to the location of the file and I will download and put on the server for you to use. Thanks Woodus I have opened up remote URLs so unless you want me to host your avatar you don't need to request me to add it.
  23. Which is your favorite game from each trilogy? You can skip Eden since only game is out. Erdrick (1-3) Heaven (4-6) Eden (7-9)
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