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  1. Thanks to AustNerevar for the link to the to the dump of video game commercials. I have taken them and added a new commercials page for each section that now has videos to display. Some aren't very good quality (VHS dumps and old website FLV files). I have converted them all to MP4 so they will play in the Den's web player. These should be all the sections with commercials now. DQ 10, DQ 11, DQ 1 SNES, DQ 25th Anniversary, DQ 2 SFC, DQ 3 SFC, DQ 4 DS, DQ 4 PSX, DQ 5 DS, DQ 5 PS2, DQ 5 SFC, DQ 6 DS, DQ 6 SFC, DQ 7 3DS, DQ 8 3 DS, DQ 8 PS2, DQ 9 DS, DQ Builders 2, DQ Builders, DQ Heroes 2, DQ Heroes, DQM 1 3DS, DQM 2 3DS, DQM 3 GBA, DQM Joker, DQM Joker 2, DQM Joker 3, DQM Battle Road Wii, DQM Super Light, DQ of the Stars, DQ Swords Wii, DQ 1 GBC, DW 1 NES, DQ 2 GBC, DQ 3 GBC, DW 7 PSX, DQM 1 GBC, DQM 2 GBC, Itadaki Street PS2, Torneko 2, Torneko 3, Young Yangus
  2. Thanks to Chris on Facebook for bringing to my attention there has been a newer Trading Card game out for a few years. I have copied the cards and Japanese manual from the site and created a new section. I took the categories names from the google translation, so they might not be totally accurate. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqtcg01/ Cards - Armor Cards - Blindfold Cards - Character Cards - Event Cards - Item Cards - Love/Spread Cards - Monster Cards - Nakama Monster Cards - Weapon Manual - Japanese Sample cards
  3. Since chichi's site has been down for a few years now I have put the cards I had scanned back up on the Dragon Quest Collectible Card Game 01 section. Cards - Character Cards - Items Cards - Monster Cards - Quest Sample cards
  4. What's new and New What's New topics merged
  5. They emailed me a bit ago stating they had to apply a manual patch to the forums and will be included with the 4.4.1 release of the forum software.
  6. Keep the "What's new with you" going in this topic and I will merge them after Invision fixes the problem, or if they cannot I will mothball that topic. So what is new with me, the forum upgrade dicked up the "What's new with you" topic
  7. I opened a ticket, they looked at it and then had to escalate it, if the next level support cannot get to it they might not be able to look at it until Monday.
  8. I have uploaded the 3DS monsters to a new page/section for the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq113ds/monsters.php I did my best to visually match up the monsters with the PS4 versions and name them properly, but it looks like there are some that exist in the 3DS version that didn't exist in the PS4 version (and some I may have missed getting bug-eyed comparing images). If anyone finds any errors, or matches any of the Unknown ones up with a recent translated name let me know.
  9. I guess we can start a "NEW What's New With You" for now
  10. In all topics, or just certain few? Nevermind, I see it is more than one, I will open a ticket.
  11. Well it was rebuilding all the search indexes, that usually eats up quite a bit of processing time, I may try enable lazy loading, whereas the page won't load until you scroll down to it to see, but I will leave it off for now as that will cause another rebuild of indexes. Here is a recap of what they added, not sure how much we will use. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/welcome-to-invision-community-44-r1124/ Well, maybe the animated GIFs, I did leave the post before registration on.
  12. I upgraded the forums tonight to version 4.4 and with it an updated theme. If you notice any strangeness, you might clear your cache and reload the page again.
  13. Hope you are OK, sounds like what is going on around here as well, they have a few of the major roads and interstates closed down still this morning.
  14. Yeah, that is how I played 90% of XI when I played thru in Japanese
  15. I've got a bunch here as well. https://www.woodus.com/den/resources/rm2k.php?tp=charaset
  16. I believe that was for purchase of the full game, google translate gives this as the translation of one of the last things the boat captain says.
  17. I created a page on how to setup a Japanese eShop account and link to your Switch, give it a read and make sure I didn't get any of it wrong (I did it mostly from memory). https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqrivals/jpn_account.php
  18. Thanks to Denizen Jay for doing a write-up on the basics of how to play Dragon Quest Rivals for Nintendo Switch (downloadable with a Japanese eShop Account). Jay will be working on gathering the card info as well. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqrivals/howtoplay.php
  19. I guess I never tried to change my name with the utility. @Tom-Servo Do you have any comments on this?
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