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Status Updates posted by Woodus

  1. Test status update

  2. Testing out how the new public feeds work :)

  3. Testing status update

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    2. Woodus


      OK, good, not sure if the folder permission changes is what broke all of it, but it is working now


    3. Faolan


      Yeah, I don't know. It was definitely something going on with the server, but I don't know if it was the sever just wasn't responding, files that needed to be created couldn't be created due to the permission change, or some kind of script got blocked from loading. Everything that wasn't using AJAX worked. (Well, the gallery upload didn't. That problem persisted even though I made a work around.) When I created work arounds for the AJAX based stuff I could post no prob...

    4. Faolan


      ... no problem, so it was something involving the scripts and the server talking. I don't really know what goes into that, since I've only done a little with AJAX and nothing with it on IP boards.

  4. On to 2012..hope it is a good year :)

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    2. ryangroovy


      Nostradamus never fortold 2012, it is actually just one of many interpretation's.


      Happy 2012 nonetheless.

    3. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

      SO THERES NO MORE 2012 CYA LATERbut arent certain about the myans yet but who cares just enjoy life evryone!!!!

    4. Kawaii_koneko


      was it good? and what about last year 2013?

  5. TGIFFF - Thank Goodness It's Finally Fricking Friday :)

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    2. Snigelworld


      Indeed! (Now i have some time to study. Yay! :P)

    3. Anrui Ukimi
    4. 123321


      Agreeing with Ike here. Must get Conklave XY.

  6. One week till Joker 2 is released!

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    2. Pedro


      Man,I really hope I can get my hands on that one.But I'll have to wait till it's released in Europe....

    3. Snigelworld


      Same here, but another half month is worth it for such a great game.

    4. Pedro


      Yeah.I ´saw Joker and I was like."Oh,I'm not gonna get it.Just it's more advanced brother"

  7. I hate rebuilding the board skin each upgrade :(

    1. Havoccultist


      If it's easier on you man, I can deal with this one.

    2. Woodus


      I am getting there, just tedious. Installing firebug helps


  8. Again, time to head to Vegas and Margaritaville :)

  9. Post it in the avatars pinned topic in the general chit-chat forum.

  10. I try to do my best, kudos to the members of this site who contribute so much as well :)

  11. is ready to goto Margaritaville!

  12. Dude, you changed your site, looks good :)

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