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  1. No I don't, found this doing some googling if you haven't found it yet for zoma
  2. Penguin Random House Publisher Services announced a multi-year sales and distribution agreement with Square Enix to introduce a new line of English-language manga, novels, and art books starting fall of 2019. Hope this means we will see some more Dragon Quest manga, etc! Full Press Release below:
  3. Yeah sorry, I won't be of any help, I didn't beat them either.
  4. Doh, didn't notice our internet filter must have stripped them out already, sorry about that.
  5. Yeah, same here. I am only about 30 pages in, talking about Horii's background. I have read bits and pieces over the years, but nothing like a timeline like this.
  6. Thanks to Cameron C on facebook for codes for Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3DS and Slime Mori Mori 3. The DQM2 3DS codes are located at: https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm23ds/codes.php They are translated by Google Translate, so take the English with a big grain of salt ;). The Slime Mori Mori 3 code are at: https://www.woodus.com/den/games/slimedq3/codes.php And the last code needs to be tested as it might be a DLC code.
  7. You're still doing the hard work, I just "massage" the data into the Den's database
  8. Thanks to dochalkos for typing up a bunch of the missing info for the weapons for Dragon Quest VI DS. I have added the info into the database. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq6ds/weapons.php
  9. If they do I will probably double dip then, get the special from SE and then get the opposite (PS4/Switch) in day one
  10. I downloaded this installer http://download.dqx.jp/dqlaunc/DQXInstaller.exe And was able to change directories at this screen
  11. Sounds good, I will have to give that a try
  12. I picked Octopath back up now that I have finished Breath of the Wild, where did you do your grinding for the Chapter 2 stuff, that is about where I am at
  13. Unfortunately, I won't be able to help you as I am in the Midwest.
  14. I always meant to play that more, I created an account and played it for a while, then forgot about it. It was a very cool development
  15. I thought I had it working on Win10 once, but I will have to try it again this weekend. I have done it with a VM and XP and it worked, but since it was only a 30 day trial of XP it ran out.
  16. Cool, I like that Garrick Bold font, looks better than the Arial style font from before
  17. Wow, that is a bummer it won't even load.
  18. Oh, wow I didn't realize the trial covered v.1 and v.2, that is very cool. Too bad the email I had my account tied to is gone now, but I may have to start over
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