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  1. I have the pastword images updated thru Sniflheim https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php If anyone has the 3D shots I will take those as well.
  2. Yeah our basement Christmas tree has a bunch of perler bead characters on it.
  3. I did it via a VPN and an Android emulator using my Japanese google play account. Sorry for the delay, I have the MP4 and MP3 episodes up on the Den now as well https://www.woodus.com/den/slimetime/episodes.php And on YouTube https://youtu.be/Solzr9V-kxY
  4. Yeah no doubt. I just got to the L'Academie de Notre Maitre les Medailles and Phnom Nohm (man I have to look those up up every time on how to spell them)
  5. Added this one to the Den page, maybe post a comment if you add more (or remind me to check the list every so often so I can update the Den list). I will try to grab my screenshots tonight that I have so far.
  6. Changed title of topic to "Tockle/Pastword locations" Here is the location of the Den page https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq11s/pastwords.php
  7. I'm playing 2D so I guess the images will be based on that version for now, unless someone else wants to grab the 3D shots.
  8. OK, sounds good. I have been taking snaps as I find them, I just keep forgetting to pull them off of my switch (wish the switch took higher quality images though (may have to goto my videos instead for images)
  9. Thanks to @Plattym3 for the updated list of winners for Quests #183 and #184, badges should be awarded from those who have responded to the quest thru 8:45 CT this morning. Preorder XIS Purchase XIS Preorder DQB2 Purchase DQB2
  10. Good call, made that change. Everyone double check what you had checked as the order may have shifted as I moved things around.
  11. How much was it from PlayAsia with shipping. I bought them on Nintendo eShop, but I just don't trust digital downloads over time and may pickup the physical copy as well.
  12. Thanks to @YangustheLegendaryBandit for the suggestion I have added Dragon Quest XI S (Switch) Dragon Quest 1 (Switch) Dragon Quest 2 (Switch) Dragon Quest 3 (Switch) To the owned games list for the forums profiles. Should games like Builders 1/2 be as one item or two? ie like Dragon Quest Builders (PS4/Switch) Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4/Switch) or Dragon Quest Builders (Switch) Dragon Quest Builders (PS4) Dragon Quest Builders 2 (PS4) Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Switch)
  13. Yeah I just figured this out too, very cool. Also cool, when you get the boat you can land anywhere (like an an old school game) not limited to ports. So after escaping to Hotto and getting the ship I could go back to Heliodor and complete the quest for the person at the church north of the manglegrove and get that church, Heliodor and Cobblestone zoom points on my list.
  14. That shot was from one, it's like they subbed in artwork sprites for the monsters. I would have rather they redid who whole 1-3 in the style that the 2D XI looks.
  15. When I was grabbing monster shots for DQB2 the switch shots were very compress JPGs, I had better luck with my capture device so I will give that a try today.
  16. How clean are the screenshots, might be able to get them that way. Or with a recording device, I might have time to try my elgato device tomorrow.
  17. Looks sharp as an avatar as well
  18. Yeah, this will be my third time thru DQ 11 since I played thru the Japanese version (few months short to get the DQ 1, 2 3 downloads for free though), so I look forward to the 2D aspect. Thanks for the kudos for the site, amazing what a hobby site has turned into Lots of thanks goes to all the members who provide me with much of the data, so if you have anything to add let me know.
  19. 2D, did the 3D thing on PS4, although I may have to keep multiple save points to revisit some of the 3D parts that didn't exist in the PS4 version.
  20. Ditto here, kids have stuff going on tonight and all day tomorrow so I probably won't get to play until Sunday.
  21. Nice, looks like a new avatar icon to me
  22. I had a bunch of forums move around one time, maybe it got moved under another one, if you find it let me know. I will look around. I checked that forum and it is set to be a category, not sure what happened.
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