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  1. Is the monster list on the main site ever going to be updated?
  2. Nope, this is sadly the only video i can find of the bestiary, i'd document the bestiary details myself, but i can't read/translate japanese well, nor do i have the time to obtain every monster sadly... While i did enjoy J3, i ended up importing and playing the 3DS remake of Monsters 2 and it was then (and me replacing J2) that i realized just how bad J3's bestiary really was...
  3. Joker 3 definitely didn't ruin the series. i imported it and played through it and i must say, it was a fun game, But it had one major problem... Joker 3 has the worst bestiary i've ever seen in my life... The amount of monsters that are just taken from 10 or pointless recolors is insane. Here, This video has almost every monster from the professional version, Try to count the recolors or the monsters that were featured in 10, Remember that this is the professional version,But while it did add in new monsters, it added to the problem by: You guessed it MOOOOOORE RECOOOOLOOOOOORS!
  4. At this point i'm pretty Desperate for at least some Slimes Ghosts,Killing Machines and possible a few more.. i'v got so many scene ideas but no models to do them.
  5. What are they gonna localize the Gimp Rabbits from 10 as in 11? .-.

    1. Mefista


      ...You mean they are ACTUALLY called Gimp Rabbits? 0_o

    2. Toonadri


      What is a "Gimp Rabbit"?

  6. Specifically porting the monster models from Heroes II to Gmod? Or any Dragon Quest Monster models from anything?
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