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  1. DaGuv


    growing up my favorite was Mewtwo, but then Deoxys came out, and changed that lol, he just looks so badass, and I really like the idea of an alien pokemon
  2. A console is definitely a better choice for the casual gamer because they don't wanna deal with RAM, CPU, or video card nonsense they just wanna play right away, but for the hardcore gamer I believe PC is a better choice, It gives you the ultimate amount of customization if you want to build your own, and its isn't thousands of dollars to make one like the haters say it is(I made mine for 500, and runs everything great) Plus if you have a pimped out machine you can run games over 60 fps, which most console games cannot do, and it looks insanely smooth, but then again consoles do get exclusives which is kind of a bummer for PC gamers, but all in all it really depends on what you enjoy most, and I enjoy computers a lot so that's my platform of choice
  3. Playing the crap out of guild wars 2, and still got DQ 8 to finish
  4. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome, really appreciate it!
  5. Hi everyone! a new fellow Dragon Quest lover is here, I got my start playing the gameboy version of 1 and 2 on my 3ds using a flash cart, and fell in love. I am currently playing the amazing Dragon Quest 8 and soon after that will be moving onto 9, and hopefully 10 in the future I hope to meet a lot of you, and make some DQ buddies!
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