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  1. Just picked up DQ Heroes 2, Zenith, Star Ocean 3, and The Bard’s Tale off the PSN store. Should keep me occupied until DQ Builders 2 gets released
  2. Just platniumed Shenmue 1 on ps4. Also, just started playing Eternal Ring, again. Probably, just going to play it until DQ11 gets released.
  3. Just started up Eternal Ring. I’ll try to post more on it later.
  4. Just started Suikoden 3! I’m hoping to finish it before DQ11 comes out.
  5. Just finished Secret of Mana on PS4, and got my 40th platinum, last night! It was really good!
  6. Thanks for the advice! Just a few more questions... Do stat seeds still hurt your stat growth, if you use them too early? I read something about that on one of the japan DQ wikis. I'm especially curious about how this would affect Sages, since I'm thinking about having two of them in my final party. Also, is it normal to get a lot of zeros, in stat gains, after reclassing, for a while? When I changed all of my party members to thieves, I noticed they were getting a lot of zero star growth for several levels.
  7. Btw, I'm playing the PS4 version, which is basically identical to the mobile versions. I already tried fighting him with this party, but he keeps killing me, since he often critical hits my party (which basically kills them in 1 hit). So, I definitely need more HP, among other things. Btw, I'm mostly trying to build a strong enough party that can kill him in under 35 turns, without too much trouble. I'd also like to avoid seed farming, too.
  8. Can anyone give me some class change suggestions for my party? I need some help for beating Xenlon in under 35 turns. I haven't gone through any class changes, or used any stat seeds, just yet. Here's my party stats: Hero: Level 52 Vamp HP: 438 MP: 187 Power: 191 Agility: 137 Vitality: 216 Intelligence: 95 Luck: 181 Mage 1: Level 50 Vamp HP: 301 MP: 306 Power: 44 Agility: 224 Vitality: 150 Intelligence: 155 Luck: 209 Mage 2: Level 50 Vamp HP: 302 MP: 299 Power: 46 Agility:211 Vitality: 148 Intelligence: 147 Luck: 210 Priest: Level 50 Vamp HP: 291 MP: 297 Power: 62 Agility: 103 Vitality: 144 Intelligence: 147 Luck: 196
  9. I finally finished DQ3(PS4). My final party consisted of a level 46 hero, level 45 priest, and 2 level 45 mages (no class changes). I'll probably start the bonus dungeon, later this week.
  10. I'm just starting up a playthrough of DQ3 on PS4. My party has 2 mages, and a priest, atm.
  11. Yeah, the PS4 port. I've also finished DQ1&2 on PS4.
  12. I'm still visiting with my family in Michigan. We've been getting about 7-9 inches of snow, over here. I'm probably only going to be visiting for another day, or two, before I have to leave. On the brighter side of things, I'm planning on starting up a playthrough of Dragon Quest 3(PS4), pretty soon.
  13. Dark Cloud 1 & 2 Wild Arms 3 Rouge Galaxy
  14. I'm visiting with my family, for the holidays, in Michigan. No Dragon Quest, here, though. But, I'm planning on resuming my playthrough of DQ3, in January.
  15. My first DQ game was Dragon Warrior 1, on the nes (which, I got for free with the Nintendo power offer).
  16. Can I have my name changed to Prince of Cannock Thanks!
  17. Can I use a us-based credit card to purchase dqx subscription time, though? I already knew about the psn store thing, I was mostly just wondering if you could use foreign credit cards to purchase game time. EDIT: Nevermind. It looks like foreign credit cards do work for buying subscription time.
  18. Can you pay for a DQX subscription with a US credit card (on the ps4 version)? Also, is there any IP lock on the ps4 version?
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