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  1. Just beat the prologue in Trails of Cold Steel 2. It’s really good, so far! I’m really loving the divine knight battles.
  2. Just got the platinum trophy on Trails of Cold Steel! It took about 78 hours and 30 minutes to get all of the trophies (not counting the 100 hour playtime trophy). I’m going to start Trails of Cold Steel 2, next.
  3. Just got the platinum on Saga Frontier in about 61 hours. It was really good! It’s still one of my favorite SaGa games, along with SF2.
  4. Currently playing Saga Frontier Remastered, and it’s really good. I should be able to get the platinum before Legend of Mana comes out. I’m really excited about that game, btw.
  5. I need help with quest 133. I found the monster at the top of the palm tree, and photographed it, but the quest npc isn’t accepting the picture. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
  6. How do you see the server time? edit: nevermind. I figured it out
  7. Thanks. How do you complete quest 002?
  8. When are the metal slime events, and how do you change servers? Also, how do you take pictures on the switch version (not screeenshots)? (I need to take a picture of a monster for a quest)
  9. Hello, can I get an invite, please? Character Name: タツヤ Character ID: ML028-258 Thank you!
  10. I’m getting ready to start Dragon Quest X! I should be ready to play it tomorrow, hopefully! I’m also really excited about the Legend of Mana remaster, and Saga Frontier, too (my favorite SaGa game, btw).
  11. Just finished both DLCs for Kingdoms of Amalur. The Legend of Dead Kel expansion was really good! I’m going to work on the faction questlines, next.
  12. Currently, playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Re:Reckoning on ps4. I’ve just beat the main storyline on hard after 33 hours. I’m going to start the faction quests, next.
  13. Yeah, I used the Hallelujah+ Electolight method.
  14. 130 hours. Done with nearly everything, now, asides from Tockington (about 18 quests left, and I still need to finish finding the rest of the passwords). Only two sidequests left, and I’m currently working on the second trial. I did grind out the bestiary quite a bit, and spend a lot of time at the casino, though. So that’s probably why my playtime is so high.
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