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  1. Maybe, a quest for preordering/purchasing the DQ11 S ps4 version?
  2. Just platniumed The Outer Worlds a few days ago. It was pretty good, asides from the short length. Also, I’ve resumed my Romancing Saga 2 playthrough. Finally, beat Kzinssie (one of the heroes).
  3. Please do, the Saga games have come to interest me more since Alliance Alive Romancing Saga 2 is very difficult. Well, at least the Seven Heroes are (the rest of the game seems easy enough). I’m currently taking a break from RS2, for a while, so I don’t get burned out from all the skill level grinding. I will eventually come back to it, though. Currently playing Outer Worlds, and will probably play Star Ocean:First Departure R, next.
  4. Started playing Outer Worlds on Supernova, and am enjoying it so far. I’m mostly using a stealth build for my current playthrough.
  5. Just started playing Romancing Saga 2. Should be pretty fun. I’ll post more on this later.
  6. Finally platniumed DA2, and finished all the dlc. I’m really excited about Star Ocean: First Departure. Also, Romancing Saga 3 looks pretty cool, too!
  7. I’m also currently watching The Flash season 6, and Arrow season 8, and am really loving both of them. Probably, one of the best seasons so far (or at least on par, with them).
  8. Just picked up a few games for ps4: Outer Worlds and Ni No Kuni Remastered. Also, pre-ordered Shenmue 3: Deluxe Edition, and Star Ocean: First Departure R. I really hope Square-Enix decides to localize Second Evolution for ps4/switch, too!
  9. The NES Dragon Warrior games (1-4) are my favorites. DW4 is my most favorite, though (loved the story, and playing through it with the different protagonists).
  10. Still playing Dragon Age 2. Not really gaming much, though, due to work, and other stuff. I will probably get into some other rpgs, later. I’m mostly looking forward to Star Ocean: First Departure R, and Shenmue 3. Outer Worlds looks fun, too.
  11. Currently replaying Dragon Age 2 on ps3, so I can finally get the platinum on that (I already have most of trophies, just missing a few). I think it’s a pretty fun, and an underrated game, overall.
  12. Currently playing FF8 remastered. I finally beat disk 1, over the weekend. Not really playing much video games, lately, though- mostly due to burn out, and lack of free time.
  13. Just got the last trophy, and finally platinumed Builders 2! I’m still planning on finishing the builderpedia, tablet challenges, etc, so I still have plenty of stuff left to do in the game.
  14. Still working on the last trophy. Hopefully, I should get the platinum, soon.
  15. Finally beat Builders 2. I’ll work on post-game, later.
  16. I also had yesterday off, too- for my birthday. Just turned 40, yesterday! I don’t really feel all that old, yet, though (I honestly feel like I’m still in my 30s, if that makes any sense). Also, just noticed that all of the DLC for Builders 2 on ps4, just got released! Should be a pretty fun weekend (birthday party on the weekend, and some new DLC for DQB2 to play through).
  17. Is this quest still open? I’m probably going to get both Builders 1, and DQ11, for the switch, sometime this weekend,
  18. Just picked up DQ Heroes 2, Zenith, Star Ocean 3, and The Bard’s Tale off the PSN store. Should keep me occupied until DQ Builders 2 gets released
  19. Just platniumed Shenmue 1 on ps4. Also, just started playing Eternal Ring, again. Probably, just going to play it until DQ11 gets released.
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