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  1. The only personal things I can remember are: what game in the series you prefer,what slime you prefer, for the other two when they started on the series, and that Akira and Sugiyama have never met each other then an interview that's in the art book for XI ( because Sugiyama an Akira are at different ends of the process on each game. Akira at the beginning and Sugiyama near the end) otherwise nothing
  2. No worries whatsoever. Welcome to the Den! People don't do enough up voting on the Den. Keep it up good sir, that's not creepy. Ok
  3. Sorry if I seemed like weird. I just liked what was said. I will do better in the future.
  4. Character. I'm still pretty new here and I'm sorry if I came off as creepy. I will try not to do this again
  5. Don't see why the grouping idea wouldn't work. It makes sense to group the characters by the boss of game origin.
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