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  1. Sorry, I don't have access to the hacked files to look thru them, from the examples I looked at it was logins and password hashes.
  2. Thanks to @miel for sending me the current cards in Dragon Quest Rivals, I dumped the ones I had ~900 and uploaded the complete list they have pulled from the game 1,650. You can find all the cards here. https://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqrivals/battlecards.php?tp=card Samples:
  3. Added 66 new monsters to the Dragon Quest of the Stars bestiary, these are from completing the new story events, the FF crossover event, and the first half of the Dragon Quest VII event.
  4. I'm glad I don't have any paywalls and collect credit card info
  5. My squirrels are running again, I see the title of this episode and this is all I can think of
  6. Woodus

    Switch RPGs...?

    Might have to check out that Heavy Burger, might be fun to play with my kids and and neighbor kids.
  7. Not really reading, but on my last two drives to Terre Haute I listened to First Grave on the Right and Second Grave on the Left, first one was borderline romance novel, but I find them funny, and the T-Shirt and bumper stickers she finds to begin each chapter are quite funny my favorite so far is "You can't fix stupid . . . but you can numb it with a 2x4"
  8. Thank you to DrippySlimeStar for the donation to the Den, it is very much appreciated
  9. Not sure if they grabbed the forum database, or just the main Den database, but it looks like woodus.com is listed as one of the sites in the Cit0day dump. Here is the list list of databases captured, not sure when it was captured, but changing your password may be a good idea (especially if you use the same password on multiple sites). Probably happened before I switched the site to use HTTPS https://gist.githubusercontent.com/troyhunt/54d421427ae0c32cadc7e18aac28b539/raw/4a12218baf062730eedbbeb8c21b5ef97b5ab86c/Cit0day%20Prem%20%5B_special_for_xss.is%5D.txt Original article
  10. I think I have them in each games section as well on the main page.
  11. Thanks I created the new category and added this one and the DQ9 one by Gradis
  12. Back from traveling and travel quarantine, bunch of DQotS updates while I was out, the new coin pusher "features" suck except for the magic pillars. I'm sure @Plattym3 will rush to boot this sucker back up just to see Maribel in the DQ 7 event. @Michi Are you doing the livestream for DQotS?
  13. If you can give me snip of what will cause the error I will cause it grab the error from the log and submit a ticket. Also I just updated the theme, I suppose there could have been a bug in there as well. Clear your cache for the Den and try again.
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