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  1. I made the second revocation of Battlemaster in Dragon Quest of the Stars over the weekend. If anyone has the revocation info for Rev1 or Rev2 for any I am missing, would you mind sharing? https://woodus.com/den/games/dqstarsandios/revocation.php
  2. The Japanese version of DQ XI was the last thing I ordered, I don't remember how long it took, sorry. I take that back, I ordered the DQ I, II, III from them for switch, and was able to go back and check my order, it shipped on 2019-10-24 and arrived on my doorstep 2019-11-07 So it took 2 weeks
  3. Last couple weeks at work have been pretty busy, finally updated the DQotS events list, the following events have been going on since 6/23 And these since 7/1
  4. You need to enlist Dwaine and his banhammer if it gets too bad
  5. I told my work I want retro paternity time since they just implemented it, they didn't think that was funny
  6. I have the MP3 uploaded of this episode, waiting on Liam for some images for the MP4 version, but he has been a bit tied up the last few weeks
  7. Doh, just realized I hadn't uploaded these to the Den yet. I have the MP4 and the MP3 for these two episodes uploaded, along with the MTPP
  8. I posted the question to Twitter and thanks to @Bururian for the Bianca Letter
  9. Thanks to Álvaro on Twitter (@Flash3g) for finding the DQM Joker 2 Save Data Editor and sending it to me. I have uploaded it to the Den and have an info page about it here: https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm5ds/save_data_editor.php If using with DeSmuME take note of the import method to specify the data type as "Manual EEPROM 512kbit"
  10. Sure I would take an MP4 of that
  11. Dragon Quest of the Stars maintenance next week, 2020/06/23 00:00 UTC to 07:00 UTC (approximate), this is the list of the updates. Preparation for the The Legend of Erdrick: Guided by Rubiss's Light event. Preparation for Squirril Station Premium Room. Preparation for future events. Preparation for future Lucky Chest Draws. New alchemy equipment will be added to the Bushy Bazaar's Alchemist Refinery. Bug Fixes
  12. I enjoyed playing thru both of his fan games
  13. I usually pick Bianca too, but I chose Debora for this event. Here is her letter.
  14. Woodus

    Switch RPGs...?

    Let me know what you think of the local multiplayer if you get a chance, I am curious if this would be good for the kids and I to play
  15. If your phone was rooted you might be able to, but I haven't rooted a phone since the DroidX way back when, and I have never tried to jailbreak an iPhone.
  16. I have the first 18 levels (out of the 86 total) in English that someone uploaded here years ago, the first page gives this site as the translators https://www.e-n-m.net/projects/dq_eor/ But the project had been dropped.
  17. Woodus

    Switch RPGs...?

    We still have ours
  18. There are 13,000+ objects that were exported, I will see if I can find those models and check
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